• Know About Student Travel Insurance Plan

    Insurance does not just mean a comprehensive cover that takes all the family members into account. An insurance can be bifurcated into many categories based on the purpose it serves. One such category is student travel insurance.

    What is Student Travel Insurance?

    A student travel insurance provides coverage against unforeseen events, such as an accident, when you travel abroad to continue your education in a recognised institution. Instead of dealing with things alone, you can be sure of the backup support a student travel insurance provides. A student travel insurance is not restricted to covering an accident, it also offers assistance to pay your fees, to travel, etc.

    Features of Student Travel Insurance

    A student travel insurance policy includes the following features:

    • The policy provides personal accident and medical expenses cover both in Malaysia and abroad.
    • If the accident causes interruption in your studies, the policy will reimburse the tuition fees you have paid.
    • In case of emergency, the policy provides evacuation service.
    • In case of death, the policy provides repatriation service.
    • The insurance takes care of the medical expenses of injury or illness incurred due to the accident when you are abroad.
    • In case of accidental death of the person who is sponsoring your studies abroad, the policy will provide financial security.
    • The policy offers you travel assistance anytime, no matter your query is regarding any place worldwide.

    Why You Need Student Travel Insurance

    When a person is going abroad for studies, Malaysia’s government health plan does not cover the student. Therefore, it is good to get a student travel insurance policy that covers the expenses in case you meet with an accident when you are away from home.

    Also, some reputed universities and colleges has made it mandatory for its students to have a medical/health insurance to accept you as a student.

    What You Should Consider Before Choosing Student Travel Insurance?

    • The maximum period of coverage a policy would give you is 3 years.
    • The policy does not cover the entire span of time of your course. It has to be renewed every year.
    • In addition to the premium, you have to pay charges such as commission and stamp duty.
    • The coverage only commences 12 hours before you leave from Malaysia. If you are planning to reach the airport early, your journey to the airport may not be covered by the policy.
    • The coverage remains valid until a period of 6 months from the date your studies are completed. If you plan to stay abroad longer for work, the coverage will not be applicable.
    • Though you are studying and do not have a steady income, you have to pay the premium on time. You need to decide on how you will manage paying the premium.
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