• Maybank Car Insurance

    Maybank offers car insurance plans under conventional and Islamic banking. There are additional covers that you can opt to enhance the basic insurance cover. Choose a plan that is ideal for your needs and wants. Take a look at the features of car insurance offered by Maybank before you by a policy.

    List of Maybank Car Insurance Plans

    Motor Takaful: This is a comprehensive cover based on Shariah principles.

    Motor Insurance: This is a comprehensive cover for private cars based on conventional banking.

    Benefits of Maybank Car Insurance:

    • Get cover for damages or loss to your car due to a fire or an accident.
    • Get cover for damages or loss to your car caused by mechanical breakdown.
    • Get cover for collision or overturning of your car due to wear and tear.
    • Get cover for any loss or damages to your car due to theft, burglary or housebreaking.
    • Get access to 24/7 Auto Assist Hotline for any assistance during a breakdown.
    • Get free towing assistance for 200 kilometres to an approved panel workshop.
    • Get No Claims Discount up to a maximum of 55%.
    • Opt for additional coverage to enhance your basic insurance cover.
    • Get access to a nationwide panel of leading premier workshops.
    • Renew your road tax online through MyEG.

    Maybank Car Insurance Promotions in Malaysia

    • Get 10% discount for renewing your car insurance policy online. This is an ongoing promotion.

    Maybank Car Insurance Premium Calculator

    Click on “Get-a-Quote” button on Maybank website. Input relevant information such as your name, ID number, car registration number and contact details to get an insurance quote.

    Maybank Car Insurance Exclusions

    Liability will not be covered:

    • If you are not licensed to drive your car or if you are disqualified to drive a car.
    • If anyone else driving your car is not licensed to drive or if disqualified from driving a car.
    • If you or anyone else drive your car under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • If any loss or damage occurred to your car while it was used for any unlawful purpose.
    • If any loss or damage is caused by war, invasion, terrorism, riot, civil commotion, revolution and similar events.
    • If any loss or damage to your car is due to an act of nature such as floods, hurricanes, storms, volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides and such.
    • If your car is involved in any motor sport or competition.
    • If any loss or damage was due to your car left unattended without any proper precautions.
    • If any loss or damage is caused by nuclear weapons and material, directly or indirectly.

    You can find a list of all exclusions on the Maybank website.

    How Do You Buy Maybank Car Insurance Online?

    Complete and submit an online enquiry and application form to receive a quote and to purchase a policy online.

    How to Claim Maybank Car Insurance?

    Report any car claim in 3 ways.

    • Call the dedicated claims line at 1300 88 1007
    • Fax your claim to 03 2710 2542 or 03 2283 4289
    • Write your claim to:
      • Etiqa Insurance Berhad
      • Attn: Claims Dept, 12th Floor
      • Dataran Maybank
      • 1, Jalan Maarof
      • 59000 Kuala Lumpur

    Renew Maybank Car Insurance

    Renew your car insurance online by clicking on renew button on Maybank website. Go through 5 easy steps including an online payment to complete the renewal process.

    Contact Number

    Customer Care: 03 2718 5555


    Q. Are there any conditions for online renewal?

    A. Yes. You can renew your policy online only if your car is:

    • Privately owned by you
    • Not a new car
    • 20 years old or less

    Q. Is there a cancellation fee if I cancel my policy mid-term?

    A. Yes. You need to pay RM10.00 as a cancellation fee when you cancel your policy mid-term.

    Q. How can I cancel my policy?

    A. You can cancel your policy by submitting a cancellation notice and original certificate of insurance to the provider.

    Q. Will I get a refund if I cancel my policy?

    A. You may get a refund when you cancel your policy. The refund would be calculated on a pro-rata basis for the unexpired period. This refund is subject to terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

    Q. Can I have more than one policy covering the same car?

    A. If you have another policy covering the same car, you need to submit a written notice with details of the other policy.

    Q. What is the time period to report an accident?

    A. The minimum time period to notify an accident and a claim is within 7 days from the date of accident if you are not physically disabled or hospitalised due to the accident.

    If you are physically disabled or hospitalised due to the accident, you have to notify the accident within 30 days from the date of accident.

    Q. Will I lose my NCD if I make a claim?

    A. It depends on how your claim is settled. If the claim is settled as not your fault, then you will not lose your NCD. If the claim is settled as your fault, then you would lose your NCD.

    Q. Can I get my car repaired on my own if it is involved in an accident?

    A. No. You should not authorise any repairs on your car without consent from your insurance provider. Your claim could be rejected or nullified if you get repairs done on your own without consent from the provider.

    Maybank offers adequate support for all those wanting to buy a car insurance policy. If you are not sure of any terms or if you have any queries, contact the customer care number to receive assistance. Remember that your car insurance policy is valid only for a year. Renew it on time to avoid any penalty or issues.

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