Cash woes? A personal loan to the rescue!

    HSBC Bank Personal Loan

    HSBC is among the leading financial institutions in the country and it enjoys a strong global presence as well. The bank has a history of operations in Malaysia of over 100 years and offers its expertise in commercial banking, consumer banking, wealth management, and investment banking sectors. Among the personal credit facilities offered by HSBC, its line of personal financing is a popular and sought-after choice. The loan provides borrowers with the freedom to use the loan amount for any expense they might face. The easy application process and quick disbursal times makes it an ideal choice for those facing emergency expenses.

    Compare Personal Loans By HSBC Bank

    HSBC offers one conventional personal loan product which is called the HSBC Personal Overdraft. This product offers borrowers a personal line of credit that they can use anytime they are facing fluctuations in their cash flow. The loan is a secured facility and the interest rate is charged on a variable basis. The interest is only charged on the amount utilised.

    HSBC Bank Personal Loan Malaysia

    Interest Rates

    The interest rate for HSBC Personal Loan or Personal Overdraft is calculated as per the Base Rate (BR) of the bank i.e.

    Interest Rate = BR + 2.06% (for HSBC Premier customers)

    Interest Rate = BR + 4.06% ( for HSBC Advance customers)

    Current BR is = 3.89% (effective at 1 February 2018)


    Interest Rate for HSBC Premier customers = 5.95% p.a.

    Interest Rate for HSBC Advance customers = 7.95% p.a.

    Top Reasons to take a HSBC Personal Loans

    The features and benefits of the HSBC Personal Loan is as follows:

    • The loan is a secured facility and requires the borrower to put up collateral. Collateral must be in the form of a time deposit. The value of the time deposit will dictate the loan amount that can be approved.
    • The borrower does not have any fixed instalment amount to pay every month. In the event a borrower is low on funds on any given month, he/she has the option of only paying the interest charged on the borrowed amount.
    • Interest is charged on a variable basis with rates pegged to HSBC’s Bank Rate (BR). A borrower must make a minimum payment every month which services the interest charges.
    • The borrower can get a loan margin of up to 100% of their time deposit collateral.
    • The interest is charged only on the utilised amount of the overdraft facility and is calculated on a daily basis.
    • Borrowers have the option of withdrawing the repaid principal amount.

    Fees and charges

    Type of fee Amount
    Commitment fee 1% of the unutilised amount for facilities that have a credit limit of over RM250,000
    Late payment charge 1% p.a. on the overdue instalments

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Nationality criteria: The loan is available to Malaysian citizens and Permanent Residents.
    • Age:
      • Minimum age: The minimum age of the borrower must be 21 years.
      • Maximum age: The facility will be reviewed on an annual basis when borrower attains the age of 60 years.
    • Collateral: Borrowers must provide a security or collateral in the form of a HSBC Time Deposit.

    What documents do I need to prepare?

    For a salaried employee:

    • MyKad or NRIC
    • Latest copy of salary slip (1 month)
    • Copies of bank statements for 3 months (if applicable)
    • Copy of appointment or confirmation letter from the employer

    For a variable income earner:

    • A copy of NRIC
    • Copies or salary slip/commission slips (1/3 months)
    • Latest BE Form

    For a self-employed individual:

    • A copy of NRIC
    • A copy of e-tax Form /B Form/EPF Statement
    • Any other additional document if requested by the bank

    HSBC Personal Loan Application Process

    Online application: You can apply for the loan scheme from the official website of the bank. Go to the Apply Now tab that is reflected on the website and fill in all required details. The bank representatives will then contact your for further procedure.

    Offline application: You can visit a nearest branch of the bank and submit an application form to the bank representatives.

    Why to choose HSBC to apply for Personal Loan?

    Through HSBC Personal Overdraft, you can get a flexible access to standby credit whenever you need extra funding. The loan scheme also comes with competitive interest rates which makes it a worthy take.

    Customer Care

    If you have any queries regarding the scheme, you can reach to the bank officials on hotline: 1300-88-1388 (for local calls) and +063-8321-5400 (for international calls).


    Q. How long does a salaried applicant have to be employed in order to qualify for the loan?

    A. Salaried applicants are required to be in the service of their current employer for a minimum period of 3 months.

    Q. What is a commitment fee?

    A. A commitment fee is a fee charged on the remaining unutilised amount. For example, if the overdraft facility granted to a borrower has a limit of RM200,000 and the borrower utilises only RM150,000, then the interest charged is on the RM150,000 that is utilised and a commitment fee of 1% p.a. is charged on the unutilised amount, which in this case would be RM50,000.

    Q. Is there a minimum or maximum tenure for the overdraft facility?

    A. No. Borrowers do not have any minimum or maximum tenure with this facility. The facility will undergo an annual review when the borrower attains the age of 60.

    Q. If a borrower has a limit of RM300,000 and has been making regular payments, can he/she acquire additional funds?

    A. Yes. The overdraft facility is a revolving line of credit. This means that the borrower can withdraw funds that they have already repaid. If the borrower has a RM300,000 limit and has repaid RM175,000 of this already, then the borrower can withdraw the desired additional funds from the repaid RM175,000.

    Q. Does the facility require a guarantor?

    A. No. The facility only needs a collateral and does not require a guarantor.

    Q. What is the minimum monthly amount a borrower must pay?

    A. The borrower does not have any fixed monthly instalment to make and has to make a minimum monthly payment of the interest charged on the borrowed amount. The lack of a fixed monthly payment gives flexibility to the borrower and allows them to settle on a payment best suited for them to take care of the interest and the principal amount.

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