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    Allianz Malaysia Berhad (AMB) is a subsidiary of the Allianz Group which is said to be one of the leading integrated financial services providers in the world specializing in insurance. AMB, an investment holding company has two insurance subsidiaries - Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad (“ALIM”) and Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad (“AGIC”). The Malaysian Allianz has 35 branches in major cities in the country. Allianz Malaysia provides insurance solutions that include everything from cars, travel and life insurance being their main product.

    Why Choose Allianz Insurance -

    1. Stability of Allianz Malaysia in The Market: Allianz has a stable positioning even when it comes quarterly earnings result. In the quarter that end in March,2015, the company made over 73.6 million Malaysian ringgit which is equivalent to USD 17.4 million. It is fairly doing well in the Malaysian stock markets and hence has stability as company to ensure that your insurance pays off at the time of need. The company has 12.2% market share as of December, 2013.
    2. Vast Network in Malaysia: The company boasts of over 35 branches in all the major countries in Malaysia. Allianz has provided over 24 million people with microinsurance products, as of 2013. In 2011, The company issued its first Sustainability Report to create transparency by reporting on its non - financial performance. The company was only established in Malaysia 14 years and have created a sustainable business environment to sustain the insurance liabilities of customers when it crops up.
    3. Varied Range of Products:They has around 8 options of motor insurance plans and counting, alone to meet the customer’s requirements. The products are also categorised based on the type of cover people are looking for. There is a lot of aid and details given for each plan to sustain transparency between the insurance provider and the policyholder.
    4. Customer Service: Besides the company providing toll free numbers to access information and resolve customer queries, the company is dedicated to ensure that people purchase insurance products from Allianz Malaysia, the customers are not just satisfied with the protection the policies provided but have a smooth experience when dealing with their insurances.

    Types of Allianz Insurance -

    Life Insurance: There are a variety of life insurance products and they all fall under Allianz LIfe Insurance while the general insurance products fall under Allianz General Insurance Company. They are premium life insurance provider with a vast number of life insurances and plans for the whole family.

    Car Insurance: They have 8 insurance plans that include, Individual Hire Purchase Life, Motor Comprehensive Cover, Motor Third Party Cover, Motor Third Party Fire And Theft Cover that includes Enhanced Road Warrior, Road Warrior, Captor and Allianz Motorcyclist PA.

    Travel Insurance: Allianz travel insurance is one of the leading general insurance products offered to the people of Malaysia and has a lot of advantages of regular travel insurances starting with the assurance of the brand.

    Home Insurance: This policy is mainly beneficial because it provide coverage for the remaining amount payable for your home loan and the beneficiery gets the beenfits of the house incase som unprecedented event occurs.

    Loan Insurance: These plans help to protect the insured’s loved ones from taking up the added responsibility to make settlements for your loan, if something happens to the policyholder.

    Medical Insurance: There are 3 types of comprehensive medical insurance available from Allianz and the benefits are varied across them such as age limits and policy coverage.

    Savings and Investment Plans: For these, plans individual needs to pay for only 6 years and the policy matures after 20 years. This is beneficial for securing your financial future in the long run.

    Allianz Insurance FAQs -

    What is the Allianz Global Assistance?

    No matter where you are, whether beyond borders, for whatever purpose, if you need assistance in terms of emergency situations, as long as you are customer with Allianz, you can access help through +1-866-884-3556. This is a toll free number.

    Who is the current CEO of Allianz Malaysia Berhad?

    Since 2014, Zakri Bin Mohd Khir, has been appointed as the Chief Executive officer of the insurance company.

    How Do I contact the head office of Allianz Insurance in Malaysia?

    Here are the contact details of Allianz Insurance Malaysia:

    Head Office Suite 3A -15,

    Level 15, Block 3A,

    Plaza Sentral, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5,

    Kuala Lumpur Sentral,

    50470 Kuala Lumpur.

    Telephone : 603 -2264 1188 / 03 -2264 0688

    Fax: 603 -2264 1199

    Allianz Insurance Customer Support

    You can contact the company for details about Allianz Insurance policies in Malaysia:

    Customer Service Address:

    Ground Floor, Block 2A,

    Plaza Sentral,

    Jalan Stesen Sentral 5,

    Kuala Lumpur Sentral,

    50470 Kuala Lumpur.

    Telephone : 03 -2264 0700

    Fax : 03 -2264 0602

    Toll Free: 1 -300 -88 -1028

    Email: customer.service@allianz.com.my

    Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/AllianzMalaysia

    Latest News About Allianz Insurance

    • Allianz Malaysia’s Road Rangers Service Launched in Terengganu

      A special event at Batu Burok beach marked the launch of Allianz Malaysia’s Road Rangers Service in Terengganu recently. This will prove to be a good feature for all Comprehensive Motor Insurance policyholders in the region as it will facilitate aids for motor accidents. The service was previously launched in Klang Valley in January 2017.

      Talking about the development, Jayapragash Amblavanar, head of the department at Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad said that as insurers, it is the company’s duty to safeguard the welfare of the motorists. Allianz Road Rangers will make sure that the customers are getting quality service from the company. He also informed that the service has its own tow truck facility equipped with GPS, jumper boosters, air pumps, and dolly wheels.

      The service comes with server key facilities such as, an emergency call centre, a 24-hour accident call centre that will deploy a First Response Unit whenever a customer notifies such emergency.

      The service is a complimentary feature of the Comprehensive Motor Allianz policies and the customers can obtain it by calling on 1800-22-5542 for assistance in case of an accident.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      13 August 2018

    • Allianz Malaysia Chooses the Fun Way to Educate People About Insurance

      Allianz Malaysia has set up roadshows to make the citizens realise the need for insurance. The Discover A-Z roadshow also includes activities coupled with a host of prizes worth RM100,000 to attract people. The chief marketing management officer of Allianz Malaysia said that the campaign aims to help Malaysians understand the insurance plans better.

      The organisation has designed a rewards programme where one can redeem instant gifts on a minimum spend of RM150 with up to 2 receipts at the roadshow. As of now, two roadshows are scheduled—the first one is from 15 August 2018 to 19 August 2018 at Sunway Velocity Mall and the other is from 5 September 2018 to 9 September 2018 at 1 Utama Shopping Centre at the Klang Valley.

      The activities of the roadshow are designed with quizzes, contest, and games so that the participants get to know how insurance works in a fun and rewarding way. Participants can get daily, weekly, and grand prizes, which includes iPhone X, smart TVs, Fitbit watches, and shopping vouchers worth RM800.

      Another aim of the campaign is to educate people on the Needs Discovery Tool offered by Allianz. The tool interactively measures a person’s financial situation against the gaps in the insurance coverage. The tool also customises insurance plans based on the person’s necessities.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      09 August 2018

    • Insurers need to re-evaluate how to provide insurance to Malaysians

      With a high rate of underinsured people in Malaysia, there is a dire need to introduce new approaches to increase the penetration rate among the population. According to Zakri Khir, Chief Executive Officer of Allianz Malaysia Bhd, in spite of having an advanced economy, the rate of underinsured is still high in the country. He feels that the approaches similar to the ones implemented by other countries are not effective in Malaysia.

      As far as Allianz is concerned, they have seen an increase in their topline by 31.56% to RM4.8 billion and the diluted earnings per share by 41.3%. Their gross written premiums have also increased from RM3.58 billion in 2013 to RM4.29 billion in 2017.

      Zakri is confident that Allianz will see an increase in growth in this financial year as well. However, he feels that Malaysians generally purchase insurance for securing savings and not for protection. Also, most insurance companies focus on the bottomlines instead of providing protection to people. In Zakri's opinion, with the advancement of technology, the way risk is looked at needs to be reconsidered.

      In June, Bank Negara compelled overseas insurers to decrease their stakes to 70% in Malaysia. Allianz is the first company to comply with the terms set by the central bank and has listed the company.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      10 July 2018

    • Allianz Looks Forward To Expanding With Takaful Business

      As per a recent statement made by Zakri Khir, CEO, Allianz Malaysia, Allianz Malaysia Berhad looks forward to stepping into takaful business. The statement was made when Zakri Khir was talking at the launch event of announcing its partnership with PolicyStreet. 

      He says that there is a high-growth potential in the takaful sector as the penetration rate is as high as 15%. However, he says there are no plans framed regarding takaful business at the moment.

      Speaking about the shareholding cap of 70% for an international investor in the insurance and takaful market, Zakri said that the German company, Allianz has 66.4% share in the listing as per the policy of Bank Negara Malaysia.

      Zakri also mentioned that Allianz faced the effects of motor detariffication from the mid of 2017 and that he expects 2018 to be flat.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      20 April 2018

    • Allianz To Provide Free Group Insurance To Fintech Startups

      Allianz Malaysia will be providing a GPA insurance policy (Group Personal Accident) to fintech startups, recent reports suggest. Any startup that is a member of Fintech Association of Malaysia (FAOM) and comprising 30 employees or lesser will be eligible for the facility.

      Head of Digital Partnerships and Innovation of Allianz Group, Michael Fong, said that the insurance company understands the challenges faced by startups. The costs involved to sign up for group insurance policies can prove to be a discouraging task for startups, especially when they are faced with low or limited finance and resources. Allianz is striving to mitigate this challenge by offering the free GPA cover to FAOM-registered startup employees, Fong said.

      The insurance will help relieve the financial burden of an employee’s family in case of death or permanent disability.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      13 March 2018

    • Allianz Malaysia Anticipates GWP Growth for 2018

      Allianz Malaysia Berhad expects a positive growth in gross written premium (GWP) for 2018. The group’s CEO Zakri Mohd Khir said that its general insurance business is more focused on the consumer and will grow within the GDP rate.

      Zakri also added that they outperformed the market during the last year and expect it to be flat this time round. As a result, he expects this year’s growth to be in the high single digits.

      With most Malaysians still being careful with their investments because of the disposable income issue, Zakri stressed that the government should solve the problem for a better investment rate.

      On another note, Zakri mentioned that Allianz Malaysia Bhd is still interested in the takaful business but is not in talks with any one for future MAs.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      13 March 2018

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