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    Etiqa insurance is a sub-division of Maybank, which is one of the most recognized banks of Malaysia. In the year 2005, Maybank Life Assurance and Maybank Takaful merged with Malaysia National Insurance Berhad, Malaysia's largest insurance provider and Maybank Ageas insurance was formed. Later in the year 2007, the merger with Malaysia National insurance and Takaful National led to the formation of the brand Etiqa Insurance.

    Currently,Etiqa Insurance is one of the most prominent insurance providers in Malaysia and providers its customers with various types of insurance schemes categorised into personal insurance and general insurance. Etiqa offers both standard insurance as well as takaful which is insurance as per Islamic banking laws.

    Etiqa ia backed by Maybank which is a highly acclaimed bank in Malaysia and has a strong banking network with a huge customer base and capital assets. Etiqa insurance, since its conception, has won several awards and accolades that further lend credibility to the popularity and performance of the insurance company.

    Etiqa Car Insurance Coverage, Features and Benefits

    Etiqa car insurance schemes offer several distinguished features and benefits to its customers. Some of these advantages and features are listed below.

    1. Turn-around time for claim settlement is extremely quick so that you are back to your everyday life as soon as possible
    2. 24-hour emergency towing facility is offered to customers
    3. Comprehensive insurance coverage which includes -
      • Loss or damage to vehicle in case of accidents, objects falling on the vehicle, damage caused due to unfortunate events such as fire, explosion or lightning
      • Loss or damage to vehicle due to burglary, break-in or theft
      • Loss or damage in case the vehicle is in-transit by roadways or waterways (including loading and unloading)
    4. Offers liability to third parties in case the following occur to them via your vehicle:
      • Death or injury
      • Damage to third party's property caused by your car
      • Any legal costs incurred by you with a limit of RM2,000
    5. Windscreen cover – Offers protection against breakage of glass in your car's windscreen or window
    6. Car Accessories cover – Protection against loss or damage of car accessories like radio, air conditioner etc.
    7. Additional drivers cover – In case you name an additional driver, insurance cover will be extended to include him too under the policy
    8. Special Perils cover is offered which protects your vehicle in times of natural calamities like floods, hurricanes and typhoon
    9. Public Disorder cover can be availed which protects your vehicle in case of damage or loss due to public protests resulting in riots, strikes etc.
    10. Legal Liability of passengers offers protection against any legal liability acts of negligence against your passengers
    11. Legal Liability to passengers offers protection against any legal liability acts of negligence against you by your passengers
    12. Motor Break-down assistance is provided to customers along with all car insurance policies offered by Etiqa Insurance. This includes 24 hours emergency towing and minor repairs, Alternative travel assistance, arrangement for hotel-stays, referral to vehicle service centres, emergency messaging service to contact your loved ones in an emergency

    Events not covered under Etiqa car insurance policy (Loss or Damage Section)

    Following are some of the events that are not covered under the car insurance policy by Etiqa Insurance.

    • Consequential losses incurred as part of damage or loss of car
    • Depreciation in value of car due to wear and tear
    • Damage to the car tyre alone is not covered unless it happens due to an accident and your car too is damaged
    • The amount of excess insurance showing in your car insurance policy

    Events not covered under Etiqa car insurance policy (Liability to third party)

    Some of the points that are not covered for liability to third party are mentioned below.

    • Death or injury to any person being carried for hire or reward
    • Damage to any property of third party
    • Liability to any member of your family
    • Any claim or legal action taken against you in any other foreign court outside Malaysia

    Etiqa Car Insurance Schemes

    Etiqa has one standard Comprehensive Private Car Insurance scheme which is available in both standard and Islamic banking variants. Several top-up benefits are offered to customers which can be availed to make this insurance policy more comprehensive and customized.


    How to make a car insurance claim under Etiqa Car Insurance scheme

    Following are the two ways in which customers can connect with Etiqa Insurance to make a car insurance claim.

    1. Connect with Etiqa Insurance by calling the 24X7 Etiqa Online Center at 1300 13 8888 (For Malaysians) and for Singapore : +65 6336 0477 Brunei : +673 244 3393 Labuan : +60 87 417 672
    2. Walk-in to any of the Etiqa Insurance branches in order to make an insurance claim. Use the online website of the insurance provider to locate your nearest Etiqa Insurance branch.

    Common circumstances unacceptable for a car insurance claim

    Following are some of the instances in which car insurance claim will not be accepted by Etiqa Insurance.

    • Damage or loss caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • Damage or loss caused by unlawful use of vehicle or in case of use of vehicle by an unauthorized driver
    • Authorized driver does not possess a valid driving license
    • Damage or loss due to public upheavals like strikes and riots (unless extended insurance is availed)
    • Damage or loss due to floods, storms etc. (unless extended insurance is availed)
    • Damage or loss caused during use in motorsports or competitions
    • Damage or loss which occurs outside Malaysia

    Etiqa Car Insurance FAQs

    How do I avail the Etiqa Car Insurance policy?

    In order to avail car insurance from Etiqa, visit any of the Etiqa Insurance plan or call up the customer center number

    What if my car meets with an accident in a deserted place, am I eligible for services there?

    Yes. Accommodation services, emergency calling services and minor repair services are provided to customers. Along with this you are also eligible for towing services for the damaged vehicle.

    Is legal expenditure covered under the car insurance policy from Etiqa Insurance?

    Yes. Legal expenditure up to RM2,000 is covered under the car insurance policies from Etiqa Insurance and is valid only for legal cases under the Malaysian jurisdiction.

    Can I avail additional benefits with my car insurance policy from Etiqa?

    Yes. Additional benefits can be availed via extended insurance cover.

    Are liability to third parties covered under the Etiqa car insurance?

    Yes. Liability to third parties is covered up to limits specified by the insurance company.

    Am I eligible for protection against legal actions outside Malaysia?

    No. Protection benefits are valid only inside Malaysia and legal protection too applies only to legal actions initiated in Malaysia.

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