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    MPI Generali offers you a range of personal insurance packages to choose from. These insurance packages include life insurance, health insurance, and travel insurance. These insurance schemes provide you and your family coverage against death, accidental injuries, and other unfortunate events.

    Types of MPI Generali Insurance Packages

    Personal Insurance

    There are 9 different insurance packages available under the personal insurance section. Let’s look at these packages in detail:

    • Multi Lucky Personal Accident: Multi Lucky Personal Accident scheme provides you coverage against accidental permanent total paralysis, kidnapping, and takes care of your financial obligations in case of permanent disability and accidental death.
    • Multi Medical-Protector: Multi Medical-Protector is a health insurance package that offers you hospital and surgical coverage against a range of minor and major disabilities and diseases.
    • Multi PA Protector: Multi PA Protector scheme provides you coverage against permanent disablement and death. The package also covers medical expenses incurred due to accidents.
    • Multi PA Premier: Multi PA Premier policy helps your entire family get covered against unfortunate events of death and permanent disability. The scheme also assists you financially to clear your financial obligations in cases of unfortunate events or accidents.
    • Multi Medi-Plus: The policy helps you get medical cover anywhere in the world, anytime. The policy also assists you to get hassle-free hospital admission, get coverage against accidental death, and other benefits.
    • Medic 101: The plan keeps you covered against multiple health related issues. The scheme covers the expenses related to cancer treatment, kidney dialysis, and physiotherapy treatments.
    • Home Protector Insurance: The insurance scheme covers your residential property and the contents inside it against damage or loss. The package provides your property a protection against natural disasters and accidents.
    • Travel Personal Accident Insurance: Travel Personal Accident Insurance scheme helps you travel with an ease of mind with a coverage when you’re travelling. The scheme provides you a cover against permanent total disability and death around the world.
    • The Gladiator: The policy provides you coverage against unfortunate events and provides you financial support to pay off your existing loans. The package also gives bereavement allowance and bears your medical expenses.

    Features and Benefits of MPI Generali Insurance

    • Get up to 200% of your capital sum insured in case of permanent total paralysis caused by accidents and coverage against kidnapping with Multi Lucky Personal Accident scheme.
    • The Multi Lucky Personal Accident scheme also provides you and your family with a financial help to pay off housing loan, motor loan, and credit card balance for a maximum of 6 months in cases of permanent disability or death caused by accident.
    • Obtain cover against cancer, stroke, heart attack, brain surgery, major organ transplant, and coma with the Multi Medical-Protector package. The package also offers hotel stay allowance for up to 5 days.
    • Get coverage against death and permanent disablement caused due to an accident with the help of Multi PA Protector. The scheme also covers the medical expenses, offers hospital income, bereavement allowance, repatriation allowance, and recuperative allowance. You can also earn a bonus when you opt to renew the policy.
    • Get your entire family covered, obtain financial help to clear your motor loan, home loan, and outstanding credit card balance, and protection against death and permanent disablement with the help of the Multi PA Premier policy.
    • Obtain a hassle-free hospital admission, get coverage against accidental death, and financial assistance for expenses related to surgeries, cancer treatment, kidney dialysis, and second opinion for surgery with the Multi Medi-Plus policy.
    • With affordable premiums, Medic 101 takes care of the expenses related to kidney dialysis, cancer treatment, home nursing care after hospitalisation, and physiotherapy treatments. The scheme provides a coverage of up to RM390,000 and is renewable till the age of 101 years.
    • Secure your residential property and the content inside with the help of Home Protector Insurance scheme. The policy comes with a coverage against natural disasters like hurricane, lightning, storm, and any explosion caused by domestic fire. The policy also covers the events of theft and robbery.
    • Travel peacefully with the help of Travel Personal Accident Insurance policy. The policy offers a lump sum amount in unfortunate events of death and permanent disablement during your journey.
    • Get financial support in cases of medical emergencies and get a cashless admission to hospitals with the help of The Gladiator policy. The policy helps you settle your current loan or credit card balance in cases of unfortunate events of death and permanent disability.

    Contact Information

    To get more information regarding your insurance products, you can contact the institution via the following modes of contact:

    MPI Generali Insurance Berhad provides you with a range of insurance policies. These policies offer a coverage against unfortunate events of personal accidents, death incurred by accidents, health insurance, travel insurance, and coverage schemes for your property. You can choose the policy according to your needs and stay protected against any unfortunate event.


    Q. Is there an option that allows me to cancel my existing policy?

    A. Yes, you can opt to discontinue the policy taken by providing the institution with a written notice.

    Q. Will I get a refund of the premiums paid if I cancel my Multi Lucky Personal Accident policy?

    A. No, you will not receive the refund of premium paid for any duration beyond the termination date. However, you might receive a refund of the premiums paid for other policies depending upon the conditions in your policy contract.

    Q. What are the fees and charges I need to bear with these insurance policies?

    A. You will be charged with a stamp duty of RM10 with these policies.

    Q. Is there an age limit associated with the Multi PA Protector scheme?

    A. Yes, you should be 18 to 65 years of age for this policy. However the policy is renewable till the age of 70 years.

    Q. How do I make a claim for these policies?

    A. You are required to submit your claim form with all the necessary details and supporting documents to make a claim.

    Q. How much monthly premium do I have to pay with these policies?

    A. The amount of monthly premium may differ from policy to policy and individual to individual.

    Latest News on MPI Generali Insurans Malaysia

    • Generali appoints new CEO for Malaysia

      K.G. Krishnamoorthy Rao has been appointed as the CEO of MPI Generali Insurans Berhad (MPI Generali). He shall be responsible for the operations of the company in the country. This will help drive the strategic growth plans for the country.

      He has previously been the MD and CEO of Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited (FGII). The company is a joint venture between Future and Generali groups. His previous role has been to execute the company’s strategy for growth with profitability.

      The previous CEO of MPI Generali was Oliver Tan. In FGII, Mr. Rao has been replaced by Shreeraj Deshpande, who has taken over as the interim head. He is also the Senior VP and head of operations, customer services, and health insurance.

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