• Kurnia Travel Insurance

    Kurnia offers travel insurance policies with flexible coverage on different aspects of the policy. You get the freedom to pick and choose what you want to be protected against and how much cover you prefer.

    List of Kurnia Travel Insurance Coverage Plans

    • Traveler’s Personal Accident Insurance: This policy covers up to RM5,000 for medical expenses and RM10,000 in case of accidental death/disability.
    • Kurnia Care Travel Insurance: The insurance premium for this plan starts at a price of RM15. The plan covers events such as hijacking and pays an amount up to RM16,500. The personal accident coverage is up to RM300,000. In addition, you can get coverage for medical expenses, baggage, hospitalisation expenses and loss of documents.
    • Kurnia Travel Supreme: This policy provides a wide variety of coverage such as accidental death, medical expenses, damage/loss of baggage, travel/baggage delay, repatriation and emergency evacuation. If you are returning to Malaysia earlier than scheduled due to accident or illness, the policy reimburses the non-refundable portion of the travelling cost.

    Benefits of Kurnia Travel Insurance

    The features and benefits offered by the policy are:

    • Select the coverage you want for medical expenses, accidental death and permanent disablement.
    • This policy will cover you when you travel within Malaysia or to other countries.
    • Get cover for loss of your baggage, documents, money and any other items you are travelling with.
    • Choose an individual plan or go for a family plan.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Nationality Criterion: You must be a Malaysian or a permanent resident of Malaysia.
    • Age Criterion: Your age must be above 30 days and below 70 years.

    Kurnia Travel Insurance for Foreigners

    Currently, Kurnia does not serve travel insurance for foreigners.

    Kurnia Travel Insurance Premium Calculator

    Get an online insurance quote on the Kurnia website. Input relevant information such as destination place, your personal information and preferred plan to get a quote.

    Kurnia Travel Insurance Exclusions

    The exclusions under the policy are:

    • The insured must not be one an aircrew staff.
    • Injuries due to war, riot, invasion and foreign enemy.
    • The injury must not be directly or indirectly be detected with any HIV-related illness.
    • Intentional self-inflicted injuries or suicide while the insured is sane or insane.
    • Any loss due to terrorism.
    • Any loss due to religion, politics or ideology.
    • The insured’s occupation must not be any risk-involved sports such as hunting, racing, manual labour, motorcycling, water skiing, mountaineering and football.

    How Do You Buy Kurnia Travel Insurance

    1. Buy a travel insurance policy online at the comfort of your house. Enter your personal details and information on your trip. Choose a plan that your prefer. Get a summary of the details you have entered and a quote. Verify the summary and make an online payment to purchase the policy.
    2. Contact an agent to discuss the policy that is suitable for you and buy it.
    3. Walk-in to your nearest Kurnia branch office to buy a policy.

    Documents Required

    The documents to be submitted for claims varies with the nature of the claim. However, here is a list of most important documents in general:

    • Duly-filled claims form
    • A copy of flight tickets and boarding pass
    • A copy of passport
    • Original medical bills and receipts in case of medical expenses claim
    • A copy of police report in case of loss of baggage, money or personal belongings
    • Confirmation letter from the airline in case of flight delay

    How to Claim Kurnia Travel Insurance

    Given below are the steps to be followed to submit a claim:

    1. Collect the claim form from your nearest branch.
    2. The claim form must be filled by the insured or claimant.
    3. Attach the required documents with the claim form.
    4. Submit these documents at the nearest branch or hand them over to an agent.

    Renew Kurnia Travel Insurance

    Visit your nearest branch or contact your insurance agent to renew a policy.

    Contact Number

    Kurnia Auto Assist:1800 88 3833

    Customer Contact Centre:1800 88 6333

    Accident Assist Call Centre:1300 22 11 88


    Q. Does this policy cover only overseas travel?

    A. No. This policy covers both travel within Malaysia and overseas travel.

    Q. Can I travel to any country in the world with the policy coverage?

    A. No. Your policy is valid only in specific countries such as Malaysia (West to East Malaysia and East to West Malaysia), Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Australia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan and Laos.

    Q. What are the fees and charges that come along with this policy?

    A. You may have to pay the following fees and charges:

    • Stamp duty of RM10
    • Agent commission of 25% of the total premium (if applicable)
    • 6% goods and services tax on your premium

    Q. What happens if my single trip has been cancelled or postponed?

    A. The policy coverage will be extended up to 30 days in case of trip cancellation or delay.

    Q. What is the minimum and the maximum number of days the policy covers for single trip?

    A. The policy covers a minimum of one day and a maximum of 180 days at a stretch under single trip plan.

    Q. What is the maximum period of travel allowed under annual trip plan?

    A. You can travel for a maximum of 100 days consecutively beyond which the policy does not provide coverage.

    Q. How much does this policy cover for hospitalisation expenses?

    A. This plan covers up to RM100/day for hospitalisation expenses.

    Q. Can I get a reimbursement if I cancel my trip?

    A. The policy will reimburse you only if you cancel your trip under the following scenarios:

    • If the insured or insured’s immediate family member is dead or is facing serious illness/injury.
    • If a strike, riot or civil war arises all of a sudden.
    • If the insured is issued with witness summons after purchasing the insurance.
    • In case of damage to the insured’s permanent residence in Malaysia caused by a natural disaster or fire.

    A travel insurance plan is quite essential if you travel frequently and especially with your family. Get protection during your trips. Contact Kurnia for any assistance with buying a policy or making a claim.

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