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    If you are going for a trip and you need instant finance for a n emergency, you opt for a travel insurance before you leave for your final destination. This financial preventive measure helps in the long run and there are annual plans especially if you are a regular traveler. Peace of mind and a worry-free traveling experience, at least financially is ensured when you are out there. You can ensure your whole family and save more when traveling with your loved ones. It also provides you special benefits in the case of minor traveling mishaps such as baggage delay or transportation delay, so that you can sustain financially in the hour of an emergency.

    Etiqa is of Maybank Group’s the Insurance & Takaful arm. Etiqa has a wide range of comprehensive policies without having to deal with any hassles or hidden clauses, and without terms and conditions that are not revealed to you initially. In fact, all exclusions to policy claims are clearly stated on the company portal. Etiqa being a wing of Maybank ensures that travel insurance in Malaysia is easy to deal with. The company also provides 24x7 Travel and Medical Assistance regardless where you are, with over 400,000 service providers and provides support 40 languages.

    Etiqa Travel Insurance Coverage and Benefits

    Here are some of the key benefits and coverage areas of travel insurance from Etiqa:

    • Get Medical and Travel Assistance Anytime, anywhere: The 24 hour travel and medical assistance helpline attends to all your queries at the time of emergencies and enquiries alike.
    • Comprehensive coverage: Etiqa travel insurance also known as Etiqa World Traveller Care allows you to protect your spouse or family in plans dedicated to serve the purpose.
    • Medical Coverage: Requirements for your medical needs that includes hospitalisation, treatment expenses, and compassionate care benefit are all covered to ensure that you have a lower turmoil in the time of medical emergency, financially. The coverage amount is up to RM1 million and is based on the plan selected.
    • Inconveniences in Traveling Covered: The World Traveller Care reimburses expenses incurred from travel inconveniences such as curtailment, trip cancellation and travel delay.
    • Loss or Delay of Baggage: You will be reimbursed an amount for the inconvenience you have your baggage arrives late or is misplaced.
    • Loss of Travel Documents: In such situations the coverage area includes loss of passport, visa and travel ticket.
    • Accidental Death or permanent Disability: In the case of an unprecedented Accidental Death or Permanent Disability, coverage up to RM500,000 per adult and RM1,500,000 for family will be reimbursed.
    • Terrorism Cover: This provides coverage for physical injuries, permanent disability or death as a result of an event where terrorists are involved as long as the insured individual does not have any direct or indirect participation in the activity.

    Etiqa Travel Insurance Schemes and Plans

    The types of insurance plans available from Etiqa are based on the following factors:

    • Single Trip Plan/ Annual Plan: If you are planning to make a trip once or twice a year or have no further plans the single trip plan s perfect. However if you travel a lot or have plans of travelling throughout the year the annual travel insurance helps you save more.
    • Area-based Plans: Policy premiums and benefits can be also based on the location you are traveling to. There are domestic plans for people who are traveling within the country. Silver, Gold and Platinum plans are based on the location an individual and family is traveling to.
    • Individual/ Family Plans: You can choose travel plans for all the above for individual travel or individual and spouse or whole family. You can also opt for individual plans for your family if you wish to.

    Etiqa Travel Insurance Claims

    Claims need to be notified to Etiqa through the helpline numbers as soon as possible, but it should not exceed 30 days after the event that may entitle the insured to claim under the travel insurance policy. All relevant documents to support the policy holder’s claims need to be submitted after notification. This includes documents or evidence required by the insurance company to verify the claim has to be provided by the insured’s own expense. I the case of loss of money claims a police or relevant authority report has to be lodged within 24 hours of the discovery of such loss. Claims for loss of postal money orders or traveler's cheques must be instantly reported to the local branch or agent of the issuing authority.

    Etiqa Travel Insurance FAQs

    1.What are the eligibility criterias to be able to buy the Etiqa Travel Insurance Policy?

    The individual or Adult must be between the age of 18 to 70 years, senior citizens must be between the ages of 71 to 80 years and children must be minimum 45 days old and below 23 years old, in case they are studying full time.

    2.What are the fees and charges that I have to pay for Etiqa Travel Insurance?

    As per the travel insurance brochure the company, the following fees are payable:

    • The Premium payable are inclusive of 25% commission paid to the Insurance agent.
    • Stamp Duty – RM 10 (in additional to the Premium)
    • 6% Good and Services Tax (GST) is applicable for domestic plan only

    3. Can I insure myself or my family for one way trip?

    No, that is not possible, as even a single trip family plan has coverage day tenures and is applicable for up to 90 days internationally and 30 days within Malaysia.

    4. How can I pay the premiums?

    Cheques that are post-dated before the beginning of the policy coverage are accepted. Cash and credit cards are also accepted.

    5. What is the hotline number where I can all for travel and medical assistance with my Etiqa Travel insurance?

    The Hotline number is: 03-2161 0270. This is a call-back number so that support executive will ring you back on the number you make the call from.

    Latest News About Etiqa Travel Insurance

    • Malaysia Airlines Joins Hands With Etiqa And Cover-More To Launch MHinsure Travel Takaful

      Malaysia Airlines has joined hands with Cover-More and Etiqa to launch MHinsure travel insurance. The travel takaful is designed to cater to Islamic pilgrimage and will provide the same benefits as any other takaful products. However, there will be a couple of new products tailored for Badal Hajj and Ihsarr.

      If reports are to be true, then this will be the first time that an airline is offering a takaful product. Customers will be able to purchase the insurance product while buying tickets.

      According to reports, the travel protection plan is taken care by Etiqa while Cover-More is in charge of everything related to insurance assistance.

      Izham Ismail, the group CEO of Malaysia Airlines said the new takaful product is Shariah-compliant and will offer Muslim and Non-Muslim customers complete travel protection. He also said that takaful products are in high demand among international travellers.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      12 March 2018

    • Travel takaful launched by Malaysia Airlines in partnership with Etiqa and Cover-More

      Malaysia Airlines has partnered with Cover-More and Etiqa to launch travel takaful for its customers. This protection scheme will be the first travel takaful products in the nation. The plan underwritten by Etiqa with assistance services offered by the medical insurance provider, Cover-More.

      The CEO of Malaysia Airlines said that the product has been launched as there was a noticeable demand for the same by international travellers. He said this Shariah-compliant service will benefit both Muslims and non-Muslims customers.

      Kamaludin Ahmed, the CEO of Etiqa Group said their partnership with Malaysia Airlines had pushed their business to a new heights after they first became partners in 2008. Meanwhile, Mark Fuller, the global director of aviation for Cover-More, said that this package will help building their relationship with Malaysia Airlines further.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      12 March 2018

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