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    HSBC Amanah Credit Card

    HSBC Amanah offers 3 Shariah-compliant credit cards that allow you to get a host of benefits on your purchases/spends. You can also get cashback on your transactions, travel protection, and other privileges with these cards.

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    Features and Benefits

    • Carry out online as well as offline transactions using your credit card.
    • Get supplementary credit cards to enjoy additional benefits.
    • You may also enjoy an annual fee waiver on your credit card.
    • Along with various benefits and privileges, you can also earn reward points and cashback on your transactions made using the card.
    • Access value-added services such as balance transfer plan, instalment payment plan, etc. on your card.
    • Get a complimentary travel takaful coverage when you charge your full airfare to the card.
    • Access an automatic reloadable Touch n’ Go Zing Card with your credit card.

    HSBC Amanah Credit Cards – An Overview

    Card Name Ideal For Key Benefits Annual Fee Annual Income Requirement
    HSBC Amanah MPower Credit Card-i Regular retail purchases
    • 1% cashback on overseas  retail purchases and 0.5% cashback on local retail transactions
    • Various deals and discounts under SmartPrivileges Programme
    RM90 RM36,000 p.a.
    HSBC Amanah MPower Platinum Credit Card-i Petrol and grocery related transactions
    • Up to 8% cashback on selected categories
    • 0.2% cashback on other retail purchases
    RM240 RM36,000 p.a.
    HSBC Amanah Premier World Mastercard Credit Card-i For local and overseas traveling
    • HSBC Amanah VIP SmartPrivileges
    • Travel protection coverage of up to RM1.5 million
    Waived Only for Premier/-i account holders

    *Interest Rate: From 15% p.a. to 18% p.a. (based on your repayment behaviour)

    Best HSBC Amanah Credit Card

      HSBC Amanah MPower Credit Card-i: Best for Cashback

    • Enjoy exclusive deals and privileges at more than 6,500 participating outlets across Malaysia.
    • Get a cashback of up to 1% on your international retail purchases.
    • Enjoy an annual fee waiver when you swipe the card for 12 times in a year.
    • Access cash whenever required with the card’s Cash Advance feature.
    • Keep a track of your expenses via e-Statements every month.
    • Pay your utility bills online by setting an instruction.
    • Get SMS alerts for all the account activities.
    • Access various privileges offered by Visa.

    HSBC Amanah MPower Platinum Credit Card-i: Best for Petrol

    • Enjoy a cashback of up to 8% on your petrol purchases if your selected category is petrol.
    • Access a host of SmartPrivileges with special offers and deals across the country.
    • Get free monthly e-Statements of your card account to keep a track of your expenses.
    • Set standing instructions to pay your utility bills at a regular timeframe.
    • Receive SMS updates for all your account activities.
    • Enjoy various security features to protect your private data in the event of loss or theft of the card.
    • Enjoy a range of premium privileges offered by Visa.

    HSBC Amanah Premier World Mastercard Credit Card-i: Best for Travel

    • Enjoy international fund transfers without any fees and charges.
    • Enjoy 1% cashback on overseas shopping and 0.5% cashback on local expenses at participating merchants.
    • Access emergency cash of up to USD2,000.
    • Enjoy complimentary and unlimited Wi-Fi facility at Boingo.
    • This card comes with global recognition and acceptance.
    • A dedicated Premier Relationship Manager will assist you regarding wealth management.
    • Access a range of privileges offered by Mastercard.

    HSBC Amanah Credit Card Promotions

    • Buy normal-priced items worth a minimum of RM1,000 in a single receipt at Decorte and get a complimentary 10-piece luxury beauty kit worth RM420. Moreover, present your HSBC Amanah credit card to enjoy a complimentary personalised facial for 45 minutes. As an alternative, you can also choose to get 3 Iconic Serums travel kit worth RM177. This offer is valid till 31 December 2018.
    • Enjoy a discount of 25% on normal-priced and new arrival categories at Phenomenal at the Mid Valley Megamall outlet. The promotion is valid till 31 May 2019.
    • Get 15% discount on normal-priced wrist watches at TIME ZONE GALLERY, Queensbay Mall. The promotional discount is valid till 30 April 2019.

    Payment Plans

    Balance Conversion Plan

    The Balance Conversion Plan allows you to convert your retail purchases in convenient monthly instalments. You can get tenures of up to 36 months under this plan.

    Two different plans are available under this feature. Plan A allows you to convert a retail purchase bill into the monthly instalment scheme. Whereas, under Plan B, you can convert a part of or the whole outstanding balance into the balance conversion plan. The minimum bill amount to qualify for this plan should be RM500.

    Let us find out more about the plan:

    Repayment Tenure Interest Rate for Plan A Upfront Fee for Plan B
    6 months 6.88% p.a. 2.88%
    12 months 6.88% p.a. 2.88%
    24 months 6.88% p.a. 2.88%
    36 months 6.88% p.a. 2.88%

    Balance Transfer Plan

    Your outstanding balances from different cards can be consolidated into one HSBC Amanah credit card. You can utilise up to 95% of the credit limit sans the amount spent with the card to transfer the balance through this programme.

    Find out the applicable interest rates in the table given below:

    Repayment Tenure Interest Rate
    6 months 0% interest,  3% upfront fee
    6 months 5.99% p.a.
    12 months 8.99% p.a.

    Insurance Plans

    • Travel Coverage: On your HSBC Amanah Premier World Mastercard, you can get a complimentary travel and flight accident insurance cover, when you charge your full ticket to the credit card. The coverage amount is of up to RM1.5 million.
    • Security: Stay protected in case of card theft, loss or fraud with the comprehensive worldwide takaful coverage and protection.

    Eligibility Criteria

    HSBC Amanah MPower Credit Card-i HSBC Amanah MPower Platinum Credit Card-i HSBC Amanah Premier World Mastercard Credit Card-i
    Nationality Criterion Malaysian citizen or expatriate Malaysian citizen or expatriate Malaysian citizen or expatriate
    Age Criteria
    • Principal card: 21 years
    • Supplementary card: 18 years
    • Principal card: 21 years
    • Supplementary card: 18 years
    • Principal card: 21 years
    • Supplementary card: 18 years
    Income Required RM36,000 p.a. RM36,000 p.a. Total Relationship Balance = Minimum RM200,000 at all times, and should have an existing HSBC Amanah Premier account-i

    Documents Required

    Based on your type of income/employment, you will need the following documents while applying for an HSBC Amanah Credit Card.

    • For employees of Multinational/Public-listed/Government/Semi-government Companies:
      • A copy of MyKad (both sides)
      • Latest utility bill if the residence address in MyKad is different
      • Latest salary slip or confirmation letter from the employer (if employed for less than 3 months)
      • Last income tax payment proof
    • For other company employees:
      • A copy of MyKad (both sides)
      • Recent utility bill if the residence address in MyKad is different.
      • Recent payslips or bank statements to show the last 3 months’ credited salary
      • Last income tax payment proof
    • For self-employed applicants:
      • A copy of MyKad (both sides)
      • Recent utility bill if the residential address in MyKad is different
      • A copy of business registration certificate
      • Last income tax payment proof
      • Last 6 months’ bank account statements
    • For Foreigners/expatriates:
      • A copy of valid passport
      • A copy of work permit
      • Latest salary slips
      • Confirmation Letter from the employer specifying the position, remuneration, and duration of the employment

    Fees and Charges

    Type of Fees Charges
    Annual Fee (principal cards)
    • HSBC Amanah MPower Credit Card-i: RM90
    • HSBC Amanah MPower Platinum Credit Card-i: RM240
    • HSBC Amanah Premier World Mastercard Credit Card-i: Waived
    Annual Fee (supplementary cards)
    • HSBC Amanah MPower Credit Card-i: RM40
    • HSBC Amanah MPower Platinum Credit Card-i: RM120
    • HSBC Amanah Premier World Mastercard Credit Card-i: Waived
    Finance Charges Varies from 15% p.a. to 18% p.a. based on your payment behaviour in the previous 12 months
    Cash Advance Fee RM50 will be charged for every cash withdrawal worth RM1,000. 2% of the amount approved
    Cash Advance Interest Rate 18% p.a. calculated on a daily basis
    Minimum Monthly Repayment Whichever is higher between a minimum of RM50 and 5% of the outstanding balance
    Late Payment Fee A minimum of RM10 or 1% of the outstanding balance, whichever is higher. A maximum of RM100 can be charged
    Overseas Transaction Fee Transactions in other currencies will first be converted into Ringgit Malaysia. Then, foreign currency conversion rate of 1%, plus a transaction fee charged by Visa/Mastercard International will be applicable
    Sales Draft Retrieval Fee RM20 for each copy

    Activating or Cancelling a Credit Card

    • You can activate or cancel your HSBC Amanah Credit Card-i by calling up the customer care department of the bank. You can also visit any nearest branch of the bank and request the activation/cancellation. You can reach the bank representatives on the following numbers
      • 1300 80 2626 (for Malaysia)
      • 603 - 8321 5200 (for overseas)
      • Operating Hours: 7.30 a.m. to 9.30 p.m.
    • A 24-hour Credit Card-i Automated Card Activation Hotline is available on +603 8321 8999, through which you can activate your PIN-enabled Credit Card-i.  You need to enter your NIC or passport number along with your birth date here. Then insert the last 4 digits of your card and its expiry date. Now, a one-time security code will be sent on your mobile. Key in this number to complete the activation for your principal card.

    Credit Card Statements

    You can get your credit card account statements conventionally by post every month. However the Email Statement facility allows you to access your card statement anytime and anywhere. This stamen comes in a downloadable PDF format and it is sent to your email address maintained with the bank. No additional fee is charged for this service. Once, enrolled for the Email Statement facility, you can choose to go back to the conventional statements any given time.

    Security Features


    HSBC Amanah Malaysia Berhad has introduced a SecurePay One Time Password feature. This is an online authentication feature that boosts up the security measures while shopping online at participating 3D secure merchant’s website.

    • While making a payment at the website, you will get a 6-digit on your registered mobile number with the bank that you will need to use to complete the payment.
    • Every time you make an online purchase, a new password will be sent.
    • You must enter the password within 3 minutes after receiving it.

    PIN and PAY

    • You need to provide a 6-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) whenever you make a payment with your credit card.
    • This method is introduced for security purposes and your signature is no more a valid authentication for your payments.

    Lost Card Liability

    • You must inform the bank immediately in case if loss or theft of your Credit Card-i.
    • Check your credit card-i statement and report any inconsistency without any further delay.
    • You can report the loss or theft of the card via a 24/7 active hotline on 1300 88 9393 or 603 8321 5222.

    How to Temporarily Increase/Decrease the Credit Limit

    There is a set credit limit assigned on your HSBC Amanah Credit Card-i. However, you can apply for temporarily increase that assigned credit limit to gain financial flexibility.

    • You can fill in an online application from to increase your credit limit via the official website of the bank. Here, you need to provide your personal as well as card details.
    • You will receive an SMS about the status of your application within 5 working days of submitting the form.
    • On approval, your new credit limit is ready for immediate use after receiving the message.
    • However, the approval is given as per the bank’s discretion.
    • The documents necessary for the credit limit increase application are as follows:
    For A Salaried Applicant For A Variable Income Earner For A Self-Employed Applicant
    • Latest salary slips for one month
    • Latest EA Form (dated within previous 12 months) or
    • Latest BE Form with LHDN receipt or a proof of tax payment
    • Latest EPF statement (dated within previous 12 months)
    • Latest salary slips for 3 months
    • Latest EA Form (dated within previous 12 months) or
    • Latest BE Form with LHDN receipt or a proof of tax payment
    • Latest EPF statement (dated within previous 12 months)
    • Business registration form or Form 24, 29
    • Latest B Form with LHDN receipt or a proof of tax payment
    • Latest bank statements for 6 months

    Compare the cards in terms of cashback, rewards, and other privileges and benefits they come with. Check which one suits your lifestyle needs and pick the one that suits your lifestyle needs. Don’t forget to read the fine print thoroughly before signing up for one.

    Frequently Asekd Question’s

    Q. What documents will I need to apply for a supplementary card?

    A. You will need a copy of a supplementary cardholder’s MyKad.

    Q. What charges do I have to pay f I want a replacement of my credit card?

    A. You will have to pay a card replacement fee of RM50 for each replacement.

    Q. Can I see my previous months’ statements via Email Statement facility by the bank?

    A. Yes, you can request the bank statements for previous 12 months to be sent to your email address. You can put in this request by calling the bank’s Call Centre or by visiting any nearby branch.

    Q. Will I receive a SecurePay One Time Password every time I make an online purchase?

    A. No, the SecurePay One Time Password is provided only for the online purchase(s) made at any participating 3D secure merchant.

     Q. Does the card come with contactless technology?

    A. Contactless technology is available on your Credit Card-i. This feature can be used at contactless terminals for low-value transactions of up to RM250.

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