• AIG Life Insurance

    AIG is one of those few brands in insurance sector, which has the best of both worlds. This company was established as early as 1919 by an American, but in China. So, it was established for the Asian public but by the an American business venturer. That is  not all. The company soon established itself as a pioneer in financial products globally. Today, AIG is renowned the world over for establishing itself as a pioneer in insurance products and it is not different in Malaysia.

    Features and Benefits of AIG Life Insurance

    Entry Age Minimum: Based on the plan chosen. Maximum: Based on the plan chosen.
    Basis There are numerous options under life insurance products to suit individual as well as the needs of a family or even organization. Here are some of the leading categories of life insurance products from AIG:
    1. Quality of Life Insurance
    2. Universal Life Insurance
    3. Term Life Insurance
    4. Universal Life Insurance
    Medical Screening This maybe necessary, based on the plan chosen. Even if they do not require a proper medical check-up they may ask questions about the applicant’s health based on which often premium amounts are decided for life insurance.
    Renewability Some of the products are renewable after the tenure, such as term life insurance. But the premium amounts may be much higher based on the individual’s age.
    Sum assured The sum assured is completely based on the term or tenure chosen for the life insurance benefits. This also depends on how much the individual is willing to invest for their life insurance product from AIG. When choosing a plan, for life, you will have the choice for choosing sum assured.
    Policy term The policy term is based on the plan chosen again. The plan chosen, is further based on certain factors which include sum assured, premium amounts as well as the type of returns and benefits expected from the product.
    Special features Some fo the major special features that you can opt for from AIG Life insurance include:
    1. Critical Illness, Terminal Illness and Chronic Illness benefits are based on the type of disease, illness, injuries or health issue being covered under the life insurance.
    2. Flexibility is very essential and rightfully given to you by AIG life insurance plans.
    3. Riders are available in plenty from AIG to provide extra coverage and benefits on your existing life insurance product.
    Extension Some plans may be extended, based on the individual’s requirements and also their age at the time of coverage extension.
    Benefits Death Benefits Illness Benefits Survival Benefits
    Bonus(If any) There may be bonus benefits paid out out if you choose a participating life insurance product from AIG Malaysia.
    Exclusions Exclusions for life insurance are dependant on the  plan chosen. However, coverage exclusions in Malaysia generally may be applicable for the following:
    • If the individually intentionally self-inflicts an injury, commits suicide or tries to commit suicide.
    • Illnesses and diseases (normally covered by health insurance policies) unless a an insurance plans that caters for health and personal accident.
    • People who are employed in hazardous occupations such as a mining or high-rise building construction.
    • Injuries which is a result of professional sports or dangerous activities including winter sports, skydiving as well as bungee jumping.

    Disclaimer: The information provided here is not exhaustive. Also the information provided is generic based on information which is subject to change. Please read the product disclosure literature before applying.

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