• Liberty Insurance Malaysia

    Liberty Insurance Malaysia offers you various types of insurance policies. This majorly includes health insurance packages, personal accident packages, and motor insurance policies. You can choose your preferred package in accordance with your requirements from the available policies.

    Types of Liberty Insurance

    Liberty Personal Insurance

    There are various kinds of personal insurance policies offered by Liberty Insurance Malaysia. Let’s take a look at these packages.

    General Insurance

    • SmartCover: The policy provides you coverage against unforeseeable events of accidents and death. The policy provides compensation in events of death, permanent disability, temporary total disablement, and total partial disablement. You can choose your plan from flexible options and get a 10% return in cases where no claims are made till renewal.
    • FlexiCare: The policy comes with three different packages, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum. These packages provide you and your loved ones with coverage against unfortunate events and bears your medical expenses. The package also earns you a 10% renewal bonus for 5 years.
    • Millennium PA: The scheme is designed specifically for customers with a high net-worth. The policy provides a substantial range of assured sum in cases of death and permanent disability. You can also get 5% return for a maximum of 4 years when no claims are made by the time of renewal.
    • Special Care PA: Special Care PA policy is made for persons with disability. The package covers unfortunate events of permanent disablement and death.

    Home Insurance

    Home Insurance package offered by Liberty Insurance comes with two different packages- Houseowners Insurance and Householders Insurance. Houseowners Insurance offers coverage against damage or loss to your residential property by lightning, fire, or other factors. Whereas, the Householders Insurance policy provides coverage to your content in your residential properties against fire, lightning, and other factors.

    Lifestyle Insurance Package

    Lifestyle or the TravelStar package offers a protection to you and your family members while you’re on a vacation. The policy helps you get protected against medical emergencies occurring during your vacation. This includes emergency evacuation, medical requirements, and emergency transportation.

    Drivers and Passengers Insurance Policies

    • StarRider: The policy provides protection to driver and the passengers against cases of permanent dismemberment and death caused by an accident. This package also covers the ambulance fee, bereavement expenses, dental surgery, corrective surgery, and disbursement of medical expenses.
    • NCD PA Bonanza: The package provides the driver as well as passengers with a coverage against accidental death and permanent disability who are alighting or boarding from a named vehicle.
    • Motorist’s Companion: The insurance scheme provides protection to the driver and passengers against accidental death and injuries caused by the accident. The policy comes with a low premium starting from RM0.15 per day.
    • Motorist’s Companion 2: Motorist’s Companion 2 or MC2  protects a driver getting involved in an accident whilst driving and the passengers riding against the accidental death, total permanent disability, and injuries incurred from the accident.
    • Motorist’s Companion Commercial: The package provides coverage to driver driving a commercial vehicle and passengers riding or boarding the vehicle against death, injuries, and total permanent disability caused by an accident.
    • Motorist’s Companion Agreed Value: Motorist’s Companion Agreed Value or MCAV is a personal accident insurance package that provides coverage to passengers riding, alighting, or boarding the vehicle and the driver of the vehicle. The package provides coverage against death and total permanent disability caused by the accident.
    • Motorist’s Companion Taxi: The scheme offers a coverage to taxi driver and the passenger against the events of accidental death and total permanent disability incurred due to accidents.
    • Motorist’s Companion Rider: The plan provides a 24-hour worldwide coverage to riders against unfortunate events of death and total permanent dismemberment caused by an accident. The premiums for this package are as low as RM2.08 per month.
    • Motorist’s Companion Extra: Motorist’s Companion Extra provides a compensation to driver and passenger getting injured in an accident. The policy also provides coverage against events of total permanent dismemberment and death caused by an accident.
    • Motorist’s Companion Bus: Motorist’s Companion Bus provides coverage to the passengers traveling in a bus and the bus driver against the cases of death and permanent disability caused by accidents.

    Liberty Health Insurance

    • Liberty 100 Years Care: It is a medical insurance policy that covers your medical and surgical expenses. The policy comes with a renewal of up to 100 years of age and comes with premiums of as low as RM1 per day. The package also comes with a range of hospital benefits.
    • MediStar: MediStar is a medical health insurance package that offers you benefits related to medical expenses, covers ambulance fees, and provides daily cash allowances. The premiums for this policy start from as low as RM0.87 per day. The policy also comes with an automatic renewal up to the age of 70 years.

    Liberty Motor Insurance

    Private Car Insurance

    • Private Car EZY Plus (Comprehensive): The scheme offers protection to your private vehicle from accidents. The package also comes with emergency assistance, car rental assistance, free towing and repair services, and hotel accommodation. You can make a claim and get it approved within 48 hours with this policy.
    • Comprehensive (Agreed Value Plan): Agreed Value Plan offers financial support in cases of stolen vehicles and damage to your vehicle beyond economic repair. You can obtain the sum insured on the basis of vehicle’s market value.
    • Comprehensive (AutoStar): The AutoStar policy scheme offers protection to your vehicle against the occurrences of accidents. The package comes with a 48-hour approval of your claim and hassle-free auto-renewal. You can get emergency assistance and free towing and repair services with this plan.
    • Third Party Fire and Theft: The scheme protects your vehicle against incidents of fire and theft. The package also covers any damage caused to any third-party property by your vehicle.
    • Third Party Private Car: Third Party Private Car insurance policy covers damages caused to third-party properties by your vehicle or any injury or death caused by the accident involving your vehicle.

    Commercial Vehicle Insurance

    • Comprehensive Package: The Comprehensive Package provides the vehicle used for business operations a coverage against accidental damage. This package also provides coverage against fire, external explosion, theft, collision, and other road accidents.
    • Third Party Fire and Theft: Motor Third Party Fire and Theft (TPFT) provides a coverage against third-party injuries, death, or damage of the property. The policy also covers the cases of theft and damage of your vehicle.

    Features and Benefits of Liberty Insurance

    Features and Benefits of Liberty Personal Insurance

    The personal insurance section includes 4 types of insurance schemes available namely General Insurance, Home Insurance, Lifestyle Insurance, and Driver and Passengers Insurance. Let’s take a look at the benefits and features associated with these insurance policies.

    Features and Benefits of General Insurance

    • Get protection from the age of 18-60 years with the help of the SmartCover scheme.
    • Obtain renewal up to the age of 70 years the with SmartCover policy.
    • Get coverage against death and total permanent dismemberment with Fthe lexiCare policy.
    • Get cover for hospital expenses, dental and corrective surgery and obtain hospital income for a maximum of 180 days with the help of the FlexiCare policy.
    • Obtain a protection coverage against death and total permanent disablement and get a sum insured of up to RM1 million via Millennium PA.
    • Stay protected from the incidents of accidental death and permanent disablement and receive a sum insured of RM25,000 with Special Care PA package.

    Features and Benefits of Home Insurance

    • Obtain coverage against damage to your residential property caused by lightning, fire and other factors with the help of Houseowners insurance policy.
    • Keep the contents contained in your residential property protected from factors like fire and lightning with Householders policy.

    Features and Benefits of Lifestyle Insurance

    • Obtain a protection coverage for yourself and your family against unfortunate events of death and total permanent disablement while you’re on a vacation overseas.
    • Get a sum insured of up to RM250,000 with Lifestyle Insurance.
    • Get coverage against cases of lost baggage, trip cancellation, lost documents, travel delay, and many other inconveniences caused during your journey overseas.
    • Obtain compensation for medical expenses charged overseas, hospital income benefit, and accommodation and travel assistance for compassionate visit.

    Features and Benefits of Driver and Passengers Insurance

    • Get protection coverage for the age of 3 to 70 years with Driver and Passengers Insurance packages.
    • Obtain up to 50% of the benefits for passengers aging 15 years or less.
    • Get coverage for driver and passengers against cases of permanent dismemberment and loss of life with these insurance packages.
    • Obtain reimbursement for medical expenses, ambulance fee, funeral expenses, and dental and cosmetic surgery.
    • Get the coverage against accidental death and permanent dismemberment with the help of Driver and Passenger Insurance at low monthly premiums.
    • Obtain cover from the age of 18 to 70 years.

    Features and Benefits of Liberty Health Insurance

    • Get coverage with a premium payment of as low as RM1 per day with Liberty Health Insurance policies.
    • Obtain lifetime limit of up to RM2 million with these packages.
    • Get coverage for hospital service fees and surgical charges.
    • Get the policy renewed for an age of up to 100 years.
    • Obtain cashless hospital admission at time of emergencies.
    • Get insurance for your family with discounts on the premiums payable.

    Features and Benefits of Liberty Motor Insurance

    • Obtain assistance at the time of emergencies with Liberty Motor Insurance policy.
    • Get free roadside repair service and towing for your damaged vehicle.
    • Get car rental assistance if your vehicle gets damaged.
    • Obtain coverage against cases of damaged vehicle, stolen vehicle, and fire.
    • Get sum insured of a 5% additional amount of your vehicle’s market value.
    • Obtain coverage against third-party property damage, bodily injury, or death caused by your vehicle.

    Contact Information

    In order to get more information and get service assistance, you can contact the institution via the following numbers:

    • General line: 03 2619 9000
    • Toll free line: 1 300 888 990
    • Emergency towing toll free line: 1 800 88 5005
    • Fax: 03 2693 0111

    Liberty Insurance Malaysia offers you a wide range of insurance schemes. This includes life insurance schemes, health insurance packages, and motor insurance policies. In order to find the best policy for yourself, you can compare the benefits associated with these packages and choose the policy for yourself and your family according to your needs.


    Q. How can I make a claim for these insurance policies?

    A. In order to make a claim, you need to visit the nearest branch of Liberty Insurance Malaysia and submit the supporting documents for the claim. The list of documents you’re required to submit is given on the official website of Liberty Insurance.

    Q. What are the fees associated with these policies?

    A. You are required to pay a stamp duty of RM10. You might have to bear some other charges depending upon the policy you’re opting for.

    Q. How can I cancel my existing policy?

    A. If you wish to discontinue the policy you’ve opted for, you are required to give a written notice to the institution. You will receive a rebate on the premiums paid for the unexpired duration of the policy after cancellation.

    Q. What are the requirements for me to get the motor insurance?

    A. You must have a valid driving license under the regulation of the Malaysia Road Transport Department.

    Q. What is the entry age for health insurance packages?

    A. The minimum entry age is 30 days for the health insurance policies.

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