• Lonpac Car Insurance

    Lonpac motor insurance is one of the key insurance products offered by Lonpac insurance company in Malaysia. With the extensive usage of cars and vehicles, insurance for the same has become an important financial instrument. Since cars and other vehicles are items of high financial value, safeguarding them against possible loss or damage is a primary concern of vehicle owners.

    Lonpac car insurance schemes offer customers the much-needed insurance advantage as well as additional benefits which can be availed by customers in order to customize their insurance product and enhance the protection offered.

    Lonpac Car Insurance Features and Benefits

    Some of the most striking features and benefits of Lonpac car insurance are listed below.

    • Protection against loss or damage to your own vehicle, resulting from accident, natural calamities or theft
    • Protection against third party damage or death due to your vehicle
    • Protection against legal proceedings initiated against you by a third party
    • 24X7 road assistance for insured customers in case of vehicle breakdown or accident
    • Refund of policy premium in case of early cancellation of motor insurance scheme

    Additional benefits applicable on Lonpac motor insurance

    Listed below are some of the benefits that can be enjoyed by availing higher coverage at a slightly higher cost.

    • Additional coverage available for passenger liability, windscreen damage, Natural calamities like floods, storms etc., events of civil unrest namely riots, strikes and public commotion. All these benefits can be covered by paying a small additional premium. Customers can choose from these additional benefits depending upon their insurance preference
    • Special cover for protection against damage or loss due to natural calamities like flood, storms and rain
    • Comprehensive cover for car insurance includes coverage against any damage to vehicle in the event of riots, public demonstrations, strike and civil commotion
    • Legal liability of passengers covers bodily injury caused to passengers
    • Legal liability by passengers is covered in case legal action is initiated against you by your passengers
    • Stolen or broken car accessories are covered if customers avails additional cover

    Types of vehicles eligible for cover under Lonpac Car Insurance

    Following are the three types of vehicles covered under the Lonpac Car Insurance Schemes.

    1. Private vehicles – Includes cars, vans and other four wheel drives
    2. Goods/commercial vehicles – Includes commercial goods carrying vehicles, petroleum and diesel tankers and low loaders
    3. Other types of vehicles – Taxis, buses, tractors, motorcycles, mobile cranes etc.

    Lonpac Car Insurance Schemes

    Following are the different car insurance schemes offered by Lonpac car insurance.

    1. Private Vehicle Insurance scheme
    2. Additional top-ups can be availed by customers to modify and enhance the Private Vehicle insurance scheme

    Factors that affect Lonpac car insurance premium calculation


    Listed below are some of the most influential factors that are taken into account by Lonpac car insurance in order to calculate insurance premium for your vehicle.

    • Type of insurance cover
    • Use of vehicle, commercial or private
    • Carrying capacity of the vehicle
    • Age of the car
    • Sum Assured
    • No. of authorized drivers registered
    • Additional coverage availed or not
    • Amount of NCD you are entitled to

    Lonpac Car Insurance FAQs

    Who is eligible to enrol as a registered driver?

    Drivers below 70 years of age are eligible to enrol under the Lonpac car insurance policy.

    Does the age of my car affect the amount of insurance premium?

    Yes. The car insurance premium you are required to pay depends upon the age of your vehicle.

    How do I avail the additional benefits on Lonpac car insurance policy?

    You can pay an additional insurance premium and avail additional insurance benefits and enhanced protection under the Lonpac car insurance policies.

    When should I renew my Lonpac car insurance policy?

    Lonpac car insurance policy needs annual renewal for continued insurance protection.

    Is legal liability towards passengers offered by Lonpac car insurance?

    Yes. Legal liability towards third party is included under Lonpac car insurance, however, it is an additional benefit which can be availed by payment of certain extra premium amount.

    Can I avail Lonpac car insurance for goods or commercial vehicles?

    Yes. Lonpac car insurance can be availed even for commercial vehicles that are used for business needs.

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