• AXA Car Insurance

    AXA offers car insurance policies that provide comprehensive and tailored coverages. You can choose a plan that suits your needs and preferences. Compare quotes before you decide to buy a policy. Keep in mind the value of your car while deciding on the sum insured.

    List of AXA Car Insurance Coverage Plans

    SmartDrive Enhanced Private Car:This is a comprehensive cover that is tailored according to your risk profile. You can choose options and add-ons to enhance the protection benefits.

    Motor for Her: This is a comprehensive cover that is designed for women. It is crafted to meet the safety needs and preferences of women drivers in Malaysia.

    Features and Benefits of AXA Car Insurance:

    • Get cover for any loss or damage to your car due to fire, theft or accident.
    • Get third party liability cover that indemnifies you in the event of accidental injury or death of the third party.
    • Get cover for any accidental damage caused to properties of the third party.
    • Opt for additional passenger liability coverage.
    • Opt for additional cover for damages caused by floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes and landslide.
    • Choose to get additional cover for glass breakage in window, windscreen and sunroof.
    • Enjoy a lower premium if you have a safe risk profile.
    • Enjoy up to 55% discount for NCD entitlement.
    • Get a safe-driving bonus up to 20% if you choose to add AXA FlexiDrive to your policy.
    • Check the status of your car, car battery and ignition on the FlexiDrive mobile app.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • The minimum age is 17 years and the maximum age is 75 years.

    AXA Car Insurance Premium Calculator

    • Get a quote for car insurance on AXA website.
    • Key in relevant details such as car registration number, make and model of your car, year of manufacture, sum insured, NCD and use of your car.

    The online calculator will give you an approximate quote based on your details.

    AXA Car Insurance Exclusions

    The major exclusions are:

    • Death or bodily injury of policyholder due to a motor accident.
    • Liability for claims from passengers travelling in your car.
    • Any loss or damage caused by an act of nature such as floods, landslides and storms when an additional cover is not chosen.

    How to Buy AXA Car Insurance Online

    • Get an online quote by keying in details of your car. If you are happy with your quote, then key in your personal details to complete an online application form. Make an online payment. Once JPJ approval is received, your policy would commence from the start date.

    Alternate ways to buy AXA car insurance

    • Fill an online enquiry form with your contact details. An insurance representative will contact you to help you with this process.
    • Call the customer service line to buy a car insurance policy.

    Documents Required

    Damage to your car or loss of your car parts:

    1. Copy of your driving license
    2. Copy of your vehicle registration card (front and back)
    3. Completed claim form
    4. Police report
    5. Any other documents required by AXA based on the type of loss or damage

    Damage to your car caused by a third-party vehicle

    Documents include those mentioned above and:

    1. Signed declaration form
    2. Copy of police report filed by third-party
    3. Copy of police investigation result and sketch plan
    4. Cover note of third-party or copy of JPJ search
    5. Details of the third-party

    Windscreen breakage:

    1. Completed claim form
    2. Copy of your identity card
    3. Copy of your driving license
    4. Copy of your vehicle registration card (front and back)
    5. Original invoice for tinting (new and old) or a photo showing the tint being peeled off from the damaged windscreen

    Additional documents (for repairs at non-panel workshops):

    1. Police report
    2. 4 angle photos with date and time stamp including windscreen logo taken before and after repairs
    3. Any other documents required by AXA based on the severity of the damage

    Theft of your car:

    1. Original insurance certificate
    2. Identity card and driving license of the insured person
    3. Identity card and driving license of the driver (applicable to anyone other than the insured person)
    4. Copy of the vehicle registration card (front and back)
    5. Police report
    6. Hire purchase agreement
    7. Approved permit for imported cars
    8. Any other documents required by AXA

    How to Claim AXA Car Insurance

    • Download MyAXA claims app on your phone, and file a claim through the app.
    • Contact your insurance agent to file a claim. Submit all required documents to your agent.
    • Call the claims line for assistance to notify a claim.

    How to Renew AXA Car Insurance

    1. Renew your car insurance online. Click on renew policy button on AXA motor insurance website. Key in your vehicle number, user id and password to log in. Verify the details and make an online payment to renew your insurance.
    2. Call the customer service line for assistance to renew your policy.
    3. Contact your insurance agent to renew your policy.

    Contact Number

    • Customer Service:+603 2170 8282
    • Claims Hotline:+603 2170 8282 (Press 2)


    Q. Are there any fees and charges to buy an insurance policy?

    A. Yes. The fees and charges associated with car insurance policies are:

    • Stamp Duty – RM10
    • Goods and Service Tax – 6%
    • Insurance Agent Commission Fees – 10% if applicable

    Q. What factors determine the premium of an insurance policy?

    A. The factors that affect your premium are the sum insured, NCD entitlement, engine cc of your car, underwriting requirements and any optional benefits.

    Q. Do I need to pay extra if I opt for additional benefits?

    A. Yes. You need to pay an additional premium to attach any optional benefits to your policy.

    Q. Can I be covered before I pay the full premium?

    A. No. This is a cash before cover insurance policy. The cover will start only after you have paid the full premium.

    Q. Can I cancel my car insurance before the renewal date?

    A. Yes. You can cancel your policy mid-term by submitting a written cancellation notice and the original insurance certificate to AXA.

    Q. Will I get any refund if I cancel my policy mid-term?

    A. Any refund would be based on terms and conditions mentioned in the policy contract. If you are entitled to any refund, you would be informed of it when you cancel your policy.

    Q. What is the duration of a car insurance policy?

    A. The duration of a policy is one year. You have to renew your car insurance every year.

    Q. How long will the claim process take?

    A. It depends on the type of claim you make. Any claim related to own car damage, loss of parts or windscreen damage make take 4 to 6 working days. Any claim related to the theft of your car make take around 2 months.

    This guide explains the car insurance cover offered by AXA. Read through all the information and terms before purchasing a policy. Insure your car based on the market value. Contact AXA for any queries or assistance related to your car insurance.

    News About AXA Affin Car Insurance in Malaysia

    • AXA SmartDrive to Secure the Lives of e-Hailing Drivers and Passengers

      AXA Affin General Insurance has come up with a new motor insurance rider dedicated for e-hailing drivers—the AXA SmartDrive. The rider can be a significant add-on to an existing motor insurance policy. It provides 24-hour protection to the driver irrespective of the vehicle being used for e-hailing or for personal use.

      The root cause for bringing out the rider is that Malaysia has recorded one of the highest accident and fatality rates with 521,466 accidents in 2016. It has seen an increase of 2.4% accounting to 533,875 accidents in 2018. This, in turn, causes e-hailing drivers to be vulnerable to injuries and claims from the passengers.

      Considering the stated facts, the rider provides coverage for the loss/damage caused to the vehicle, third-party liability, passenger liability, and personal accident coverage for the driver. The driver can get a compensation of up to RM10,000 in the case of an accident.

      The Chief Executive Officer of AXA Affin General Insurance, Emmanuel Nivet said that the company has handled its role in raising awareness and providing the required coverage for both drivers and passengers. He also said that the AXA Affin has been working towards making Malaysia a safer place to live in.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      25 September 2018

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