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    Great Eastern Takaful Berhad offers a number of Shariah-compliant products covering all major categories, such as endowment plans, investment-linked plans, health protection, and life protection. Some of these policies provide you benefits related to Hajj and Umrah ceremonies.

    Types of Takaful Products Offered by Great Eastern

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    i-Great Murni 2.0: You can get a financial security with the policy in addition to coverage for any unfortunate event. It includes a hassle-free enrolment procedure and provides a bereavement allowance of up to RM5,000 will be paid for the funeral expenses in the case of death.

    Family Takaful Protection

    i-Great Jannah: The policy lets you protect your family for an extended period of time. It provides a flexible coverage term that ranges from 5 years up to an age of 99 years. You can enjoy the coverage with a premium payment period of your choice - 5, 10, and 20 years.

    i-Great Damai 2.0: The policy provides you with 4 different lifestyle packages to choose from. It gives you an option to fill in the Hajj by Proxy Service Form and Waqaf Service Form. The underwriting surplus will be shared between you and the insurer in the ratio of 50:50.

    i-Great Mega: You can get higher savings together with protection death and total and permanent disability (TPD) benefits with the policy. It provides a minimum basic sum payout of RM250,000. The premium payment term can be 10 or 20 years and the coverage term goes up to 25 or 30 years.

    i-Great Teras: This is a basic takaful policy that provides 100% of the basic sum assured upon maturity. The nominee will receive a lump sum in the case of death or TPD. It also pays a bereavement benefit of up to RM2,000.

    M-Tiara Term Takaful: Get a minimum basic sum assured of up to RM250,000 with the takaful policy. The basic sum assured will increase at a rate of 10% every 5 years up to 3 times. You can choose the term of coverage from the options of 20, 25, 30, and 35 years.

    Health Protection

    i-Medik Rider Suite: You can get a cover for the expenses related to treating an illness or injury with the policy. An increase of 10% of the overall annual limit can be expected once every 3 years as long as you have not made any claims.

    i-Great MediMax + i-Medi Xtend Rider: This is a combination of i-Great MediMax takaful policy and i-Medi Xtend rider that helps you to get an enhanced coverage for the unexpected events. Get a higher coverage of up to 10 times the deductible amount for the overall annual limit. You can get a discount of 5% on the premium contribution if you refer your family members for the policy.

    M-Tiara Critical Care: Get up to 150% of the basic sum assured if one of the covered events, such as prescription medication, out-of-town care, and alternative treatment occur. Different stages of covered events will provide you with a payout of different percentages of the basic sum assured.


    i-Great Iqra’: The policy assures to take care of your child’s future and educational requirements from an early stage of life. You can get the benefits of the policy at a premium rate of RM100 per month.

    M-Tiara Education: Your child’s future can be financially secured when you purchase the investment-linked takaful product. If your child performs well, the policy gives a cash incentive in order to encourage your child.

    Future Goals

    i-Great Idaman: Enjoy protection along with savings with the i-Great Idaman policy. Upon maturity, you can get a payout of the balance in the Participant’s Individual Account (PIA). You will also earn a 50% share of the underwriting surplus from your Tabarru Fund.

    M-Tiara Hajj: The policy provides a way for you to perform Hajj on your own funds and take care of your family while you are away. In the case of a death or TPD, Badal Hajj will be arranged by the policy and the expenses are taken from the takaful benefit, before payment.

    Wealth Accumulation

    i-Great Abadi: You can allocate about 95% of your premiums to the investment account from the first policy year. The investment value can be increased using the top-up option. In addition, 2% enhanced allocation can be earned every 3rd policy year.

    M-Tiara Linked: This investment-linked takaful plan provides greater savings when you top-up the investment account with a minimum sum of RM1,000. You can choose to allocate up to 95% of the contribution to unit funds. It pays an additional bereavement benefit of RM2,000 to handle the funeral expenses in the case of death.

    M-Tiara Invest Shield: It can be a useful plan to increase your wealth and provide coverage at the same time. Get up to 125% of the basic sum assured in a single contribution. Enjoy the freedom to allocate up to 95% of the contribution to the Participant’s Unit Account (PUA).

    Features and Benefits

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    • The policy provides a basic sum assured ranging from RM100,000 up to RM500,000 in the case of death/TPD.
    • Enjoy the underwriting surplus and investment profit.

    Family Takaful Protection

    • You can choose to pay the benefit of the takaful product to the beneficiaries of your choice or a listed charitable organisation.
    • You can attach riders to the takaful product to get additional benefits.
    • The nominee can receive a compassionate benefit of up to RM2,000 from your Tabarru’ Fund.
    • Get 100% of the total value of paid-up additional policies paid as the maturity benefit.
    • Enjoy a loyalty benefit of up to 40% of the annual contribution.

    Health Protection

    • Get daily cash allowance of up to RM50 per day.
    • Purchase optional riders to get a wider coverage on the policy.
    • The policy assures of taking care of the entire hospital bill and zero co-takaful.
    • Just answer 5 simple underwriting questions to qualify for the policy.


    • Get a lump sum payout in the case of death or TPD.
    • Enjoy cash incentives when your child performs well in the examinations.
    • Enhance the protection level with a number of optional riders.

    Future Goals

    • You may also receive a regular cash payment once every 2 years beginning from the end of the second policy year.
    • Get double benefits for death and TPD if it occurs while you are performing Hajj or Umrah.

    Wealth Accumulation

    • In the case of an accidental death within the first policy year, your nominee will receive additional Accidental Death Benefit of up to RM100,000.
    • Enhance the coverage provided by the policy by choosing optional riders.
    • Get a maturity benefit of up to 100% of the total balance in the investment account.
    • Receive a share of the underwriting surplus.
    • Enjoy hassle-free enrolment procedure to purchase the policy.

    Contact Information

    Online Policy Purchase 1 300 88 8787
    Enquiries +603 4259 8338
    Customer Service 1 300 13 8338
    Email Address [email protected]
    Head Office Address Great Eastern Takaful Berhad (916257H) Level 3 Menara Great Eastern 303 Jalan Ampang 50450 Kuala Lumpur.


    You can choose the type of policy you need based on your requirements and affordability. The policies provide you with coverage for the unexpected events and build your wealth with the help of investments.


    Q. What are the supplementary riders available to enhance the coverage of the i-Great Iqra’ policy?

    A. You can choose a supplementary rider from the following list in order to enhance the coverage of the i-Great Iqra’ policy:

    • i-Critical Illness Benefit Rider.
    • i-Early Payout CriticalCare Rider.
    • i-Contributor Benefit Plus Rider.
    • i-Hospitalisation Benefits Rider.
    • i-Medik Rider.

    Q. What are the fees and charges applicable when purchasing an M-Tiara Invest Shield?

    A. You may have to pay the following fees and charges when you purchase an M-Tiara Invest Shield policy:

    Fee Type Description
    Upfront Charge (Wakalah Fee) 5% of the contribution.
    Tabarru’ Determined based on your age, smoking status, occupational class, and gender.
    Service Charge RM100.
    Fund Management Charge Dana i-Makmur—0.5%. Dana i-Mekar—1.45%. Dana i-Majmuk—1.25%. Deducted from your Paid Up Additions at each asset valuation.

    Q. What are the events uncovered by the M-Tiara Hajj policy?

    A. There are a few exclusions for the coverage provided by the M-Tiara Hajj policy:

    • Suicidal death during the first policy year, while you are sane or insane.
    • TPD existing since before the policy inception.
    • Self-inflicted injuries resulting in TPD, while sane or insane.
    • TPD as a result of a war.

    Q. What are the documents required to purchase a takaful product?

    A. The following documents are required to purchase a takaful:

    • A copy of identification card.
    • For a child, submit the birth certificate.
    • Proposal Form.
    • e-Confirmation Form.
    • Customer fact-finding.
    • A confidential report from the takaful agent.

    Q. Are there any exclusions on who is eligible to buy a takaful policy?

    A. Yes. The takaful products are not valid for purchase and coverage when you are:

    • A child aged less than a month.
    • A pregnant women.
    • A bankrupt.
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