• MSIG Car Insurance

    MSIG Insurance (Malaysia) Berhad, a subsidiary of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company offers several products under motor, home, life, health and travel insurance. MSIG Car insurance not only provides comprehensive coverage to your car but also gives additional protection to your motor insurance. Read on to find out more about this insurance policy.

    List of MSIG Car Insurance Coverage Plans

    • Comprehensive Cover: This plan provides wide coverage – to a third party, fire and theft cover as well as any physical damage to your vehicle caused by an accidental collision.
    • Third Party Cover: This plan insures you against any claims for physical injury, death, or property damage caused to a third party by your vehicle.
    • Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover: This policy provides you third party coverage and loss and  damage to your own vehicle due to accidental fire or theft.

    Benefits of MSIG Car Insurance:

    • Choose from three different plans as per your needs.
    • Get additional coverage with add-on options.
    • Get assistance in the event of an accident or breakdown.

    MSIG Car Insurance Premium Calculator

    • Get an online quote through the product enquiry form.
    • Key in relevant information such as your personal, driving and car details to get a quote.

    MSIG Car Insurance Exclusions

    This policy does not cover the following:

    • Your accidental death or bodily injury.
    • Your liability for claims for passengers in your vehicle.
    • Theft of non-factory accessories such as music systems, leather seats and sports rim.
    • Damage caused by nature such as floods, landslides or storms.
    • Mechanical or electrical breakdown of your vehicle.

    Refer to the insurance contract for a full list of exclusions.

    Documents Required to File a MSIG Car Insurance Claim

    Own Damage Claim

    • Police report
    • Copy of cover note
    • Copy of vehicle registration card
    • Copy of your driving licence and identity card
    • Copy of the other driver's identity card and driving licence (if you were not driving at the time of accident)
    • Copy of the acknowledgement letter

    You also need to submit the following:

    • Two sets of car keys (original)
    • Two copies of JPJ transfer form
    • Copy of JPJK1C Form duly signed
    • Original insurance certificate
    • Fully signed vehicle registration card
    • Letter of release from hire purchase company
    • Certified copy of your identity card


    In addition to the documents required for own damage claim, you must submit the following:

    • Negligent third party’s vehicle number along with their insurance details
    • Certified copy of police report of the other party’s driver
    • Police investigation result
    • Police sketch plan along with the keys

    Windscreen Damage Claim

    • Copy of the motor policy showing the windscreen extended cover
    • Duly signed authorized letter for payment to be made to the repairers

    Theft Claim

    • Police report
    • Certificate of insurance
    • Copy of the vehicle registration card
    • Identity card and driving license
    • Copy of your driver's identity card and driving license
    • Copy of your Hire Purchase Agreement (if you vehicle is still under hire purchase)

    How to Claim MSIG Car Insurance

    • Fill up the claim form along with the required documents as mentioned in the checklist.
    • Notify MSIG of the accident as soon as possible.
    • Get a police report within 24 hours.
    • Send your car only to MSIG authorised panel workshops for any repairs.

    If the accident involves any third party, then do the following:

    • Provide MSIG with details of the third party.
    • Do not negotiate any claim with the third party without MSIG's consent.
    • Inform the insurance company about any police action against the driver.
    • Forward the relevant documents to MSIG for immediate attention.

    Contact Number

    • Motor Assist Number:1-300-880-833 (Accident and Breakdown Assistance)
    • Customer Service Hotline:1-800-88-MSIG (6744)
    • General Line:+603 2050 8228
    • Fax:+603 2026 8086
    • Email:[email protected]


    Q. Do I have to pay any fees and charges to take up a policy?

    A. Yes. The following are the applicable fees and charges:

    • Stamp duty – RM10
    • GST – 6% of the premium
    • Intermediary commission - 10% of the premium amount

    Q. What is Compulsory Excess?

    A. Compulsory Excess is the amount of loss you must bear if your vehicle is driven by someone who  has not reached 21 years of age and/or is not named on your policy. The amount you must pay as compulsory excess is RM400 for a private car policy.

    Q. Can I cancel my policy before the renewal date?

    A. Yes. You may cancel your policy any time by sending a written notification to the company. Within a week of the cancellation, you must surrender the insurance certificate.

    Q. How can apply for this policy?

    A. In order to apply for this policy, you must complete the proposal form and send it to either the company or your insurance adviser.

    Q. What factors determine the premium amount?

    A. The total premium amount that you must pay depends on the following factors:

    • Cubic capacity of your vehicle
    • Sum insured
    • No-claim-discount entitlement
    • Optional benefits

    Q. What additional coverage can I get for my policy?

    A. You can get the following additional coverages:

    • Protection from nature related damage including floods, storms and landslides
    • Protection against the loss and damage of your smart key
    • Compensation for assessed repair time

    Q. What are the benefits of MSIG Motor Assist?

    A. The benefits are:

    • Nationwide coverage, which is available round the clock.
    • 24-Hour towing & emergency roadside repair services.
    • 6-month warranty for own damage claims.

    Q. Do I have to pay any additional charges for leveraging the services of MSIG Motor Assist?

    A. No. You need not pay any surcharge to your premium.

    Car insurance is mandatory in Malaysia. Check the market value of your car and insure it adequately for sufficient protection on the road. Add optional covers for enhanced protection. Compare quotes and choose an insurance plan that is suitable for you and your car.

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