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    HSBC Credit Card

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    HSBC Credit Card offers reward points, Air Miles, exclusive discounts, travel benefits and shopping deals. You can also utilise various features such as balance transfer plans, easy payment plans and complimentary travel insurance. Cards designed for travel provide accommodation and travel discounts.

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    Features and Benefits

    • Earn rewards points on various local and overseas retail purchases.
    • Get a free supplementary card.
    • Transfer outstanding balance from other cards to HSBC at a low-interest rate.
    • Use your card for any overseas transactions as it is accepted worldwide.
    • Use your card for bill payments and cash withdrawals.
    • Enjoy different plans such as cash instalment plan and balance conversion plan.
    • Payments using HSBC cards are safe and secured with multiple layers of protection.

    HSBC Credit Cards – An Overview

    Card Name Ideal For Key Benefit Annual Fee Minimum Annual Income Interest Rate
    Premier Travel Mastercard Air Miles 1.1 Air Miles for every RM1 spent on overseas transactions RM636 RM36,000 15-18% p.a.
    Premier World Mastercard Rewards 10x Rewards Points for overseas dining and accommodation transactions Waived At least RM200,000 in total relationship balance with HSBC. 15-18% p.a.
    Visa Signature Rewards 8x Rewards Points for overseas and online purchases RM636 RM72,000 15-18% p.a.
    Visa Platinum Rewards Earn up to 8x Rewards Points for shopping at over 30 malls RM254.40 RM36,000 15-18% p.a.
    Advance Visa Platinum Rewards Earn up to 3x Rewards Points for online purchases and auto-bill payments Waived RM36,000 15-18% p.a.

    Best HSBC Credit Cards

    HSBC Visa Signature: Best for Rewards

    • Earn 8x Rewards Points on all overseas online and retail purchases.
    • Earn 5x Rewards Points on all domestic online purchases and local mall spends.
    • Earn 1x Rewards Points on all other purchases.
    • Get up to 6x complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounges in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

    HSBC Premier Travel Mastercard: Best for Travel

    • Earn 1.1 Air Miles with every RM1 spent on overseas.
    • Get complimentary access to 850 airport lounges around the globe.
    • Get up to 10% discount on overseas hotel bookings.
    • Get unlimited access to the internet through more than 1 million hotspots worldwide.
    • Get complimentary travel insurance up to RM750,000.

    Rewards Programmes

    The below are the main HSBC Credit Card Malaysia Rewards Programme


    This programme offers you exclusive deals and offers on shopping, dining, beauty, health, travel, leisure and online transactions.

    Rewards and AirMiles Redemption:

    You can choose the rewards catalogue from HSBC Rewards Programme, HSBC Premier World Rewards Programme, and HSBC Premier Travel Rewards Programme according to your card type. You can redeem your rewards points to choose items or convert to AirMiles from your preferred catalogue.

    Home & Away Privilege Programme:

    With this programme, you can enjoy discounts on dining, shopping, health and beauty across Malaysia as well as overseas. You can find the best deals for accommodation and travel.

    HSBC Credit Card Malaysia Promotions

    • Apply for a new card and spend at least RM1,500 within the first 60 days to earn a cashback of RM250. The promotion is ongoing until 31 December 2018.
    • Get a 10% discount on all your sharing platters at Ashley’s by LivingFood, Kuala Lumpur. This offer is ongoing until 31 October 2018.

    Payment Plans

    • Balance Conversion Plan: With this plan, you can split the bill of your purchase or a part of the bill of total purchase into affordable monthly instalments at low interest rates. The maximum tenure available with this plan is 36 months.
    • Cash Instalment Plan: This plan will help you to convert your credit limit into instant cash at the rate of 6.88% p.a. for up to 60 months.
    • Card Instalment Plan: Through this plan, you can split the total bill of your purchase into a 36-month 0% instalment plan. You can enjoy this plan at more than 500 retail outlets.

    Balance Transfer Plans by HSBC

    Plan Minimum Amount Tenure Interest Rate Upfront Interest
    Plan A RM1,000 6 months 0% p.a. 3%
    Plan B RM1,000 12 months 0.58% per month NA
    Plan C RM1,000 6 months 0.42% per month NA
    For new members RM1,000 6 months 1.99% p.a. NA

    Insurance Plans

    • Takaful Card Protector: You will be covered in the event of card loss or theft.
    • Travel Insurance and Inconvenience Coverage: You will get complimentary protection against travel accidents and inconveniences during your journey.
    • Credit Card Shield: This feature ensures that your outstanding debt is paid in case of unfortunate events such as death, total and permanent disability, and 36 other critical illnesses.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Listed below are the main eligibility criteria requirements to apply for HSBC Credit Cards

    Nationality Requirement

    • Malaysian citizens.
    • Foreigners working in Malaysia with a valid passport and work permit for at least one year.

    Age Requirement

    • Principal Card: 21 years.
    • Supplementary Card: 18 years.

    Income requirement

    • HSBC Premier Travel Credit Card: RM36,000 p.a.
    • HSBC Premier World MasterCard Credit Card: At least RM200,000 in total relationship balance with HSBC.
    • HSBC Visa Signature: RM72,000 p.a.
    • HSBC Visa Platinum: RM36,000 p.a.
    • HSBC Advance Visa Platinum Credit Card: RM36,000 p.a.

    Income requirement for foreign applicants

    At least RM10,000 per month.

    Documents Required

    Below are the documents required you will need to provide when you apply for HSBC Credit Card

    Salaried Employees

    • One copy of MyKad.
    • One copy of the recent utility bill if your residential address is different from that of the address in MyKad.
    • Latest income tax return, BE with tax payment receipt or latest EPF statement or EA form.
    • Salary slip for the recent month or bank statement showing the last 3 months salary.

    Self-employed applicants

    • One copy of MyKad.
    • One copy of the recent utility bill if your residential address is different from that of the address in MyKad.
    • Bank statement for the last 6 months.
    • One copy of Business Registration form.
    • Latest income tax return form.


    • One copy of passport.
    • One copy of valid work permit.
    • Copy of the latest salary slip.
    • Letter of confirmation from the employer stating designation, remuneration, and duration of employment.

    Fees and Charges

    Type of Fee Charges
    Fee Amount
    Annual Fee (Primary Card) Premier Travel: RM636
    Premier World Mastercard: Waived
    Visa Signature: RM636
    Visa Platinum: RM254.40
    Advance Visa Platinum: Waived
    Annual Fee (Supplementary Card) Premier Travel Credit Card: Waived
    Premier World Mastercard: Waived
    Visa Signature: RM318
    Visa Platinum: RM127.20
    Advance Visa Platinum: Waived
    Retail Interest Rate 15-18% p.a.
    Cash Advance Interest Rate 18% p.a.
    Cash Advance Fee 5.3% of the amount advanced or a minimum of RM15.90, whichever is higher.
    Minimum Monthly Payment 5% of the total due amount or a minimum of RM50, whichever is higher.
    Late Payment RM10 or 1% of the total outstanding balance, whichever is higher (maximum of RM100).
    Overseas Transaction Fee A conversion cost of 1-1.25% as per Visa or MasterCard International plus any transaction fee charged by Visa or MasterCard International.

    Activating or Cancelling Credit Card

    In order to activate your new HSBC Credit Card, you need to follow the procedure given below:

    • Dial 1300 88 1388 or +603 8321 5400 (overseas) for HSBC Credit Cards.
    • Select your preferred language by pressing:
      • 1 for English.
      • 2 for Malay.
      • 3 for Chinese.
    • Choose credit card activation – press 1.

    You will receive instant assistance from a bank’s representative and your card will be activated.

    You need to activate your card within the first 160 days of receiving your card or else your card will be cancelled automatically.

    If you want to discontinue your card, you can contact the bank via its customer service number to request for card cancellation.

    Credit Card Statements

    You can request the bank for a credit card statement. If the requested statement is 12 months old or less, you can get the statement at RM2.12 per page. But if the requested statement is older than 12 months, you will be charged RM21.20 per request plus RM2.12 per page.

    If you prefer, you can opt to receive your monthly statements through email in PDF form. You can also track all card transactions via e-statements through online and phone banking.

    Security Features

    • SecurePay: This feature helps you to carry out safe and secured transactions for shopping and online purchases. You have to enter an one-time password sent to your registered mobile number to authorise any transaction before it is carried out.
    • Pin and Pay: This feature allows you to carry out all transactions using a 6-digit PIN. Usage of PIN has replaced signed consent and is one of the most secured and safe payment features.
    • EMV Chip: Your card has an EMV chip embedded in it. This helps to prevent any kind of fraudulent transactions.

    Lost Card Liability

    In cases of a lost card, you are required to notify the bank about the same either in writing or verbally. By doing so, you will not be liable to any unauthorised transaction carried out using your card.

    How to Increase/Decrease the Credit Limit

    You can modify the dedicated credit limit on your card by contacting the bank with your request for the same. In order to increase your credit card’s limit, you need to fill up an application form and submit your latest income documents along with it. This includes your latest salary slips, bank statements for the past 6 months, and the latest income tax payment receipt.

    Frequently Asked Question’s

    Q. Is there an interest-free period with HSBC credit card?

    A. Yes. You get a 20-day interest-free period with HSBC cards.

    Q. Can I add the rewards points earned on supplementary card to points earned on my primary card?

    A. Yes. You can combine the points earned on both the cards.

    Q. What are the charges I need to bear if I want to replace my existing card?

    A. You need to pay RM50 for every card replacement.

    Q. What should I do if I lose my card or someone steals it?

    A. In case of card loss or theft, you should inform the bank immediately to prevent any misuse of your card. The number to contact is 1300-88 1388.

    Q. How can I withdraw cash using my HSBC credit card?

    A. You can withdraw cash at any ATM or transfer funds to your account or visit your nearest branch to get instant cash.

    Q. How do I apply for an HSBC card?

    A. You can apply for a card at any HSBC branch or via the official web portal of the bank.

    Q. How can I pay bills using my HSBC card?

    A. You can set up standing instructions on your card to pay the bills automatically.

    Q. What is the maximum amount of a bill that I can convert into monthly instalments using balance conversion plan?

    A. The maximum amount allowed for balance conversion plan is RM50,000 per receipt.

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