Hong Leong MortgagePlus

    The Hong Leong MortgagePlus loan facility is available for completed properties, and properties under construction. You can secure great savings when you have your loan account linked to your current account. When you make prepayments, the interest rate and loan tenure will automatically reduce.

    Type of Financing Flexi
    Minimum loan amount RM100,000

    Features and Benefits

    • Link your loan to your current account to secure more savings.
    • Pay off your loan and reduce your loan tenure at a lower rate of interest.
    • Make extra payments and to withdraw funds from your current account if the need arises.
    • The loan is applicable for completed properties and properties under construction.
    • The rate of interest is computed on a daily basis. If you make prepayments, the interest rate will reduce.

    Fees and Charges

    Processing Fee Currently waived
    Stamp Duty As per Stamp Duty Act 1949
    Legal Fees As per the scale in the Solicitors’ Remuneration Order
    Termination Fees RM2,000
    Set-up Fees RM200 (one-time)
    Monthly Maintenance Fees RM10
    Advance Payment Redrawing Service Fees RM50
    Late Payment Charges 1% of the balance amount


    Age Requirement 18 years old.
    Income Requirement 3 times monthly repayment.

    Required Documents

    Application type Documents Required
    Salaried Professionals
    • Payslips (latest 3 months)
    • Bank statement (latest 3 months)
    • Latest Borang BE along with tax payment receipt
    • Latest EPF statement
    Self-employed Professionals
    • Payslips (latest 3 months/6 months)
    • Bank statement (latest 3 months/6 months)
    • Latest Borang B/BE along with the proof of tax payment
    Self-employed Partnership/Sole Proprietorship
    • Borang A/B (valid Business Registration)
    • Borang D/E (valid Business Renewal License)
    • Latest Borang B + proof of tax payment
    • Latest 6 months business bank statement
    Self-employed Company Director
    • Form 9/ Form 13
    • Business Registration Form: Form 24 & Form 49
    • Latest Borang B+ Proof of tax payment
    • Latest 6 months business bank statement

    How to Apply

    Online Application
    • Visit the bank’s website.
    • Go to the specific product page.
    • Click on ‘application form’.
    • Fill out the application form.
    • Upload supporting documents.
    • Submit the filled form.
    Offline Application
    • Visit the nearest branch.
    • Request for an application form for MortgagePlus.
    • Fill out the form.
    • Submit the filled form along with supporting documents.

    You can apply for the Hong Leong MortgagePlus facility if you are looking for a loan with the option to withdraw funds from your current account, or to make extra payments. Your loan account will be linked to your current account. Fees and interest for this facility will reflect on your MortgagePlus account.


    Q. How many accounts do I need when I apply for this loan?

    A. You will need a MortgagePlus account which is a term loan account. A non-interest bearing current account will be linked to your MortgagePlus account.

    Q. How will I be able to repay the loan with two account numbers?

    A. In order to repay the loan, you will have to set up standing instructions on your current account. The interest, maintenance fee, and the instalment amount will be automatically transferred from your current account to your MortgagePlus account.

    Q. I already have a current account. Will I be able to use this account instead of opening a new one?

    A. You can use your current account, provided the account is a non-interest bearing account.

    Q. Is this loan facility available for non-residential properties?

    A. Yes. The loan facility is applicable for residential and non-residential properties, which can be completed or under construction.

    Q. What are the modes of loan repayment?

    A. If you maintain sufficient loan amount in your current account, the instalment will be automated. If you don’t have sufficient funds, you must pay with your MortgagePlus loan account. You can also pay via the following ways:

    • Internet banking
    • Cash deposit machine
    • Cheque deposit machine
    • ATM transfer
    • At the nearest Hong Leong branch
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