• AIA Car Insurance Malaysia

    AIA offers a comprehensive private car insurance that protects you on and off the road. You can name additional drivers on your policy to enjoy the same coverage. You can add optional covers to enhance the protection of your policy.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Receive a lump sum payment to cover loss or damage to your car due to accident, fire and theft.
    • Get cover for any bodily injury or death to a third-party due to a motor accident.
    • Get cover for any loss or damage to third-party property due to a motor accident.
    • Enhance protection with optional covers to include windscreen repair or replacement.
    • Get additional cover for loss or damage due to floods, landslides or storms.
    • Get optional protection for passengers travelling in your car in the event of death or bodily injury.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Minimum age is 22 years old.
    • Maximum age is 70 years old.
    • Maximum coverage period is up to 74 years old.

    AIA Car Insurance Premium Calculator

    Get an online quote to compare payable premium. Input your car details and personal details for a quote on the AIA website.

    AIA Car Insurance Exclusions

    Major exclusions of the standard policy include:

    • Any bodily injury to you or loss of your life due to a motor accident.
    • Liability for claims of passengers travelling in your car.
    • Theft of any non-factory fitted car accessories unless otherwise declared.
    • Any consequential loss, wear and tear, depreciation, electrical and mechanical breakdown.
    • Any loss or damage due to floods, storms and landslides.

    How to Buy AIA Car Insurance

    Speak to an AIA Life Planner to buy an insurance policy. You can complete and submit an online enquiry form. An agent would visit you to help you with this process.

    Documents Required to File a Claim

    Some mandatory documents are:

    • Police report
    • Completed claim form
    • Copy of your driving license
    • Copy of your car registration number
    • Any other document required to start the claim process

    How to Claim AIA Car Insurance

    Download the claim form from the AIA website. Complete the form with correct and relevant details including your bank information. Submit the claim form along with the mandatory documents to your AIA Life Planner or at any AIA customer centre.

    Register yourself on the customer portal on AIA website. Check your claim status via the portal. Consult your AIA Life Planner on the status of your claim process.

    How to Renew AIA Car Insurance

    • Speak to your AIA Life Planner to renew your policy.
    • Visit your nearest AIA centre to renew your policy.

    Contact Number

    • AIA Care Line: 1300 88 1899 (local)
    • International Customers: +603 2056 1111


    Q. How can I cancel my policy?

    A. You can cancel your insurance policy by submitting a written cancellation request to AIA. You can consult your AIA Life Planner for assistance with the cancellation process.

    Q. Am I entitled to a refund if I cancel my policy before it expires?

    A. Yes. You are entitled to a refund when you cancel your policy. The refund would be on a pro-rata basis, and would be applicable only if you have not made any claim on your policy.

    Q. Is there any compulsory excess on my policy?

    A. Yes. If your claim involves a driver who is not named on your policy, you have to pay a compulsory excess of RM400.

    Q. What all details must I disclose to take up a policy?

    A. You have to disclose full information such as any previous accidents, car modifications and previous claim history.

    Q. Can I get my car repaired at any workshop across Malaysia?

    A. No. You are recommended to use only PIAM Approved Repairers Scheme Workshops across Malaysia.

    Q. What would happen if my car is not insured for the appropriate sum?

    A. If your car is under-insured, then you will covered only for the sum insured. When you make a claim, you have to pay the difference.

    If your car is over-insured, then you will be covered only up to the market value of your car at the time of loss or damage.

    Q. What should the appropriate insured value for my car?

    A. If you own a new car, the insured value would be its purchase price. If you own an old car, the insured value would be its market price at the time of application.

    Q. Do I have to bear any cost for repairs if my car is damaged due to an accident?

    A. No. You will be covered for repairs as per your policy terms. However, if old spare parts are replaced with new franchise spare parts, you may have to bear the difference in the total cost.

    This is according to the principle of indemnity as your car is in a better condition after the accident with new franchise spare parts.

    Get Adequate Protection

    Car insurance is mandatory for all cars that are driven on public roads. It provides protection for you, your car and any third-party who may face loss or damage. It is vital to ensure that your car has sufficient protection. Get an online quote before buying a policy. Remember, that you need to renew your car insurance every year.

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