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    Kurnia Asia Berhad was incorporated in the year 2001 as private limited company and converted into a public limited company in the year 2002. KAB is the company that owns Kurnia Insurance Malaysia. The company has been growing fast and has delivered exceptional results in terms of growth and profitability.

    Kurnia Insurance was incorporated originally in the year 1975 and has slowly through mergers and acquisitions reached this status of Malaysia's top insurers. The company is founded on the ideals of fair business practice in order to protect the interests of its customers and serve them honestly. Kurnia is listed on the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad as Kurasia.

    The mission of Kurnia is to grasp customers' changing needs and expand regionally in order to cover as many people under its insurance wing as possible. The company aims to generate reasonable returns for customers while working as a team to generate more innovative ideas. Kurnia insurance company offers a host of car insurance products along with several product offerings in the general insurance sector. The company also offers medical and life insurance to customers.

    Kurnia Car Insurance Features and Benefits

    Kurnia car insurance offers a host of benefits and features to its customers. Some of the most prominent among these are listed below.

    1. Kurnia Auto Assist which helps you get 24-hour auto assistance service for breakdown and towing through their wide network of partner merchants and service centers.
    2. The cost of all major and minor repairs to your car are covered in case the repair happens at the site of the breakdown. This clause can be negotiated and agreed upon between the insurer and the insured so as to include not just breakdown site but also the service provider's workshop
    3. Kurnia Express service is first of its kind service extended to comprehensive car insurance policy holders of Kurnia. This service offers ultimate speed and convenience in claim settlement. Following are some of the main highlights of this service -
    • Only for private car comprehensive policy holders
    • Maximum eligible claim amount is RM3,000
    • Policyholders can drive in to any of the Kurnia branches within 48 hours of accident
    • Vehicle owner and driver need to be present for signing of formalities regarding claim settlement
    • The decision to process and render claim is purely at the discretion of the insurance company
  • The following services are not furnished as part of repairs but are furnished without additional charges: changing of flat tyre, battery replacement, jump starting the vehicle
  • Auto Assist within 50 Km of distance from service workshop to breakdown site is for free while that above 50 Km is charged at RM2.00 per Km, for day as well as night
  • Additional benefits applicable on payment of additional premium

    Listed below are some of the benefits that can be enjoyed by availing higher coverage at a slightly higher cost.

    • Coverage for breakage of windscreen as part of the comprehensive car insurance cover. The glass on windscreen, rear and back side window is covered as part of this
    • Compensation for Assessed Repair Time or CART can be availed to ensure compensation to the insured person for loss of use of vehicle while it has gone for repair
    • Drivers coverage for all drivers listed and covered under the car insurance policy bought by customers
    • All Riders coverage allows for insurance protection extended to drivers who have not been listed under the original insurance policy
    • Legal Liability to customers providers protection to customers against any legal liability initiated in the event of a claim. This is valid only for legal proceedings filed in a court in Malaysia
    • Comprehensive cover for car insurance includes coverage against any damage to vehicle in the event of riots, public demonstrations, strike and civil commotion
    • A premium of RM7.5 per car is applicable in order to avail legal liability of passengers for acts of negligence
    • Current year NCD relief provides compensation cover for loss of No Claim Discount (NCD)
    • Early cancellation of policy entitles you to a policy refund

    Types of vehicles eligible for cover under the Kurnia Car Insurance Schemes

    Following are the three types of vehicles covered under the Kurnia Car Insurance Schemes.

    1. Private vehicles – Includes cars, vans and other four wheel drives
    2. Goods carrying vehicles – Includes commercial goods carrying vehicles, petroleum and diesel tankers and low loaders
    3. Other types of vehicles – Taxis, buses, tractors, motorcycles, mobile cranes etc.

    Kurnia Car Insurance Schemes

    Three types of basic covers are offered to customers as car insurance policies. These policies protect the insured person against loss or damage to the insured vehicle, third party injuries and properties. This depends upon the coverage selected out of the three available.

    1. Third Party Cover

      a. Protects the insured against any legal liability arising from bodily injury and property damage to third party vehicle

    2. Third Party Fire and Theft Cover

      a. This cover protects the insured against any claims regarding third party or damage or loss of vehicle due to theft or fire

    3. Comprehensive Cover

      a. Comprehensive cover, as the name itself suggests includes all the above protection features and offers a comprehensive insurance package to customers

    Factors that affect the car insurance premium calculation

    Following are the factors that are considered by insurance companies for calculating the premium for your car insurance policy.

    • Type of coverage
    • Use of vehicle
    • Carrying capacity of the vehicle
    • Age of the car
    • NCD allowed
    • Sum Assured
    • No. of authorized drivers registered
    • Extended coverage feature

    How to buy Private Car Insurance from Kurnia Insurance

    Following are the three ways in which car insurance policy can be availed from Kurnia Insurance.

    1. Buy insurance schemes directly from Kurnia Insurance branches
    2. Buy insurance schemes directly from Kurnia agents
    3. Buy Kurnia Car Insurance online

    Conditions under which Kurnia Insurance services are not applicable

    • Towing of the car from one workshop to another
    • In case the vehicle does not have engine or transmission
    • The vehicle is in some remote area like a plantation, estate or jungle
    • Any natural calamities that might prevent the furnishing of services under insurance scheme
    • Any power failure event which might render the insurance call center inoperable

    kurnia car insurance contact / helpline / customer service

    Kurnia Auto Assist: 1800 88 3833 Contact Center: 1800 88 6333

    Kurnia Car Insurance FAQs

    How do I avail the Kurnia Car Insurance policy?

    In order to avail car insurance from Kurnia, visit any of the Kurnia Insurance branch office or call up the customer center number. Alternatively, car insurance from Kurnia can also be availed online by logging in to their insurance web portal.

    What if my car meets with an accident in a deserted place, am I eligible for insurance services there?

    No. Kurnia insurance services cease to operate in case the vehicle in stranded in some remote and deserted area like plantations, jungles etc.

    Are third-party legal expenses covered under the car insurance policy from Kurnia Insurance?

    Yes. Legal expenses including third party claims are covered under the comprehensive car insurance policy by Kurnia Insurance.

    Can I avail additional benefits with my vehicle insurance policy from Kurnia?

    Yes. Several variants of car insurance policy are available from Kurnia. Customers can choose the one which suits their requirement the best.

    Am I eligible for protection against legal actions outside Malaysia?

    No. Protection benefits are extended only to insurance claims valid in Malaysia and legal expense coverage too applies only to legal actions initiated by third parties in Malaysia.

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