• HSBC Debit Card

    HSBC Visa debit cards can be used for your daily transactions and withdrawals. You can also get discounts and other privileges at participating merchants’ outlets whenever you use these cards for shopping.

    Let’s have a look at the features and benefits of these cards.


    • Use contactless payment technology, Visa payWave for hassle-free purchases.
    • Use this card to make purchases online, in-stores, by phone, or via mail-order.
    • The card has three variants: HSBC VISA Debit Card, HSBC Advance Debit Card, and HSBC Premier Debit Card. These variants offer different daily purchase limits and cash withdrawal limits.

    Key Features and Benefits

    Debit Card Key Benefits Annual Fee
    HSBC Visa Debit card/ HSBC Advance Debit Card/HSBC Premier Debit Card
    • Global acceptance
    • Visa payWave Technology for convenient payments
    • You can get a limit of RM500 limit for contactless transactions
    • Daily ATM withdrawal limit of up to RM5,000
    • Daily purchase limit of up to RM10,000
    Waived for HSBC Visa Debit Card RM8 for HSBC Advance Debit Card Waived for HSBC Premier Debit Card


    Other Benefits

    • Enjoy promotional offers and discounts at more than 2,000 dining and shopping outlets in the country.
    • Get added security features for your debit card that include, SMS alerts, overseas and card-authorisation for not-Present (CNP) transactions, card chip technology, etc.
    • Get default daily purchase limits and ATM cash withdrawal limits on your card according to its type.
    Type of the Card Daily Purchase Limit Increasable Daily Purchase Limit Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit
    HSBC Visa Debit Card RM3,000 RM5,000 RM5,000
    HSBC Advance Debit Card RM3,000 RM5,000 RM5,000
    HSBC Premier Debit Card RM3,000 RM10,000 RM5,000


    Fees and Charges

    Types of Fees Amounts of Fees
    Debit Card Insurance Fee

    HSBC Visa Debit Card: Waived

    HSBC Advance Debit Card: RM8

    HSBC Premier Debit Card: Waived

    Card Replacement Fee

    HSBC Visa Debit Card: Waived

    HSBC Advance Debit Card: RM10

    HSBC Premier Debit Card: RM10

    Cash Withdrawal Fee at Visa Network

    HSBC Visa Debit Card: RM10

    HSBC Advance Debit Card: RM10

    HSBC Premier Debit Card: RM10

    Cash Withdrawal Fee at Overseas HSBC Group ATMs

    HSBC Visa Debit Card: Waived

    HSBC Advance Debit Card: RM5

    HSBC Premier Debit Card: RM5

    Cash Withdrawal Fee at HOUSe ATM Network (OCBC, UOB, and Standard Chartered)

    HSBC Visa Debit Card: RM1

    HSBC Advance Debit Card: RM1

    HSBC Premier Debit Card: RM1


    Eligibility Criteria

    • 18 years old and above for savings account
    • 18 years and above for current account
    • You must maintain a transactional account, i.e. savings, current, premier, or advance account


    How to Apply

    • Walk into any nearest branch of HSBC Malaysia.
    • Open a savings/current/premier/advance account.
    • Submit all necessary documents and application form.
    • Now you can get a HSBC Debit Card.


    The HSBC debit cards offer you several benefits whenever you shop at selected merchants. Depending on the types of the card, you can also get assorted daily withdrawal and purchase limits as per your preference. Compare these cards with other debit cards to find the most suitable card for yourself.


    Q. How should I activate my HSBC Debit Card?

    A. There are different ways of activating your HSBC Debit Card based on your account.

    For a new account holder:

    • Insert your HSBC Visa Debit Card into an HSBC ATM in Malaysia.
    • Enter the PIN that has been issued by the bank.
    • Follow the instruction that are given on the ATM screen.
    • The HSBC Debit Card is now activated and can be used.

    For an existing account holder:

    • Insert your HSBC Visa Debit Card into an HSBC ATM with a PLUS logo in Malaysia or overseas.
    • Enter your existing ATM PIN number.
    • Perform an on-screen transaction and your card is not activated.
    • On activating the new debit card, the old card is automatically deactivated or you can also destroy it.

    Q. Where should I contact for further information about the debit card?

    A. You can visit any nearby HSBC branch or you can also call on the following numbers:

    • HSBC Premier Customers: 1300 88 9393 (calls from Malaysia) and +603 8321 5208 (for overseas calls)
    • Non HSBC Premier Customers: 1300 88 1388 (calls from Malaysia) and +603 8321 5400 (for overseas calls)

    Q. Can I increase the purchase limit on my HSBC Debit Card?

    A. Yes, you can increase or decrease the purchase limit on your debit card as per your requirement. You need to visit the nearest HSBC branch and file an application for the same.

    Q. How should I report incorrect transactions on my card?

    A. To report any unauthorised activity on your HSBC Debit Card, you need to contact the HSBC Call Centre immediately. Moreover, to report transaction-related disputes, you must act within 60 days from the statement date. The bank will then investigate the case.

    Q. Do I have to pay double if I tap my debit card on contactless reader two times?

    A. The contactless terminal processes your payment request only once at a time. Even when you accidentally tap your card on the terminal for more than one times, you will be billed for only one transaction.

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