• ACE Travel Insurance

    ACE Travel Insurance is a well-known travel insurance product and services category serving millions of travellers around the globe. The suite of travel insurance products is intended to give the insured greater coverage wherever they travel. ACE Travel Insurance covers a variety of travel inconvenience such as flight or baggage delay, trip cancellation,personal accident protection, comprehensive medical expenses cover, full terrorism cover and more. With ACE Travel Insurance,gives travelers the access to ACE travel assistance services in the case of an emergency when travelling overseas. Whether it is for a claim or emergency situation the 24 hour hotline will assist and support travelers regardless their location.

    Benefits of ACE Travel Insurance Coverage

    The key coverage and benefits with coverage of an ACE Travel Insurance include:

    1. Medical & Personal Accident Cover: This covers the insured individual or family for medical and personal accidents for medical expenses and personal accident cover.
    2. Travel Inconvenience:This coverage includes loss of travel documents, loss of money, flight delay and Baggage damage or loss.
    3. Medical Evacuation & Repatriation Service:For an emergency case, medical evacuation and repatriation costs are taken care of in this policy.
    4. Flexible Travel Frequency: There are special options for single trips and multiple trips in a year as well.
    5. Home Coverage: When traveling if the insured’s home is robbed, a compensation is financed for loss of personal valuables.
    6. Natural Disaster: This coverage includes compensation and financial aid necessary for earthquakes, floods, volcano eruptions & others.
    7. 24 Hours,7 Days Worldwide Travel Assistance Helpline:Simply call them at +603-2772 5600 for assistance. The helpline also assists people in various languages spoken around the globe.

    ACE Travel Insurance Eligibility

    There are certain eligibility criteria required to be able to make the claim:

    • Insured Person must be a Malaysian, Malaysian Permanent Resident or holder of a valid work permit or valid employment pass holder or valid long-term social visit pass holder or valid dependent pass holder or valid student pass holder of at least eighteen (18) years of age on the Effective Date.
    • If the spouse is insured he or she must be a Malaysian or Malaysian Permanent Resident or valid work permit holder or valid employment pass holder or valid dependent pass holder or valid long-term social visit pass holder or valid student pass holder, at least eighteen (18) years of age on the Effective Date; and If Child(ren) are insured, he/she/they must be:-
      • a Malaysian or Malaysian Permanent Resident or valid dependent pass holder or valid student pass holder
      • at least thirty days of age and not more than 18 years or below twenty-four years if studying full-time in a recognized tertiary institution on the Effective Date
      • unmarried and unemployed

    ACE Travel Insurance Schemes

    There are certain factors the ACE travel insurance scheme or quote is based on:

    1. Place of residence
    2. Place/Country travelling to
    3. Number of people travelling: individual, with spouse, with family
    4. Travel dates: You can choose a single trip insurance plan, multiple trips or annual travel insurance plan.

    ACE Travel Insurance Claim Process

    Follow the given below steps for claiming under the ACE Travel Insurance:

    1. Submit your claim within 30 days of the incident or event causing you to seek the claim.
    2. You can download ACE Travel Insurance claim form, from the company website.
    3. You need to fill in all relevant sections & questions of the claim form that relate to your claim. Missing out details will delay the assessment of the claim.
    4. Make sure you collate and attach claim form with all the necessary supporting documents related to your claim. If you do not provide all required supporting documentation it could result in delaying the assessment of your claim.
    5. You can submit your claim form and supporting documentation by emailing to [email protected], which makes the assessment process quicker. You could also submit your claim and documents by snail mail.
    6. After submission wait for the confirmation of your claim number within a span of 3 days for emailed claims and within 5 days for snail mail claims.


    1. Can I activate the travel insurance cover as soon as I reach my destination?

      No. All coverage must be purchased before commencement of journey.

    2. Do I need to go through a medical examination to apply for ACE Travel Insurance?

      No. But, you need to keep in mind that there are certain diseases and pre-existing medical conditions under which you cannot make a claim. Read the policy before you purchase it for details.

    3. Is there any rider to cover pre-existing conditions?

      No, ACE Travel Insurance does not have any rider for pre-existing conditions.

    4. Can I use the travel insurance for dental treatment ?

      Yes,but under the condition that it is a result of an accident during the period of cover. Denture costs are not included in this calculation.

    5. If insured, am I covered for gifts and articles purchased during the journey?

      Yes. However there are terms and conditions that apply. You could refer to " LOSS OR DAMAGE OF PERSONAL EFFECTS AND BAGGAGE - Property not Covered" in the policy literature online.

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