• AXA Travel Insurance

    AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad is a joint venture between Affin Holdings Berhad, has an experience over 130 years in Malaysia,with expertise in personal, business and health insurances. The product range for insurance includes Motor, Household, Health, Accidental and Travel Insurance for individuals and comprehensive plans specially catering to SME businesses.

    AXA travel insurance, also known as Smart Traveler caters to travelers who require travel insurance with instant activation, comprehensive coverage and 24-hour emergency assistance anywhere,globally. There are various policies under VIP and Classic Plans or the Family Plan which enables customers to save more when traveling with family. Premiums are nominal and can be be paid online when activated.

    AXA Travel Insurance Features & Benefits

    AXA travel insurance has several features and benefits catering to financial travel requirements when needed. Here are some of the key features of travel insurance from AXA in Malaysia.

    1. Personal Accident: This covers individuals or families for accidental death, Permanent Total Disablement, Loss of one limb or loss of sight of one with a maximum cover of 900,000 for a family.
    2. Medical & Other Expenses: This can be reimbursed against medical expense including dental expenses in the case of emergencies such as sickness or accident. also, pays for costs incurred for a an individual’s loved one to stay back with the individual. Reimbursements can be also made for using alternative medicine such as Chinese medicine, osteopath, physiotherapy and chiropractic medicine. Childcare’s expenses for an adult being present, is also taken care of. Medications within 90 days from coming back to Malaysia is also reimbursed through the plan.
    3. Hospital Allowance: This is reimbursable for hospital costs over medical charges, with maximum coverage of up to RM 350 per day.
    4. Child Education Fund: This is a recent feature which helps to finance costs for a child in case an individual is met with accidental death.
    5. Quarantined Cover As A Result of Pandemic Influenza: Under this circumstance, quarantined individuals if insured are paid RM 200 per day.
    6. Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation: This includes costs for the evacuation and repatriation and repatriation of mortal remains.
    7. Baggage and Personal Effects: In the case of loss or damage of any one article, this sum is reimbursed to up to RM 500.
    8. Personal Money and Documents: Finances travel and accommodation expenses including cost of obtaining replacement passports, travel tickets and other relevant travel documents. Loss of money due to theft is covered up to RM 800
    9. Baggage Delay: Checked-in baggage gets delayed, individual is financed with RM 200 for each consecutive hours he or she has arrived at their destination abroad.
    10. Travel Delay: Pays RM200 for first 6 hours delay and RM300 for every 6 consecutive hours thereafter. Special reimbursement in case of cancellation due to delay.
    11. Loss of Deposit or Cancellation: Pays for irrecoverable travel and accommodation expenses that have been paid in advance.
    12. Travel Curtailment:Proportional return of irrecoverable prepaid costs incurred, if it is necessary and unavoidable to curtail the insured trip.
    13. Travel Overbooked: Pays RM 600 for every consecutive hours spent due to overbooked common carrier and no alternative transportation is made available to you.
    14. Travel Misconnection: This is paid when individual misses connection and no alternative transportation is made available to individual or family within 4 hours
    15. Hijacking Inconvenience: This helps reimburse for each full 24 consecutive hours of hijack at RM 1000 a day.
    16. Missed Departure: Additional accommodation and travel expenses necessarily and reasonably incurred in returning to Malaysia, as a result of mechanical breakdown of public transport services, to get you to the departure port, airport or train station, as stated in your ticket are taken care of with this feature.
    17. Travel Rerouting: This reimbursement can be taken if the arrival of the scheduled public conveyance is delayed for at least 6 hours due to rerouting.
    18. Loss of Credit Card: This allows you reimbursement in the case of loss of card and all the expenses paid with the credit card fraudulently.

    How To Apply For a AXA Travel Insurance Online

    You can download the brochure and read through the details of the the various insurance plans and premiums payable for the same. The application and activation can be done on the portal itself.

    AXA Travel Insurance FAQs

    1.What is the eligibility criteria for application?

    A. All Malaysians, Permanent Residents, Employment Pass/Work Permit Holders and Dependent(s) of Pass Holders.

    2. Who can be covered under the Family Plan?

    A. The Family Plan includes you, your spouse and all your accompanying children between the age of 30 days and 18 years old (both ages inclusive) or up to 23 years old, if he/she is studying full-time in a recognised institution of higher learning.

    3. Is there any age limit?

    A. Yes. The policyholder must be between 18 and 79 years old (both ages inclusive) to be eligible for enrollment.

    4. Is there a maximum period of cover?

    A. The maximum period of coverage for all plans is 190 days.

    5. Are individuals allowed to take up a 'One Way' trip cover?

    A. It is only applicable to those who are emigrating or students going overseas for education on the condition that the arrival at final destination must be completed within 31 days which includes stopovers.

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