• Kurnia Car Insurance

    Kurnia Car Insurance offers a comprehensive motor insurance policy that allows you to protect your vehicle as well as yourself against accidental damage. You can choose a plan that best suits your needs and preferences. Read through this guide to know more the insurance plan.

    List of Kurnia Car Insurance Coverage Plans

    • Auto365 - Comprehensive Premier: This policy provides coverage to protect your new car against the forces of nature besides providing value-added benefits.
    • Private Car Motor Insurance: This policy provides coverage against third party liabilities in the event of death and physical injury, third party property damage as well as damage to your own vehicle due to theft, accidental fire, or an accident.
    • Auto Shield Insurance: This is an additional protection plan available for individuals who own a Kurnia Comprehensive Motor Insurance policy. You get accidental death and permanent disability coverage of up to RM80,000.

    Benefits of Kurnia Car Insurance:

    • Get round the clock free road assistance service in the event of an accident or car breakdown.
    • Get free towing services for up to 50 kms.
    • Use the Kurnia One Touch App to reach out to Kurnia Auto Assist quickly.
    • Use the Panel Workshop Locator to search for a repair workshop nearby in the event of an accident.  
    • Enjoy a hassle-free claim process with Kurnia.

    Kurnia Car Insurance Exclusions

    This policy will not cover you for the following:

    • If you or your driver drive the car under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • If you use the vehicle for any unethical/unlawful activities.
    • If you submit exaggerated claims.
    • If any accident or damage caused to any property due to nuclear operations.

    How To Buy Kurnia Car Insurance Online

    • Once you decide the policy according to your preference, click ‘Buy Now’ option on the website.
    • Key in the required information under each tab including vehicle details, add-on, as well as summary and payment.
    • Submit to get a quote.
    • Accept the quote and pay online if you are happy with the quote.

    Documents Required

    The following documents are required for:

    Own Damage Claim

    • Duly-filled claim form.
    • Police report.
    • A copy of the vehicle registration card (both front and back sides).
    • A copy of the driving licence of both the driver and the insured.
    • A copy of identity card of both the driver and the insured.
    • A photocopy of the insurance policy.
    • Vehicle permit (applicable to commercial vehicle).
    • A copy of business registration (applicable to company registration vehicle only).
    • A copy of Hire Purchase Agreement (if there is hire purchase).

    No Fault Own Damage Claim

    • All documents mentioned above.
    • A copy of the police report of the third party.
    • Police sketch plan & keys.
    • A declaration letter bearing the signature of the insured.

    Windscreen Claim

    Provide the following documents if the vehicle is sent to a Kurnia’s Specialist Windscreen Repairer:

    • A copy of the policyholder's driving licence and identity card.
    • A copy of the driver's identity card and driving license (if the policyholder was not driving the car at time of accident).

    Provide the following documents if the vehicle is not sent to a Kurnia’s Specialist Windscreen Repairer:

    • A copy of the policyholder's driving licence and identity card.
    • A copy of the driver's identity card and driving license.
    • A copy of the registration card.
    • A copy of the insurance policy.
    • A copy of business form (if it is a company vehicle).

    Theft of Vehicle

    • Duly-filled claim form.
    • Police report.
    • Vehicle registration card.
    • Vehicle permit (for commercial vehicle).
    • Certificate of Insurance.
    • A photocopy of the insured’s driving license and identity card.
    • Hire Purchase Agreement copy (if there is hire purchase)
    • A copy of Business registration (applicable to company vehicle).

    Third Party Property Damage Claim

    • Police report.
    • Police sketch plan along with the keys.
    • A copy of the claimant's identity card and driving license.
    • Vehicle‘s registration card.
    • A copy of insurance policy.
    • Police report of third party.
    • Adjuster’s report and photos of the damages.
    • Insurance policy.
    • Repair estimate.
    • Accident photos with the vehicle in its original position before it was towed away.
    • Business registration copy.

    How to Claim Kurnia Car Insurance

    • Give a written notification to Kurnia within 1 week after the occurrence of any incident.
    • Duly fill in the claim form and submit the same along with the required documents within 21 days from your notification date.

    Renew Kurnia Car insurance

    Fill up the online Motor Car Express Renewal form for express renewal of your Private Car Comprehensive policy or Third-Party Fire & Theft policy.

    Fill up the mandatory fields including Identification Type, Identification Number, Vehicle Registration Number, and Policy Number before submission.

    Contact Number

    You can contact Kurnia in the following manner:

    • Contact Centre:1800 88 6333
    • Email:[email protected]
    • Kurnia Auto Assist:1800 88 3833 (24-Hour Toll Free)
    • Accident Assist Call Centre:1-300-22-11-88 ( 24-Hour Helpline)


    Q. By when do I have to inform the police about the accident?

    A. For a road accident, you must report to the police within 24 hours.

    Q. How can I cancel my policy?

    A. You can cancel this policy whenever you want by giving a written notification to the company. Upon cancellation, you can get a refund of the premium amount if you have not made any prior claim.

    Q. What happens to my NCD in case of own damage claims?

    A. You will lose your NCD when you make an own damage claim.

    Q. What is covered under windscreen protection?

    A. You get 2 types of cover under windscreen protection. They are:

    • Repair: You can claim for repairs of your vehicle’s windscreen. In this case, the claimed amount will be deducted from the sum insured for the windscreen.
    • Replacement: You can claim complete replacement of the windscreen if the damage is severe. You can make only 1 claim throughout the period of your policy unless you restore the coverage with an additional premium payment.                                     

    Q. What are the benefits of the Auto Shield Insurance?

    A. Here are the benefits of the Auto Shield Insurance:

    • This policy gives you funeral expenses of up to RM1,000.
    • You can get RM50 as hospital income every day for maximum 1 month.
    • You will get daily inconvenience allowance of RM50 for 10 days till your vehicle is at the repair workshop.

    Compare quotes with additional options before you choose a policy. Assess the sum insured based on the market value of your car as well as your driving history and NCD. Set a safe driving pattern to get a policy with a low premium.

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