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    Getting a life insurance is a necessity to financially secure yourself against contingencies linked to your life like death, retirement, disability, accident, etc. A person’s life is subject to risk and a life once lost or disabled means that there is a loss of income in the house. Monetary sum can determine the loss of income even if human life cannot be valued. Allianz offers life insurance products that provide a set amount in case the insured dies or is permanently disabled during the term of the policy.

    Allianz life insurance can be taken to ensure that your family is not in a financial crisis at all times and to ensure that your child’s education continues and to save for your future and to have extra income when you are seriously ill. One must take life insurance based on the following factors:

    • Number of dependants one has
    • Lifestyle that one wants to provide to their family
    • Funds needed to educate one’s children
    • Investment needs and affordability.

    Types of Allianz life insurance products

    The following are the features and benefits of the life insurance products offered by Allianz:

    Allianz PowerLink

    This plans helps you take care of your life and health protection needs. It also has an investment element that allows you to reap attractive investment returns.

    The features and benefits are as follows:

    • It is an all in one regular premium investment linked plan.
    • Optional benefits such as critical illnesses, hospitalisation, waiver of premium, personal accident and surgical are offered.
    • Only one premium amount has to be paid to enjoy the benefits.
    • You get to decide if you want to include your family for one or all of the optional benefits that are available.
    • The plan has to be taken before one turns 65.
    • The maximum sum assured per person is RM4,000,000.
    • Premiums are affordable and you can choose if you want to pay it on a yearly, half-yearly, quarterly or on a monthly basis.
    • Even if you do not have enough units available to cover the policy charges, you will get continuous protection for first 3 years.
    • Death or permanent or total disability benefits are offered.
    • You will also get to choose from the various funds available for investments based on your risk appetite.

    Allianz Power Shield

    Power shield ensures that your loved ones are also protected along with you. You get to choose how much protection you want and the term you want the protection for.

    The features and benefits of this plan are as follows:

    • It serves as an income replacement if you suffer partial or total disability before the age of 65.
    • High protection is offered for a low premium.
    • You can choose the term that you need the protection for. It ranges from 5 years till you turn 80 years old.
    • On expiry, you can opt to buy an endowment or a whole life plan.
    • The maximum sum assured is RM4,000,000.
    • Last renewal age is capped at 60 years.

    Allianz Ability Life

    Allianz Ability Life is a product specifically designed for people with disability. Death cover is offered. A lump sum amount will be paid to your dependents in the event you die, thus providing them the required safety net.

    The features and benefits are as follows:

    • Premiums are affordable.
    • Full insured amount is paid if the insured dies during the coverage period.
    • Policy is renewed automatically every year.
    • Minimum age for entry is 16 years.
    • Maximum age for entry is 60 years.
    • Premium paid qualifies for tax relief.
    • There are two plans that you can choose from.
    • Insured amount for Plan 1 is RM25,000.
    • Insured amount for Plan 2 is RM50,000.

    Allianz PremierLink

    Allianz PremierLink helps you build a legacy for your family. The monthly premiums are affordable.

    The features and benefits of this plan are as follows:

    • The maximum sum assured is RM500,000.
    • RM2,000,000 is paid to the dependants of the insured if he dies during the coverage period.
    • Basic sum assured for a 40 year old non-smoker is RM2,000,000.
    • Up to RM4 million sum assured is offered for permanent and total disability.
    • Coverage till the insured turns 100 years old.
    • Premiums can be paid on a yearly, half-yearly, quarterly or on a monthly basis.
    • Investment account balance is paid up on surrendering your policy.
    • Amount of protection and investment can be changed by changing the sum assured without having to change the premium payable.
    • You can switch between the funds as and when you feel like.
    • When necessary, you can make partial withdrawals.

    General Exclusions

    • Suicide
    • Self-inflicting injury
    • Pre-existing conditions.
    • Specified illnesses


    There will be other exclusions and additional features exclusively for the various plans, you will have to go through the product brochure and read through the terms and conditions before taking a policy.

    Latest News About Allianz Life Insurance

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      Nestle Omega Plus stressed on the significance of maintaining heart health through lower cholesterol levels with a 30-day challenge. The challenge has commenced and will continue until September. The campaign is held in conjunction with Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) and Allianz Life Insurance.

      The mission of the campaign is to educate and motivate Malaysians to promote their heart health so that they live a healthy life says Ng Su Yen, Business Executive Officer, Milks Business Unit, Nestle Malaysia. He continues saying that the people must be aware of their cholesterol levels so they take up a healthy lifestyle and diet.

      The campaign aims to select a winner who has taken up the 30-day challenge and reduced the highest percentage of cholesterol levels. The grand winner will be awarded with a grand prize of a car and Allianz life insurance cover of RM80,000. In addition, three winners will be selected and rewarded every month.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      19 April 2018

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