• Manulife Insurance Berhad

    Manulife Insurance Berhad is a subsidiary of Manulife Holdings Berhad - a member of Manulife Financial Corporation (MFC). The service provider specialises in providing financial advice, insurance policies, and wealth and asset management solutions for Malaysians.

    Types of Manulife Insurance Products

    • ManuTerm Plan: This is a comprehensive income protection plan that provides coverage for a fixed number of years at minimal cost. This plan also provides coverage against death and Total & Permanent Disability (TBD) and you can pay the premium throughout your life.
    • ManuWhole Life: This life insurance scheme is designed to give you protection throughout your life at affordable premiums. This plan also provides coverage against TBD and death.
    • ManuSecure 5-20/ManuSecure 10-20: This series of life endowment plans provides coverage against death and TBD besides offering guaranteed cash payment from the end of the first policy year until the end of the policy term. Moreover, the premium payment term is flexible (5 or 10 years).
    • ManuWealth Assured 5-20/ManuWealth Assured 10-20: This series aims to provide you the potential to build your wealth simultaneously with insurance protection. This also provides coverage against death and TBD.
    • ManuGen Saver: This plan is meant for individuals who want to continue receiving some income all through their life. Parents or grandparents can purchase this plan if they want to leave a legacy for their next generation. This plan also provides death and TBD coverage. The plan comes with a flexible premium payment tenure of 5 years, 8 years or 12 years.
    • ManuLink Education: This is a regular premium investment-linked plan specially tailored to cater to your child’s academic goal besides providing coverage against death and TBD. You need to pay a minimum premium of RM250 monthly. You can also enhance the investment through top-up as well.
    • ManuLink Shield 2: This scheme provides coverage against death and TBD. It also gives additional accidental death benefit of 150% of the basic Face Amount. You need to pay a minimum premium of RM300 every month, and you can also increase the investment through top-up.
    • ManuLink Jade and ManuLink Pearl: These plans offer investment rewards along with life insurance protection to help you plan your future well. The plans also covers death and TBD. While making claims, the higher of Account Value or Face Amount is payable.
    • ManuLink Protect Plus with IPB: This insurance-linked plan gives high investment returns along with complete insurance protection. You need to pay a minimum premium of RM500 every month. You also have an option to increase the investment through a top-up. Besides getting death and TBD benefits, you can also add many riders to the plan to enhance your coverage.
    • ManuLink Protect Plus: This plan also gives high investment returns and insurance protection simultaneously. You can also get coverage against death and TBD. You need to pay a minimum premium of RM100 every month, and you can increase the investment through a top-up.
    • ManuLink Protect: This plan also provides death and TBD coverage besides giving your income tax benefits. You can also switch funds depending on the market performance.
    • ManuLink Retirement: This retirement plan allows you to maximise your savings for retirement. You can get the flexibility to adjust both the premium and Face Amount according to your affordability. The plan also offers death and TBD coverage.

    Manulife Insurance Features & Benefits

    Some of the features and benefits of this life insurance are:

    • The plans include whole life protection, coverage against death and TBD as well as affordable premiums.
    • You can make your protection coverage complete with many riders to the plans.
    • You can enhance your investment through top-ups by paying a minimum amount - ranging from RM100 to RM300 monthly.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Malaysian citizens or permanent residents of Malaysia are eligible to apply

    Documents Required

    • A photocopy of MyKad or NRIC.
    • Any other valid document as requested by the insurance company.

    Manulife Insurance Claims

    It is advisable to submit all the required claim documents to Manulife in order to initiate the claim process so that you get your money fast.

    Documents Required for Death Claim

    • Statement of the claimant
    • Passport/birth certificate of the claimant
    • Passport/birth certificate of the insured
    • Doctor’s Statement
    • Death certificate
    • Policy contract
    • Medical report
    • Authorisation to Release Information
    • Post Mortem Report copy and policy report (required to claim accidental death benefit)

    Documents Required for TBD Claim

    • Statement of the claimant
    • Medical Report
    • Request for Medical Report and the Authorisation to Release Information
    • Policy contract
    • Test reports like X-ray/MRI scan/CT Scan
    • Police report (in case of an accident)

    Documents Required for Dismemberment Claim

    • The statement of the claimant (for accidental injury)
    • Physician’s statement (for accidental injury)
    • E-Banking Facility form
    • Request for Medical Report & Authorisation to Release Information
    • Policy contract
    • Various test reports like X-ray/MRI scan/CT Scan
    • Police verification report

    Documents Required for Critical Illness Claim

    • Critical Illness statement
    • Doctor’s statement
    • Policy contract
    • Medical Report & Authorisation to Release Information
    • Test reports such as ECG, X-ray/ MRI/CT Scan, and biopsy

    Documents Required for Accident Indemnity Claim

    • Accident Indemnity Claim form (The Policyholder should complete Pages 1 and 2 and the attending physician’s statement, Page 3 and 4)
    • Request E-Banking Facility Form
    • Copy of medical certificate, discharge certificate and itemised bill
    • Police report
    • Test reports

    Contact Number

    In case of any queries that you may have, you can contact the Manulife Insurance Berhad in the following ways:

    • Manulife Insurance Berhad customer service centre.
    • Call the Customer Service Helpline at 03-2719 9112 and/or the Customer Care Toll Free Number at 1-300-13-2323.

    How to Cancel Manulife Insurance Policy

    To cancel the insurance policy, you will have to contact the concerned department of the insurance company and make an application regarding the cancellation. You will be guided further by the customer care representatives.


    Q. What is the difference between traditional insurance plan and investment-linked insurance plan?

    A. A traditional insurance plan gives you guaranteed protection along with some saving benefits, while an investment-linked insurance plan offers you flexible and high investment returns keeping in mind both investment and insurance coverage at various stages of life.

    Q. What are the different modes of premium payment?

    A. You can pay the premium in the following manner:

    • Salary deduction
    • Online
    • ATM
    • Banker’s order
    • Through your agent

    Q. What are the premium paying options available?

    A. You can pay the premium yearly, half-yearly, monthly, or quarterly.

    Q. Where can I contact if I seek any clarifications or have any questions?

    A. You can call the Customer Service Centre at 03-2719 9112 or the toll free number at 1-300-13-2323. Alternatively, you can contact your agent too.

    Q. Why are riders important?

    A. The riders are important as they enhance your basic insurance plan to offer you additional benefits.

    News About ManuLife Insurance

    • Lee Sang-hui to head Manulife Malaysia

      Lee Sang-hui has been appointed the Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Manulife Holdings Bhd and of Manulife Insurance Bhd. He will be replacing Mark O'Dell who will be retiring from Manulife.

      Lee has been in the life insurance business for over 25 years. He started his career in American Life Insurance, Japan and later joined AIG/AIA. With years of experience working across Asia, Lee will take care of Manulife's operations in Malaysia, including life insurance, wealth management, and health insurance.

      He has an MBA degree from Thunderbird School of International Management and also a Bachelor’s Degree at University of Colorado.

      The previous CEO, O'Dell worked at Manulife from 2008 and was taking care of Manulife's operations in Taiwan followed by Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      05 November 2018

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