AXA Insurance

AXA Affin Insurance is a joint venture between AXA Group and Affin Holdings. The company offers a range of insurance policies, including medical insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, and motor insurance. Take a look at the policies and packages available.

Types of Insurance available in AXA Insurance

  • Medical and Health Insurance

    • SmartCare Optimum: This policy offers cashless admission to panel hospitals and discounts on medical bills. Coverage is available for up to 100 years of age. You have the option to choose from 4 different plans, as per your requirements.
    • AXA eMedic: When you choose this plan, you only pay a lower premium which can be as low as RM37. Moreover, you also get cashless admission at panel hospitals and the policy comes with no lifetime limit.
    • HOPE Medic plan series – medical insurance: With this policy, you get a medical cover of up to RM3.5 million every year. You will be entitled to medical care up to the age of 100 years. Additionally, you get discounts on insurance charges, cashless hospital admission, and many other privileges.
    • SmartCare Optimum Plus: With this policy, you get high medical coverage of up to RM2.1 million, post-hospitalisation care and physiotherapy, and full reimbursement for outpatient kidney dialysis and cancer treatment. Coverage is available up to 100 years of age.
    • AXA 200 CancerCare: This policy comes in three plans - Starter Plan, Advanced Plan, and Full Coverage Plan. The premium is fixed for 20 years and you get up to 200% sum insured amount. Choose the plan that suits your requirements the best.
    • 360 CancerCare: With 360 CancerCare, you get 360% of the sum insured amount for a range of benefits, including therapy care benefit, and alternative treatment benefit. You also get round-the-clock concierge services, which you can use for consultation reference and transportation assistance.
    • 110 Critical Illness (CI) Care: This policy offers coverage of up to 110 critical illnesses and 100% payout for cancer-related illnesses. Additional coverage will be given for diabetic complications, angioplasty, and other treatments.
    • SmartCancer Cash: SmartCancer Cash offers a lump sum amount if the policyholder is diagnosed with cancer. While 200% cash payout is given to gender-specific cancer, 30% payout is given for early stage cancer.
    • InternationalExclusive: If you are seeking medical treatment for pre-existing or chronic illnesses abroad, this policy is ideal for you. You get up to RM9 million coverage up to the age of 80 years.
  • Travel and Personal Accident Insurance

    • SmartTraveller: This policy takes care of your hospital and medical expenses incurred overseas due to an accident or an illness. Coverage of up to RM300,000 will be given. It also covers travel inconveniences, including luggage delays, luggage loss, and travel delays.
    • SmartPA: Get double the sum insured for accidental death or permanent disability while travelling overseas, in a public transport, or due to theft. Get cashless admission to panel hospitals and daily cash allowance for hospitalisation due to accidents.
    • Smart Care VIP: SmartCare VIP offers high cash payout starting from RM1 million. You also get coverage for bonesetter services and other alternative treatments.
  • Savings and Investment Insurance

    • PaySaver+: If you are looking for a savings plan that gives you guaranteed cash payout, and protection for death and total and permanent disability, you can opt for PaySaver+. You can either opt for 15 or 20 years premium payment terms as per your requirements. Get a lump sum benefit at maturity.
    • Wealth Invest: Choose this plan if you are looking for flexible investment options. With this policy, you will be able to build contingency funds. You get covered in the event of death or total and permanent disability.
    • AXASaver: When you choose this policy, you can commit for four years and enjoy continuous savings for 16, 20, 25, or 30 years. This policy covers death and total and permanent disability. You will get lump sum benefit at maturity.
    • AXA MillionA Plan and AXA MillionA+: This plan offers guaranteed yearly income of up to 20% p.a. regardless of death or total and permanent disability. You can either choose to pay premiums for 8 or 10 years. Additionally, you get accidental death benefits and high insurance protection.
    • Wealth Edu: If you are looking for a policy to cater to your child's future education, this one is ideal for you. You get an additional 2% education bonus, education concierge services, and flexible investment options.
  • Motor Insurance

    • FlexiDrive: Enjoy 20% savings when you renew your motor insurance when you opt for this policy. If your car was in an accident, automatic accident alert will be triggered. You will receive 24/7 security for your vehicle and police assistance in case of theft.
    • SmartDrive Enhanced Private Car: If you need a plan which allows you to pay a premium as per your risk profile, you can opt for SmartDrive Enhanced Private Car. You have add-on coverage for floods, landslides, etc. What's more, you also get repair warranty and round-the-clock road assistance
    • Driver & Passengers Protection: This policy offers accident and medical reimbursements to the policyholder, passengers, and the authorised driver in case of a road accident. You get 24/7 emergency towing, ATM withdrawal protection, and an array of other benefits.
    • Motor for Her: Motor for Her is a policy made specifically for women. You get a free car ride home (up to 50 kms) in case of a breakdown or an accident. Additionally, you get car delivery after repair and car window snatch theft cover.
    • SmartDrive - Sharing: This is an add-on plan that provides round-the-clock protection for e-hailing services and private usage. You have the option to extend your coverage, get repair warranty, and get emergency road assistance with this plan.
  • Home Insurance

    • SmartHome Optimum (Enhanced): Looking for a plan to safeguard your home and household contents. You can opt for SmartHome Optimum (Enhanced) plan. It covers accidental damage to home content, gives protection against tank or pipe bursts, and protects your personal belonging not just locally, but worldwide.
  • Life Protection Insurance

    • AXA Create: This policy offers life coverage up to 100 years of age and total and permanent disability coverage up to 70 years of age. There are various plans available with sum insured starting from RM500,000. You can choose the one that suits your needs.
    • Wealth Protector: This plan offers protection in the event of death and total and permanent disability. You can enjoy waiver of insurance charges for the first year. You also make use of the policy's flexible investment options to gain more.
    • eLife Protector: This policy offers a lump sum amount to your family if the unexpected happens to you. Apart from death benefit, you also get accident death benefit and a yearly coverage. You have the option to choose the payment amount, which can go up to RM500,000.
    • Life 80: When you opt for the Life 80 policy, your family gets death and bereavement benefits if the unfortunate happens to you. The policy also offers the option to build contingency funds. You can make use of the range of supplementary benefits as per your requirements
    • AXA SME Life: Are you looking for a policy to protect your employees? This policy might be the one you're looking for. AXA SME Life offers high quality protection to your employees. There is no medical underwriting required and the coverage of the policy is 1 year. The policy can be tailored to suit different needs.
    • Hospital & Life Protector: This policy gives you daily cash benefit up to RM750 per day for hospitalisation. You have the choice to opt for a purchase plan with maturity benefits and get 50% return of premium when the policy matures.

Features and Benefits of Medical and Health Insurance

  • Coverage provided for critical illnesses, medical bills, and hospitalisation charges.
  • Coverage available for individuals up to 100 years of age.
  • Cashless admission at hospitals available.

Features and Benefits of Travel and Personal Accident Insurance

  • Get compensation for travel inconveniences.
  • Get coverage of up to RM1 million.
  • Get high cash payout and coverage for alternative treatments.

Features and Benefits of Savings and Investment Insurance

  • Get guaranteed cash payments with various savings policies.
  • Coverage is provided against death and total and permanent disability.
  • Choose a policy as per your needs. There are policies for securing your child’s education as well as for savings and investment purposes.

Features and Benefits of Motor Insurance

  • Get coverage if your car was in an accident.
  • Get accident and medical reimbursements.
  • Get 24/7 protection for e-hailing services and private usage.

Features and Benefits of Home Insurance

  • Get coverage for accidental damage to household contents.
  • Get protection against water tank and pipe bursts.
  • Get 24/7 protection of your personal belongings across the world.

Features and Benefits of Life Protection Insurance

  • Coverage for individuals up to the age of 100 years.
  • Coverage against death and total and permanent disability.
  • Death benefits and accidental death benefits available.

Contact Information

Customer Service
Claims Hotline
Life Insurance Hotline
24/7 Hospitalisation Hotline
  • 1300-80-0020
  • 03-78841818
Guarantee Letter for Hospitalization Phone Number:
  • 1300-88-9979 (MiCare)
  • (+603) 7628 3730 (Asia Assistance)
Motor Roadside Assistance
  • Phone Number: 1800-88-1033
Travel Assistance

Whether you are looking for a policy that will secure your child’s future or one specific to saving and investment you will find a variety of options when you choose AXA Affin Insurance. Before applying for a policy, it is recommended to go through the policy’s product disclosure sheet, as you will be getting a detailed idea of the type of package and how it is going to benefit you.


Q. How do I pay my insurance premium?

A. The following are the modes of paying your insurance premium:

  • Credit card payment authorisation.
  • Electronic payment (Via internet).
  • JomPAY.
  • Over-the-counter at the following banks.
    • Maybank.
    • BSN.
  • Bank auto debit arrangement.
  • Branch office counter.
  • Mail.

Q. How do I make a claim?

A. You can make a claim by visiting the official website of AXA Affin Insurance. Under claims, select the nature of claim and the sub-category. Once you fill in the required fields, follow the steps given on the screen. You can download the relevant form, check the documents you need to submit and submit your claim easily.

Q. What are the documents I'll have to submit when I make a vehicle theft claim?

A. You will have to submit the following documents to make a claim in case of a vehicle theft:

  • Original certificate of insurance.
  • 1 copy of your identity card and driving license (for insured persons).
  • 1 copy of driver's identity card and driving license (for all persons who are not insured).
  • 1 copy of updated registration card (both front and back sides).
  • Police report.
  • 1 copy of hire purchase agreement.
  • 1 copy of approved permit (for imported vehicles only).

You could be asked additional documents in case of severe vehicle damage

Q. Where can I find the nomination form?

A. You will find the nomination form on AXA Affin Insurance’s official website. Simply follow the below steps for the form:

  • Visit AXA Affin Insurance's official website.
  • Go to 'Contact us'.
  • Under the drop-down 'AXA Affin Life Documents Download', click on 'nomination form. The form is titled Notification for Appointment Nominees & Trustees.

Q. I have applied for the InternationalExclusive policy as I need to undergo treatment overseas. Where can I find the list of panel hospitals?

A. The list of panel hospitals can be found on the website. Follow the below steps to view the list:

  • Visit AXA Affin Insurance's official website.
  • Under 'Discover our needs', click on the last option 'International Health Plan'.
  • At the bottom of the page, you will find a PDF with the list of panel hospitals.

Latest News About AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad

  • AXA Affin Partners with Liverpool; Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

    AXA Affin Insurance announced that it is going to work as the global insurance partner of Liverpool, an English Premier League football club. AXA is set to stand by the brand purpose of empowering people to live a better life and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

    The partnership is said to be a long-term affair and both the parties are looking forward for a shared success.

    BBazaar Malaysia

    05 October 2018

  • Insurers are targeting emerging affluent consumers

    According to Rohit Chandrasekharan Nambiar, the CEO of AXA Affin Life Insurance Bhd, financial service providers are targeting the emerging affluent consumers. Emerging affluent are individuals who are earning enough money to save for their future and who are looking to invest in lucrative products.

    The number of emerging affluent consumers stand approximately at 10 million currently. Rohit, who became the CEO in December is looking to focus on these consumers to sell their insurance policies. He hopes that this could make AXA Affin Life get its due in spite of the competition in the market. By getting consumers from this sectors AXA Affin's business can also increase to 1.3% market share.

    Currently, there are 14 life insurers and 23 general insurers in Malaysia. Foreign insurers are currently leading the life insurance segment with a whopping 81.7% of market share while the local insurers only have a market share of 18.3%.

    As per a CIMB Research report, AXA Affin Life has three dominating products, AIA Bhd, Great Eastern Life Assurance (M) Bhd and Prudential Assurance Malaysia Bhd. These products have a market share of 66.7% as far as gross earned premiums are concerned.

    BBazaar Malaysia

    13 August 2018

  • Fundaztic Formed to Help SMEs

    In an effort to address the issues faced by SMEs due to the dearth of business protection and capital constraints, AXA Affin General Insurance (AAGI) joined hands with Peoplender, the Malaysian lending firm to form Fundaztic. This is a peer-to-peer financing platform especially designed to cater to the needs of the SMEs.

    Together, the tie-up will ensure business continuity – while AAGI offers affordable, and flexible trade specific insurance coverage, Fundaztic takes care of the business funding requirements by linking them to mass retail investors.

    Bank Negara Malaysia earlier said that SMEs are critical for Malaysia’s economy as they contribute immensely to the gross domestic product besides providing job opportunities to many workers.

    As a company, AXA’s endeavour is to empower the SMEs so that they can conduct their businesses peacefully. They have gained enough insights in this sector to identify their needs, objectives, and challenges.

    BBazaar Malaysia

    28 March 2018

  • AXA Affin General Insurance to provide e-hailing drivers with protection

    AXA Affin General Insurance Bhd (AAGI) is now providing protection to drivers who carry e-hailing (fare-paying) passengers. The package offering protection is named “AXA SmartDrive – Sharing.”

    This packages will cover drivers of e-hailing services as well as those of private vehicles. The scheme covers loss and damage to the vehicle as well as a personal protection against accidents worth RM10,000 to the driver.

    The package will also cover roadside assistance, 24x7 hotline service, 6-month repair warranty, and towing services. The drivers can get fast claims, i.e. within 5 days of submitting the required documents.

    The company said that with more than 180,000 drivers operating across the nation, the e-hailing protection will serve its purpose as private motor insurance doesn’t provide e-hailing services. AAGI Chief Executive Officer, Emmanuel Nivet said that the plan is dedicated to provide the e-hailing drivers with a peace of mind.

    BBazaar Malaysia

    7 March 2018

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