• AXA Travel Insurance

    AXA Travel Insurance  brings to you Overseas Travel Protection or SmartTraveller - a travel insurance plan that protects you while travelling overseas. From delayed flights and baggage loss to accidents and illnesses during your trip, the plan has you covered ensuring a worry-free trip.

    List of AXA Travel Insurance Coverage Plans

    Here is a list of the coverage plans:

    • Single Trip Plan: This plan covers single trips ranging from 5 to 190 days. The policy allows you to choose between VIP and Classic Plans.
    • Annual Trip Plan: This plan is for the frequent flyers and covers unlimited number of trips made in a year. The policy allows you to choose between Individual (Platinum and Gold) and Family plans.

    Benefits of AXA Travel Insurance

    The following are the features and benefits of this insurance:

    • Compensation for damage or loss of baggage, personal items (up to RM500 per item), and flight/travel delays.
    • Pays up to RM300,000 for your medical and hospital expenses caused due to accidents or illness during your overseas travel.
    • Buy this policy 14 days before your trip and get compensation for travel and accommodation expenses incurred due to trip cancellation.
    • Get your claim within 5 days.
    • You can choose to get protection for a single trip or save more with the annual trip plan.
    • Buy the plan online and get covered instantly.

    Eligibility Criteria

    You are eligible to apply for this policy if:

    • You are between 18 and 80 years of age.
    • You are a Malaysian, permanent resident, employment pass/work permit holder or a dependent of a passholder.

    AXA Travel Insurance for Foreigners

    As long as you are a permanent resident of Malaysia or a work permit holder or your dependents are in Malaysia, you can get this policy.

    There is just one condition though - your departures must be from Malaysia and you must return to Malaysia after your trip gets over.

    AXA Travel Insurance Calculator

    To get a quote, visit the insurer’s website and fill up relevant details, including whether you are a looking for a single trip or an annual trip plan, destination, and number of individuals travelling.

    AXA Travel Insurance Exclusions

    This travel insurance does not cover the following:

    • Pre-existing medical conditions
    • Any travel done against medical advice
    • Pregnancy-related treatment
    • War and radiation
    • HIV
    • AIDS
    • Suicide
    • Any member of the aircraft crew
    • Alcoholic or a mentally unstable person

    How Do You Buy AXA Travel Insurance?

    You can buy this policy online. Go to the official website of AXA and enter all the necessary details along with supporting documents to purchase the policy.

    Documents Required

    The following documents are required for:

    Death Claim

    • Death Claim Form
    • Medical Reports
    • Copy of Death Certificate
    • Burial Permit Copy
    • Police Report/newspaper cutting (in case of accident)
    • Proof of relationship (birth certificate or marriage certificate)
    • Original policy contract
    • NRIC nominee copy

    Individual - Travel Related

    Medical Expenses

    • Proof of Travel like the boarding pass
    • Medical Report from the attending doctor overseas
    • Original medical invoices and receipts
    • Admission/Discharge Report
    • Regular doctor's report on medical history if applicable

    Flight Related (delay, overbooked or re-route)

    • Proof of Travel
    • Written confirmation from the airline about the incident
    • Receipts for payment of the planned tour cancelled due to delay (this is only applicable for travel delay)

    For Baggage Delay

    • Proof of Travel
    • A written confirmation from airline on the date and time of baggage delivery

    Loss/damage to baggage

    • Proof of Travel
    • Photographs showing the extent of damage
    • Damage Report from airline or other related parties
    • Documentation of carrier's settlement
    • Police Report that is lodged at place of incident within 24 hours detailing the list of items stolen
    • Purchase Receipts for all items claimed. If they are unavailable, provide description of the items along with the date, price and place of purchase

    Trip Cancellation

    • Proof of Travel
    • Medical Report
    • Death Certificate
    • Proof of Relationship
    • Original Receipts of trip payments
    • Tour operator's booking and cancellation receipts or refund invoices

    Trip curtailment

    • Proof of Travel
    • Medical Report
    • Written confirmation from the attending doctor stating the reason for trip or written confirmation from tour operator
    • Proof of Relationship
    • Boarding pass confirming date of return to Malaysia
    • Original Receipts for payment of the tour or prepaid cost of transport cost and accommodation
    • Tour operator's booking and cancellation/refund invoices

    Injury/Permanent Disability

    • Medical Bills (original)
    • Medical Reports
    • Police Report/Accident Report

    How to Claim AXA Travel Insurance

    You have to give a written notice to AXA mentioning that you want to cancel the policy. You are not entitled to get any refund once the policy is delivered.

    Renew AXA Travel Insurance

    In order to renew your policy, you can just log on to the website and purchase a new plan.

    Contact Number

    • You can call the 24-hour AXA Travel Assistance Hotline Number at (603) 2142 0399 if you need any medical and emergency help.
    • You can also call at (603) 2170 8282 for general queries.
    • You can Fax at (603) 2031 7282.
    • For claims, you can call at the Claims Hotline Number at (+603) 2170 8282 (Press 2 for Claims).


    Q. What is a 'One Way' trip cover?

    A. 'One Way' trip cover is applicable to those who are emigrating or to students who are travelling overseas to pursue their education. For this cover, the arrival at the destination should be completed within 31 days.

    Q. How much compensation will I get for my travel related inconveniences?

    A. AXA Travel Insurance compensates you for any loss/damage to your baggage. For the loss/damage of each personal items, you will get a compensation of up to RM500.

    Q. Who is covered under the Family Plan?

    A. The Family Plan covers you, your spouse and you children between (aged 1 month to 18 years) or up to 23 years, if he/she is pursuing full-time education from a recognised institution.

    Q. What should I do if I want to cancel my policy?

    A. If you want to cancel your policy, you will have to give a written notification to AXA. However, please be informed that you will not get any refund of your premium amount once the policy is issued.

    Q. What is the sum assured in case of accidental death under the Family Plan?

    A. RM500,000 is the sum assured under this plan.

    Q. When can I buy my travel insurance?

    A. You can buy your insurance on the day of your departure (before the departure time) from Malaysia. Once you depart from the country, you cannot buy the policy. It is best to opt for the policy 2 weeks prior to your trip. This way, you will also get  the trip cancellation benefit, if the situation so demands.

    Q. Will this policy allow me to buy a working holiday plan?

    A. No. The policy covers only leisure or business trips. .

    Q. Does this policy cover alternative medicine treatment?

    A.  Yes. You can get reimbursement for alternative treatment including physiotherapy, traditional chinese medicine, osteopath, and chiropractor.

    If you are a frequent traveller, annual trip plan would work best for you. Or else, go for single trip plan. Though you get to enjoy unlimited number of trips under the annual plan, as per AXA’s terms and conditions, your maximum period of cover is 95 days per trip.

    Read the terms and conditions of each plan and purchase the one that suits your lifestyle!

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