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AIG has been providing insurance policies and securing Malaysian citizens lives since 1953. The insurance provider offers services to individuals and corporate customers. You can apply for a plan through number of distribution channels, such as branch offices, agents, and other online platforms. Here are the insurance plans and schemes offered by AIG.

Types of Insurance Offered by AIG

AIG offers 6 types of insurance. Each of the type and the policy schemes under them are listed below:

Car Insurance

AIG provides a comprehensive car protection plan that covers the damage caused to your car due to theft, fire, and accident. The policy also covers third-party liabilities, such as damage to the other party’s car and bodily injury.

Travel Insurance

  • Domestic & Overseas Travel Insurance: The policy provides coverage for personal accident, medical assistance, travel inconvenience, and 24-hour worldwide travel assistance. You can add-on optional coverage, such as for adventure sports and scuba diving.
  • Student Overseas Travel Insurance: AIG provides Student Assist plan—an insurance plan to cover all the unexpected expenses when you are overseas for educational purpose. The coverage is provided when you are studying at one of the recognized educational institutions.

Personal Accident Insurance

The policy provides a personal accident cover to you and your family in the case of an accident. The policy also works as a life insurance product since it provides death and TPD benefits.

Medical Insurance

Get comprehensive medical care in Malaysia and abroad with the AIG Medical Insurance policy. The policy covers the pre-hospitalisation, hospitalisation, post-hospitalisation, and outpatient treatment costs.

Home Insurance

AIG provides 2 variants of home insurance—Premier Client Solutions and Standard Home Insurance.

  • Premier Client Solutions: This policy covers not just your house, but other belongings and other valuables inside the house as well. The policy is designed to protect your lifestyle from all kinds of risks.
  • Standard Home Insurance: It is a comprehensive home insurance that covers your house and its belongings from burglary, armed robbery, fire, and other risks.

Snatch Theft Insurance

Snatch Theft Insurance protects you against robbery, burglary, theft, and ATM fraud. You can get medical expenses coverage in addition to cash recovery and personal valuables’ coverage.

Features and Benefits of AIG Insurance

AIG Car Insurance

  • The policy ensures the fastest claims turnaround time.
  • Enjoy 24-hour road assistance, all 7 days of the week.
  • Get an instant update on JPJ status and road tax renewal.
  • Anyone aged between 22 years and 75 years with a valid driving license can get the insurance policy.

AIG Travel Insurance

Domestic & Overseas Travel Insurance

  • Get covered of up to RM1 million for overseas medical expenses.
  • A coverage of up to RM300,000 is provided for personal accidents based on the policy underwriting.
  • In the case of trip cancellation, the policy reimburses the non-refundable expenses.
  • Anyone who travels within Malaysia or overseas for personal or business purposes can get the coverage.
  • Travel to the following regions are not covered by the policy:
    • Cuba.
    • Iran.
    • Syria.
    • North Korea.
    • Crimea.

Student Overseas Travel Insurance

  • Your age must be between 15 years and 45 years to be eligible for the policy.
  • Also, you must be joining an accredited educational institution for higher education outside your home country to get the benefits of the policy.
  • Stay financially secured with the insurance plan in the case of the death of your sponsor.
  • Get all medical expenses covered in the case of injury or illness when you are overseas.
  • In case of study interruption due to selected reasons, the policy will reimburse the non-refundable portion of the tuition fees.

AIG Personal Accident Insurance

  • Get hospitalisation benefits with the policy.
  • The policy is renewable up to an age of 85 years.
  • Lump sum paid on permanent disability and death.
  • Get compassionate assistance and funeral expense cover with the policy.

AIG Medical Insurance

  • No medical check-up required to purchase the policy.
  • 36 critical illnesses are covered under the policy.
  • Hospitalisation, home nursing, and surgical expenses are covered.
  • You are eligible to buy the policy if your age is between 18 years and 60 years.

AIG Home Insurance

Premier Client Solutions:

  • Get unlimited jewellery coverage and alternative accommodation expenses covered.
  • Get coverage for all your personal valuables worldwide.
  • Damage caused to your house due to natural disasters are covered.

AIG Standard Home Insurance:

  • Get protected against any damage caused by natural disasters.
  • Financial help is provided for an alternative accommodation if the house is damaged and cannot be inhibited.
  • 24/7 protection is provided for home content inside or outside the house.
  • The policy also covers your injuries caused in the home during the burglary.

AIG Snatch Theft Insurance

  • Get a coverage of up to RM20,000 in the case of identity theft anywhere in the world.
  • You must be aged between 18 years and 65 years to be eligible for the coverage.

Contact Information

General and Product-related Enquiries 1800 88 8811
24-hour Travel Assistance +603 2772 5600
24-hour Road Assistance 1800 88 6990
Fax +603 26854896
Email [email protected]
Operating Hours Monday to Friday—9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Now you have a fair idea on each of the products of AIG. So, you can go ahead and get a quote according to your needs and financial background. You can also perform many insurance-related transactions on the official website of AIG, such as policy renewal and claims submission.


Q. What does a cooling-off period mean?

A. A cooling-off period is a duration of 15 days during which you can cancel the purchase of an insurance policy. If you are not satisfied with the policy, you can return it to AIG and get a full premium refund excluding the medical expenses incurred.

Q. Can I buy more than one personal accident policy to get higher coverage?

A. No. You can get a coverage of only 1 personal accident policy. Purchasing multiple policies are not allowed.

Q. What are the optional benefits available with a car insurance?

A. The following optional benefits available with a car insurance:

  • Riot, strike, and civil commotion.
  • Windscreen damage.
  • Passenger liability cover.
  • Damage arising due to flood and landslide.
  • Transportation fare.
  • Vehicle break-in.
  • Car loan support.
  • Key replacement.
  • Tires and rims replacement/repair.

Q. Can I get an insurance coverage for a commercial vehicle?

A. Yes. AIG provides coverage for commercial vehicles in addition to private vehicles. The duration of coverage will be 1 year. You can renew the coverage annually.

Q. Is the travel coverage available only for a 2-way journey?

A. No. The travel coverage need not always have to be a 2-way journey. You can get the travel coverage for a 1-way trip. In this case, the coverage ends in 5 days from the date of your departure from Malaysia.

Latest News About AIG Insurance

  • Mark Lyons Promoted to CFO at AIG, Investor Concerns Should Ease

    Mark Lyons has been promoted to the position of Chief Financial Officer by the American International Group Inc. Lyons re-joined the insurance provider earlier this year and is going to be Sid Sankaran’s successor at the company.

    Brian Duperreault, the Chief Executive Officer at AIG, has been making changes to the management since he got the top job in 2017. The insurer experienced a 32% decrease in public confidence this year, and Duperreault hopes to increase confidence in the group through these changes.

    Since his return to the company, Lyons has initiated a review of reserves. His position will help in resolving investor problems.

    BBazaar Malaysia

    4th December 2018

  • Underinsurance a Concern for Over 85% of SMEs, According to AIG Statistics

    Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are faced with growing cost pressures in the presence of slow GDP growth.

    Turning a profit has become challenging due to increased domestic competition, rising business costs, and regional trade market turbulence.

    This has resulted in a serious concern for SMEs in the region. Entrepreneurs have not been paying enough attention to insurance and risk management, making their businesses vulnerable to losses arising from unforeseen dangers like fire, flood or theft. Around 85% of SMEs are at risk of interruptions from these dangers.

    AIG predicts that damage to property and equipment is the greatest risks to SMEs in Malaysia in the next 12 months

    BBazaar Malaysia

    4th December 2018

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