• HSBC Debit Card

    HSBC debit cards are internationally recognised and have been known to be very popular with people from all walks of life and of course, ones who own a HSBC bank account. This card is accepted all over the world by online merchants to top brand outlets. You can also use this debit card as an ATM card and link it with multiple HSBC account and yet withdraw money from both the accounts.

    Type of Debit Cards

    HSBC VISA Debit Card: HSBC VISA debit card is one of the most preferred cards of its type because of the acceptance of this card all over the World with the VISA and HSBC brands tied to it. These brands are well known globally with the largest network in their field making it easy for you to enjoy your debit card experience. Shop with comfort and enjoy highly secure transactions, to ensure that your money is safe.

    Features and Benefits of HSBC Debit Cards

    • You can also link multiple accounts for ATM withdrawals. You will be simply prompted to give the choice of account, and you can choose the account.
    • The daily limit for debit card purchase is RM 1000.
    • This is a pin-enabled debit card, which means that you have double security when paying bills both in person and online.
    • The money is directly debited from your deposit account with HSBC.
    • You can withdraw money from ATMs through this card.
    • If your purchase is under RM 250, there is no requirement of using your PIN, to make purchases faster. The card simply needs a wave near the contactless reader.

    Eligibility Criteria

    You should have a deposit account with HSBC and have the basic requirements for opening a deposit account with HSBC, if you don’t have fun. However, keep it in mind that there may be minimum account maintenance requirements at the discretion of the bank.


    What is the daily purchase limit from ATMs for HSBC debit cards?

    The daily purchase limit is RM 1000, but can be increased to up to RM 2000, based on the monthly balance maintained by the account holder in their HSBC bank account.

    What is the daily cash withdrawal limit from ATMs for HSBC debit cards?

    You can withdraw up to RM 5000, in a day with your HSBC debit card in Malaysia.

    Incase, I lose my debit card, or it has been stolen what should I do?

    • You first need to call HSBC and inform of them of the event, so that they can block your card and avoid fraudulent use of the same..
    • You need to file a report with the police in Malaysia.
    • You can then apply for a replacement card, but also need to submit details of your loss of card and the police report.

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