• Allianz Car Insurance

    Allianz Car Insurance

    Allianz General Insurance is one of the most prominent insurance providers in Malaysia and offers its customers a wide variety of insurance products. Some of these insurance offerings include life insurance, car insurance, medical insurance etc. These products offer comprehensive insurance services to customers and are designed to suit their individual insurance requirements. Also, various top-up plans available on these insurance schemes ensure that customers are able to customize their insurance plans as per their individual requirement. Allianz Insurance has over 35 branches in Malaysia and aims to become the most trusted insurance partner of Malaysians.

    Allianz Car Insurance Features and Benefits

    Allianz car insurance schemes come bundled with various striking features and benefits. Some of these are listed below.

    • Protection against loss or damage to your vehicle in he unforeseen event of fire, theft or accident
    • Protection cover against third party death or physical injury via your vehicle
    • Loss of third party property is covered under car insurance from Allianz
    • 24-hour emergency towing
    • Annually renewable car insurance policies which make it easier for customers to renew their car insurance schemes or change it if required
    • Early cancellation of car insurance policy ensures refund of the premium paid

    Additional benefits applicable on payment of additional premium

    Listed below are some of the benefits that can be enjoyed by availing higher coverage at a slightly higher cost.

    • Additional coverage available for windscreen damage, passenger liability, Natural calamities like floods, storms etc., events of civil unrest namely riots, strikes and public commotion. All these benefits can be covered by paying a small additional premium. Customers who wish to avail the basic cover can do so by applying for the basic car insurance cover
    • Enhanced Road Warrior for additional protection against accidental death. Medical expenses involved in treatment of injury due to accident is also included. Bereavement benefit, double indemnity, corrective cosmetic surgery and hospital income are some of the most distinguishing features of this cover
    • Comprehensive cover for car insurance includes coverage against any damage to vehicle in the event of riots, public demonstrations, strike and civil commotion
    • Car replacement option in certain cases subject to terms and conditions
    • Compassionate cover for customers of the Enhanced Road Warrior additional cover
    • Legal liability of third party up to RM2,000
    • Stolen or broken car accessories can be covered by availing additional cover

    Types of vehicles eligible for cover under the Allianz Car Insurance

    Following are the three types of vehicles covered under the Allianz Car Insurance Schemes.

    1. Private vehicles – Includes cars, vans and other four wheel drives
    2. Goods/commercial vehicles – Includes commercial goods carrying vehicles, petroleum and diesel tankers and low loaders
    3. Other types of vehicles – Taxis, buses, tractors, motorcycles, mobile cranes etc.

    Allianz Car Insurance Schemes

    Following are the various car insurance schemes offered by Allianz car insurance.

    1. Motor Comprehensive Cover
    2. Motor Third-party Cover
    3. Motor Third-party Fire and Theft Cover
    4. Enhanced Road Warrior
    5. Road Warrior
    6. Allianz Motorcyclist PA
    7. Bike Warrior

    Factors that affect Allianz car insurance premium calculation

    Following are the factors that are taken into account by Allianz car insurance in order to calculate insurance premium for your vehicle.

    • Type of insurance cover
    • Use of vehicle, commercial or private
    • Carrying capacity of the vehicle
    • Age of the car
    • Sum Assured
    • No. of authorized drivers registered
    • Extended coverage feature

    How to make a car insurance claim or emergency contact for Allianz Car Insurance?

    Following are the three ways in which customers can approach Allianz Insurance to make a car insurance claim.

    1. Allianz Hotline which guarantees a 24X7 service to customers – 60322641188
    2. Claim Assistance Hotline which is dedicated only to address claim settlement – 1300221188
    3. Roadside Assistance and Emergency Hotline – 1800886278

    Allianz Car Insurance FAQs

    How do I pay the premium for Allianz car insurance policy?

    Car insurance premium for Allianz can be paid either via online banking or by visiting any of the Allianz insurance offices.

    How do I avail the additional benefits being offered by Allianz Car Insurance?

    Additional benefits listed above can be availed by paying a little extra premium each month. The exact extra amount depends upon the benefits that you wish to seek.

    What is the frequency at which Allianz car insurance needs to be renewed?

    Allianz car insurance policies need to be renewed every year in order to continue enjoying the benefits and protection of these insurance schemes.

    Does the age of my car affect the premium payment?

    Yes. The age of your car will also play a role in determining the exact insurance premium that you are required to pay.

    Is legal liability towards passengers a common feature of all Allianz car insurance plans?

    No. Cover for legal liability towards passengers can be sought via payment of additional insurance premium.

    What is the repair cost for my vehicles under the car insurance schemes by Allianz Insurance?

    The repair cost for vehicles that are less than 5 years old is nil, under the car insurance policies by Allianz.

    Can Allianz car insurance be availed for goods vehicles or commercial vehicles?

    Yes. Allianz car insurance schemes can be availed for both private as well as commercial vehicles.

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