• Injured by Uninsured Vehicle Driver

    When you are injured by a motor vehicle, you can make a third-party bodily injury claim against the insurance provider for that vehicle. But what if you get hit by a vehicle that has not been insured by its owner? What happens in such cases? Here, Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Malaysia or MIB comes into the picture. The bureau offers compensation to the victims of road accidents when the other vehicle has no insurance.

    Read below to know more about the features and claiming process of MIB.

    How Does Motor Insurers’ Bureau Work

    The Motor Insurers Bureau of Malaysia is not an insurance firm. However, it helps unfortunate sufferers of road accidents who are unable to get compensations or reimbursements due to technical legalities involved in the claim process. In 1968, an agreement was made between the Ministry of Transport, the bureau, and insurance providers, through which such victims are eligible to get a compensatory amount.

    Things to Keep in Mind

    • The amount paid to the victims is on compensation basis, and it is entirely as per the discretion of the MIB.
    • You have to submit your claim within 3 years of the accident.
    • You must identify the vehicle that is responsible for the accident. You need to note the number of that vehicle.
    • You can submit your claim directly to MIB, or you can also appoint a lawyer to do it for you. However, the lawyer needs to inform the bureau within 30 days of filing the lawsuit.
    • The Motor Insurers’ Bureau will pay only for your bodily injuries. Any other losses such as damage of your vehicle, or loss of your belongings such as jewellery, clothing and accessories will not be borne by the bureau.
    • You will have to pay a fee of RM100 to the bureau to conduct the investigation on your accident, while making the claim.

    Documents Required for Making a Claim to MIB

    You must present the following documents while making a claim to the bureau:

    • A letter with detailed description of your accident. This includes details like date and place of the accident.
    • A police report (with the license plate number of the accountable vehicle)
    • A police report by the third-party’s vehicle driver (if applicable/available)
    • Your medical report

    You can submit your documents on the following address:

    Motor Insurers’ Bureau of West Malaysia Wisma Piam, No. 150-3, Third floor, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields, 50782 Kuala Lumpur.

    For any queries, you can contact the representatives of the bureau at 03-22747395.

    Along with this, let’s know more about the damages and injuries that are not covered under a car insurance policy.

    What Else a Car Insurance Policy Does Not Cover

    Apart from accidental injuries due to an uninsured vehicle, there is a range of other things that a car insurance plan does not cover. Listed below are some losses that are not covered under your own car insurance policy:

    • Your death or bodily injury occurred to you because of a motor accident is not covered under any type of car insurance scheme. Your health cover or life insurance policy may come in handy in this case, but even a comprehensive plan cannot cover such losses.
    • Liabilities to the passengers in a vehicle are not covered under a car insurance policy. You have to buy an additional cover that covers your co-passengers. You will have to bear an extra premium for this add-on cover.
    • Loss or damage of non-factory fitted accessories of a car such stereo, sports rims, etc. are also not covered under a car insurance plan.
    • Loss or damage occurred due to natural disasters such as floods, landslides and storms are not covered under a motor insurance policy. You need to buy additional covers to protect your car from such calamities.

    If you face any injuries due to an uninsured vehicle, it is possible to get some compensation through the MIB. Do note down the details of the other vehicle before you approach MIB. Read through your own motor insurance policy to know for what you are covered and for what you are not covered. Attach additional options to enhance the cover for your vehicle. Do not under-insure your vehicle. Check for the market value of your car before your insure it.

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