• Etiqa Insurance

    Etiqa Malaysia offers a host of insurance policies and takaful products. It provides services under a number of insurance categories, such as travel, education, personal accident, family, and car. Here are some of the schemes offered by the insurance provider.

    Types of Insurance Offered by Etiqa

    Etiqa Car Insurance

    The policy primarily covers car accidents and breakdown, and fixes the damages caused to your vehicle in the case of fire, theft, or accident. It also takes care of third-party bodily injury/death and/or third-party property damage/loss.

    Etiqa Education Insurance

    Aspire Education Plan: Plan your children’s education and insurance needs with the Aspire Education Plan. The plan pays the basic sum assured and bonus amount in the event of your death or total and permanent disability (TPD).

    Intelek: The policy makes your children’s education affordable and provides takaful benefits. It follows the Shariah principles and is an investment-linked policy. You can withdraw up to 80% of the balance from your investment account.

    Etiqa Health Insurance

    Elite Medical Plus: Elite Medical Plus is a hospitalisation and surgical insurance rider that provides unlimited lifetime coverage. You can choose from the 5 plans available based on your requirement and preference.

    Elite Takaful Medical Plus: This is a takaful product and follows the Shariah principles. The rider provides unlimited lifetime cover with each of the 5 different plans.

    Medical Plus: The rider provides cashless admission to the hospital when you purchase a Medical Plus policy. You can get an annual limit of up to RM1.5 million.

    Takaful Medical Plus: It is a takaful scheme equivalent of Medical Plus rider. The rider provides a cashless admission to the hospital.

    Etiqa Home Insurance

    Houseowner and Householder Insurance/Houseowner and Householder Takaful: The policy helps you deal with the cost of rebuilding your house in the case of damage or theft. It covers both your house and its contents.

    Etiqa Personal Accident Insurance

    Buddy PA/Takaful Buddy PA: The policy takes care of you and your family in the case of an accident. It comes with 4 different plans—Buddy PA Weekend Warrior, Buddy PA Crime Shield, Buddy PA Eve Protect, and Buddy PA Lifeline. The takaful policy offers the following plans—Takaful Buddy PA Weekend Warrior, Takaful Buddy PA Crime Shield, Takaful Buddy PA Eve Protect, and Takaful Buddy PA Lifeline.

    Car Accident Protection Special: Get insurance coverage for the passengers who are travelling with you in addition to getting yourself covered in the case of an accident. Get medical cost reimbursement of up to RM1,500 if an accident occurs.

    Takaful Private Car Driver & Passenger: The takaful product covers you and your passengers if an accident occurs. A lump sum will be paid in the case of death and permanent disability.

    Flexi PA/Takaful Flexi PA: This is a personal accident insurance policy that provides your family with a cash allowance if you are hospitalised. The policy provides worldwide coverage round-the-clock.

    Mega PA/Mega PA Takaful: There are 4 plans available under the policy:

    • Mega PA Essential/Mega PA Takaful Essential.
    • Mega PA Crime Cover/Mega PA Takaful Crime Cover.
    • Mega PA Hospital Care/Mega PA Takaful Hospital Care.
    • Mega PA Prime Shield/Mega PA Takaful Prime Shield.

    Femina Special: This is a policy exclusive for women. Get both personal accident coverage and women-related coverage benefits in a single plan. The policy covers accidental death, total and permanent disability, compassionate cash, death due to maternity complications, and other events.

    Cash Care PA/Takaful Cash Care PA: It is a personal accident insurance rider that complements your car insurance policy. You can keep your family and yourself covered for accidents.


    Triple Lifestyle Protector: Get financial protection for a lifetime and keep your lifestyle steady without many changes even if you are ill, injured, or if the economic conditions are falling.

    Prisma +: You can get a financial cover along with savings from an investment account. A monthly contribution of RM50 can fetch you financial security when unfortunate events occur in your life.

    Triple Growth: This is a short-term plan with a payment term of 6 years. You can get higher returns since the benefits are paid up to a period of 20 years.

    Harmoni: This is an investment-linked policy where you can get savings and takaful coverage. You can make a partial withdrawal from the investment account and boost your coverage by attaching riders to the policy.

    Mabrur: It is a takaful product that provides death and total and permanent disability benefits. In addition, the policy comes with a Tabung Haji Account and assists you to make Hajj registration. At the end of the 3rd policy year, you will receive a payout of 123% of the basic sum assured to your Tabung Haji Account to help you for Umrah.

    Karisma: Karisma is a takaful product that provides maturity benefits and pays a lump sum in the case of an unfortunate event, such as death and permanent disability. At the end of every 2 policy years, a fixed cash payout up to 10% of the basic sum assured.

    Etiqa Travel Insurance

    TripCare 360/TripCare 360 Takaful: This travel insurance provides you with a Guarantee Letter. You can use the letter to get cashless admission in a hospital.

    Travel Ezy/i-Travel Ezy: The policy covers the inconveniences caused due to domestic flight delays.

    Etiqa Life and Family Insurance

    Ezy-Secure/i-Secure: Ezy-Secure is a term life insurance plan that provides coverage in the case of death and permanent disability. The purchase process is made easy and convenient as you can get the policy online. i-Secure is the takaful equivalent of Ezy-Secure policy and provides similar benefits.

    i-DoubleSecure: The takaful product works on the lines of Tabarru’ and Wakalah concepts of the Shariah principles. You can get a payout in the case of death, accidental death, TPD, and accidental TPD until a specified age.

    Etiqa Life Secure: The policy keeps your business running even when you lose a key person in the business. The policy pays a benefit amount if the key person is sick, dead, or disabled due to an accident.

    Ezy-Life Secure: It is a term life insurance policy that provides death and disability benefits. Pay fixed regular premiums throughout the premium payment tenure.

    Enrich Life Plan: The life insurance policy allows you to add multiple versatile riders so you can get a comprehensive coverage for almost every risk you can imagine.

    Prisma: The policy pays out the basic sum assured and the accumulated surplus on the death and TPD of the insured person.

    Etiqa Investment-linked Insurance

    Mahabbah Takafulink: This is an investment-linked takaful plan where Hibah is given to your family in the case of your death. Choose from the flexible payment tenure—5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, or until you are 100 years old.

    Hadiyyah Takafulink: The takaful policy provides incremental cash payout so your family is financially secured in the case of your death. Get 10% of the basic sum as a cash payment at the end of 5th policy year as assistance to Aqiqah/Qurban ceremony. You can also get a cash benefit on completing the Quran/Qurban recital at the end of the 10th policy year.

    MegaLink: The policy provides up to 200% of the basic sum to your nominee in the case of accidental death. You can choose the payment tenure based on your convenience starting from 5 years’ term until you reach an age of 100 years.

    Maxilink: This investment-linked policy takes care of your children’s education and your retirement. It provides a guaranteed payout for death and TPD.

    Elitelink: The insurance pays out benefits in the case of death and TPD. You can increase the coverage by choosing any of the 9 available riders.

    Elite Takafulink: Get coverage for unfortunate events in addition to earning high returns from the investment account. The policy also pays the maturity bonus.

    Features and Benefits

    Car Insurance

    • Get an instant rebate of 10% in addition to the no claim discount when you renew your policy online.
    • The policy automatically covers all authorised drivers.
    • Get a reimbursement according to the agreed value when you make a claim request.

    Education Insurance

    Aspire Education Plan:

    • Receive a cash payout of 30%, 30%, and 40% of the basic sum assured during the last 3 policy years.
    • You can choose to receive the payout during the last 3 years or get an accumulated cash payment at once.
    • The age of life insured must be between 14 days and 10 years.
    • The policy owner must be aged a minimum of 19 years.
    • Receive 50% of the basic sum insured, bonus, and accumulated cash payment (if any) on maturity.


    • Receive a coverage of up to RM10,000 or more with a premium payment of RM70 per month.
    • Your child can get cash rewards upon scoring good grades in the academics.
    • Get a lump sum of accumulated value in your investment account on maturity.
    • The policy owner must be aged between 19 years and 60 years.
    • The life covered must be aged between 14 days and 15 years.

    Health Insurance

    Elite Medical Plus and Elite Takaful Medical Plus:

    • Get high annual limit ranging from RM100,000 up to RM1.5 million based on the plan you choose.
    • The Etiqa mobile application identifies the nearest panel hospital to your current location.
    • Attach the Elite Medical Plus/Elite Takaful Medical Plus rider to Elitelink/Elite Takafulink policy for additional protection.
    • The premiums you pay now will provide you with complete medical coverage on your retirement.

    Medical Plus:

    • You can attach the rider to these policies for additional coverage—Enrich Life Plan and Triple Lifestyle Protector.

    Takaful Medical Plus:

    • The available policies to which the rider can be attached are Harmoni, Karisma, Mabrur, Prisma, Prisma+, and Intelek.

    Home Insurance

    Houseowner and Householder Insurance/Houseowner and Householder Takaful:

    • Get a coverage for the damage caused due to fire, lightning, domestic explosion, theft, and natural disasters, such as windstorm, floods, hurricane, and typhoon.
    • The policy covers the loss of rent up to 10% of the total sum assured.
    • The policy can be extended to cover the damage caused due to riot, strike, and civil commotion.
    • You can also get the additional cover to reimburse the cost if the house is not occupied for more than 90 days.
    • The person covered must be aged 18 years and above to get the benefits of the policy.

    Personal Accident Insurance

    Buddy PA/Takaful Buddy PA:

    • Get up to 25% cash rebate when you buy the policy online.
    • The policy pays out up to RM300,000 on death and total and permanent disability.
    • Get cash reimbursement if there is a loss or damage caused due to a crime.
    • The policy provides cash in the case of a miscarriage or if there is a need for reconstructive surgery/dental treatment.

    Car Accident Protection Special:

    • The life insured must be of an age between 18 years and 70 years to get the benefits of the policy.
    • Get a lump sum paid to you and your passenger in the case of an accidental death or accidental permanent disability.
    • The medical costs of you and your passengers will be covered by the policy in the case of an accident.

    Takaful Private Car Driver & Passenger:

    • Get a medical coverage of up to RM1,500 for you and your passengers if there are injuries due to the accident.
    • The policy provides a lump sum for the funeral expenses of you and your passengers in the case of accidental death in the vehicle.
    • You must be aged between 18 years and 70 years to get the coverage.

    Flexi PA/Takaful Flexi PA:

    • The life insured must be aged between 18 years and 65 years.
    • No need for a medical examination to purchase the policy.
    • Receive a lump sum in the case of death and permanent disability due to an accident.
    • Choose to utilise the lump sum to pay for your hire purchase loan in the event of accidental death.

    Mega PA/Mega PA Takaful:

    • Get a coverage for medical expenses when you are injured due to an accident.
    • The policy covers the medical expenses if you have been a victim of a crime scene.

    Femina Special:

    • Get a compensation of up to RM20,000 if you are suffering from cancer.
    • Snatch theft coverage of up to RM1,000 if you lose personal belongings in the event.
    • In the case of kidnapping or abduction, you will receive a compensation of RM30,000.
    • If you give birth to twins or more, the policy pays out family prosperity bonus.
    • You must be a woman and your age must be between 18 years and 60 years to be eligible for the policy.

    Cash Care PA/Takaful Cash Care PA:

    • Enjoy free towing service at any time of a day in addition to the 24-hour breakdown assistance service.
    • Get an accident cover of up to RM150,000 for you and your passengers in the case of death and permanent disability.
    • Get a cash allowance of RM500 paid within 24 hours from the time of the accident.

    Savings Insurance

    Triple Lifestyle Protector:

    • Your age must be from 14 days to 55 years to get your life covered.
    • The policy owner must be aged above 18 years.

    Prisma +:

    • The life insured’s age must be from 19 years to 60 years.
    • The participant’s age must be a minimum of 19 years.

    Triple Growth:

    • The life insured’s age must be between 14 days and 60 years.
    • The policy owner must be a minimum of 19 years old.


    • The life covered must be in the age group of 14 days-60 years.
    • The participant must be aged a minimum of 19 years.

    Mabrur and Karisma:

    • The person covered must be of age from 14 days to 55 years.
    • The participant must be 19 years and above.

    Travel Insurance

    TripCare 360/TripCare 360 Takaful

    • Get a coverage of up to RM5,000 in the case of baggage loss/damage.
    • You don’t have to submit a claim application, the policy provides RM100 payout if you had a 2-hour flight delay.

    Travel Ezy/i-Travel Ezy

    • You don’t have to submit a claim application. The insurer pays you automatically.
    • Payment will be credited within 24 hours.
    • If your flight is delayed by 30 minutes, you will be paid RM60.

    Life and Family Insurance


    • Get an extensive coverage from 21 years up to 80 years.


    • The policy pays out up to 100% of the basic sum assured as death and TPD benefits.
    • Choose a coverage that you need—RM50,000; RM100,000; and RM200,000.
    • Your age must be between 17 years and 55 years to be eligible for the policy.

    Etiqa Life Secure:

    • The premiums you pay for the policy will get some tax relief, subject to the discretion of tax authorities of Malaysia.
    • The premiums remain fixed for the entire premium payment period.
    • Choose the tenure of the policy starting at 5 years.

    Ezy-Life Secure:

    • Choose the policy tenure based on your preference starting at 5 years.
    • Choose the premium frequency as per your convenience—monthly or yearly.

    Enrich Life Plan:

    • The Female Illness Rider protects you against female-related illnesses.
    • The Premier Critical Illness Rider covers 36 critical illnesses that are listed.


    • A contribution of RM50 per month will cover you and your family.
    • Enhance the policy coverage by adding the required riders, such as Ultra Medic Rider, Hospital Cash Benefits Rider, and more.

    Investment-linked Insurance

    Mahabbah Takafulink:

    • In the case of accidental death, you will receive an extra payment of 200% of the covered amount.
    • Get a compassionate benefit of RM5,000 for accidental death.
    • If there are no additional claims for 5 years, you can receive 5% of the coverage amount annually.
    • Get a disability care payout, i.e. 5% of the covered amount will be paid annually over 5 years.
    • A coverage of up to RM2 million is available without the need for a medical examination.

    Hadiyyah Takafulink:

    • Get a maturity payout of 2,400% of the annual contribution.
    • Approval is guaranteed for all claim applications of up to RM200,000.
    • An annual cash payout of up to 1,090% of the annual contribution is ensured starting from the end of the 3rd policy year.


    • Get a disability care payout of 5% annually for a period of 5 years.
    • An amount equivalent to 0.1% of the insured amount will be credited to your account once every 2 years, starting from the 7th policy year.
    • A coverage of up to RM2 million is provided without any medical examination.


    • The death and TPD coverage is up to RM200,000.
    • Get a guaranteed cash payout from the end of the 2nd policy year, amounting to a total of 1,000% of the annual premium.
    • Get a guaranteed maturity payout of 2,500% of the annual premium.
    • Flexible payment tenures starting from 8 years up to 30 years.


    • Top-up your investment account to receive higher returns.
    • Get a loyalty bonus of 6% of your account value or 3% of the original premium amount on 5th, 10th, and 15th policy year if you have not missed any payments.

    Elite Takafulink:

    • Get 6% of the account value or 3% of the original contribution if the insured person survives on the 5th, 10th, and 15th policy year.
    • Withdraw from the account value in the multiples of RM500. However, a minimum account balance of RM1,000 must be maintained.
    • Make additional deposits via top-ups to increase the investment returns.
    • The insured person must be in the age group of 17-65 years and the policy owner must be aged 17 years and above.

    Contact Information

    Etiqa Contact Centre 1-300-13-8888 (Domestic) Monday to Friday—9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday—8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
    +603 2780 4500 (Overseas) N/A
    General Customer Enquiry Fax—+603 2296 1799 Email—[email protected] N/A
    Customer Complaint Management Fax—+603 2785 3093 Email—[email protected] N/A
    General Claim Assist 1-300-88-1007 Email—[email protected] N/A
    Emergency and Car Breakdown Assistance 1-800-88-6491 24 hours
    Guarantee Letter Request 1-800-88-9998 24 hours


    Etiqa provides both insurance and takaful products under various categories. Based on your requirements and financial condition, you can choose the right product and even pick riders to complement your policy. Some products can be bought online and do not require a medical examination. Visit the nearest branch to know more about the insurance/takaful product of your interest. You can also look for other insurance options, compare, and then apply.


    Q. What do policy excess and compulsory excess mean?

    A. Policy excess means the amount you have to take care of when your vehicle is damaged in an accident. When it comes to compulsory excess, you are required to handle an additional excess of RM400 if you or the car driver is:

    • Aged below 21 years.
    • Not a named driver in your policy.
    • Has a learner’s driving license.

    Q. How can I submit the claims application?

    A. You can choose one of the following modes to submit your claims application:

    • Submit the claims application online.
    • Download the claims application form from the insurer’s official website and:
      • Drop the form at the nearest branch office of Etiqa or at Claims Care, Level 12, Tower B, Dataran Maybank, 1, Jalan Maarof, 59000 Kuala Lumpur.
      • Send the form via email to the address [email protected]

    Q. What are the necessary documents to submit hospitalisation-related claims?

    A. The documents required to submit hospitalisation-related claims are:

    • Claim form filled and signed by the applicant and the concerned doctor.
    • Hospital bills and receipts.
    • Admission and discharge note from the hospital.
    • In the case of a motor accident, you have to submit a police report.

    Q. What are the available funds for investment-linked policies?

    A. The investment-linked funds available are:

    • Balanced Fund.
    • Dana Pendapatan Prima.
    • Dana Ekuiti Prima.
    • Growth Fund.
    • Stable Fund.
    • Premier Equity Fund.
    • Premier Global Equity Fund.
    • Premier Income Fund.
    • Premier Index Fund.

    Q. What are the services available with the Etiqa Auto Assist?

    A. Etiqa Auto Assist provides the following services:

    • 24-hour Breakdown Assistance.
    • 24-hour Towing Assistance.
    • Alternative Travel Assistance in the case of a car breakdown.
    • Vehicle Repatriation to Malaysia.
    • Emergency Evacuation Assistance.
    • Emergency Message Transmission.

    You can share the above services to your family and friends by paying a certain fee.

    Latest News About Etiqa Insurance

    • Etiqa Insurance to launch in Cambodia soon

      Etiqa Group plans to break into the Cambodian market in 2019. Currently, the insurance service provider is operational in Indonesia, Singapore, and Philippines, apart from Malaysia. Etiqa is the largest local insurance company in Malaysia, with more than RM1 billion being recorded as profit before tax in 2017.

      The CEO of Etiqa Group, Kamaludin Ahmad, said that the company will look forward to expand in the country. It plans to offer both general and life insurance in Cambodia. For this, Etiqa would require two companies, one for general insurance, and one for life insurance.

      Etiqa expects the market to contribute more in the future. It has recently split into four organisations, Etiqa General Insurance Bhd, Etiqa General Takaful Bhd, Etiqa Life Insurance Bhd, and Etiqa Family Takaful Bhd. In Singapore, the company has grown by 25% from the beginning. In Malaysia, all four entities of Etiqa are performing well. Sales have grown by 11% in this year. Kamaludin hopes that operations outside Malaysia will expand in the future.

      Kamaludin also hopes that the insurance company’s services will become more efficient in the future.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      22 November 2018

    • Etiqa Triumphs as the Best Multi-channel Distributor of Takaful and Insurance Products

      Recently, Etiqa won three awards as Malaysia’s best general insurer in Kuala Lumpur, London, and Hong Kong.

      Etiqa has always been committed to providing protection for the uninsured in Malaysia, and these awards recognize its offerings and financial strength. In Hong Kong, Etiqa was declared as Malaysia’s Insurance Company of the Year for General Insurance. This is an inaugural award from the Asset Triple A Asset Servicing, Institutional Investor and Insurance Awards 2018.

      Etiqa bagged the Best Takaful Company, Malaysia award at the International Takaful Awards 2018 in London, and Malaysia’s Best Islamic Takaful Institution award at the Asset Triple A Islamic Finance Awards 2018 in Kuala Lumpur. Bhd Datuk Majid Mohamad, the chairman of Etiqa General Takaful Bhd and Etiqa Family Takaful expressed his joy at the International Takaful Awards 2018 on how serving people first ensures success.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      23 July 2018

    • Etiqa Group Profit Crosses RM1 Billion

      At the end of the financial year 2017, Etiqa Group Insurance & Takaful witnessed its annual profit before tax (PBT) to cross the RM1 billion threshold. This is a 18.5% hike as compared to the RM855 million recorded for the financial year 2016.

      According to Kamaludin Ahmad, the CEO of Etiqa Group Insurance & Takaful, 2017 was a successful year for the insurance company. He further said in a statement that Etiqa has so far maintained top position in the takaful and the general insurance category with a market share of 11.8%. It also secured the fourth position in the New Business category with an 8.9% market share.

      Talking about the current year, Kamaludin said that the company will continue to drive innovation and excellence towards imparting impeccable customer service.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      21 March 2018

    • Maybank to Spin-Off and List Etiqa insurance on Bursa Malaysia

      Maybank is all set to spin off and list its Etiqa insurance on Bursa Malaysia, the local stock exchange in Malaysia. Sources further said that this listing will allow Maybank to enhance its value on the market.

      Moreover, Permodalan Nasional Bhd, the state-linked fund management firm, seeks to rearrange its holding companies to generate more returns. This firm is the largest shareholder in Maybank.

      Etiqa International Holdings Sdn Bhd, Maybank’s insurance business owns about 69% of Maybank Ageas Holdings Bhd. On the other hand, Ageas, the international insurer in Brussels holds the remainder.

      Etiqa, which has a presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines, is said to be worth $1 billion, and is believed to have a bigger market value than its peer Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad, which is worth $700 million approximately.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      23 April 2018

    • Etiqa: A Potential Company Listed on Bursa Malaysia

      Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank) has listed Etiqa, an insurance arm of Maybank, under Bursa Malaysia, reports suggest. This has stirred up discussions in the local initial public offering (IPO) market. There has been seven small listings that have come under the IPO Market. The potential listing of Etiqa will make a larger company on the Bursa Malaysia list.

      The report says that Etiqa is expected to have a capitalisation of RM5.3-RM10.7 billion upon listing. The capitalisation is estimated based on price-to-book value of 1.4-2.8 times. Etiqa holds a share equivalent to 69% of Maybank Ageas Holdings (MAH) Berhad.

      Some other large companies may be listed on Bursa Malaysia this year. A few of them are predicted to be edotco Group Sedan Berhad - a tower and infrastructure arm of Axiata Group Berhad Sapura Energy Berhad - QSR Brands Berhad, and Malaysia Airlines Berhad.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      25 April 2018

    • Takaful Malaysia and Etiqa Group Emerge as Winners at the Motor Insurance Awards

      Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad and the Etiqa Group have won the Motor Insurance Award for 2017-2018, in Takaful and conventional insurance categories, respectively.

      Moreover, Allianz Malaysia Berhad is positioned at the second place in the conventional category. Takaful Malaysia along with Etiqa Takaful Berhad are ranking at the first spot in the Takaful type.

      Upon getting the award, Kamaludin Ahmad, chief executive officer of Etiqa Group Insurance and Takaful, stated that Etiqa will continue to be prompt in serving their customers in prime departments such as claims processing, sales, and post-sale services.

      Furthermore, Datuk Seri Mohamed Hassan Kamil, Takaful Malaysia’s chief executive officer expressed that the award was a result of the customers preference and confidence in the company.

      The awards were given based on a survey conducted by iBanding. The survey has revealed that after the liberalisation of motor insurance in July 2017, Malaysians have become selective when it comes to conventional or Takaful schemes. They are largely looking for facilities such as car replacement during repairs, and unlimited towing provisions under their insurance plans. Consequently, insurance provider companies are offering various schemes at different price ranges to their customers.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      26 April 2018

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