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    MSIG is a global provider of insurance. The company has deep and strong roots in Malaysia where it offers insurance pertaining to life, health and vehicles. Car insurance by MSIG is one of the most popular insurance products in the Malaysian financial market. MSG is one of the most preferred car insurance provider in Malaysia due to speedy customer services as well as hassle-free claim settlement.

    No matter how accomplished you might be as a car driver, the probability of unforeseen mishaps is never zero. Hence, car insurance is an important financial tool to own so as to guarantee protection in case


    Features and benefits of MSIG Car Insurance


    Some of the most prominent features of MSIG car insurance are listed below. These benefits are generic and are applicable to almost all car insurance schemes offered by MSIG.

    • Free accident/roadside assistance with car insurance policies by MSIG Insurance in the event of accident or car break-down
    • A widespread network of recommended motor repair centers that offer quick, convenient and hassle-free service whenever the need arises
    • 24X7 free towing for vehicles that need assistance
    • Early cancellation of policy makes you eligible for refund of the premium paid
    • Comprehensive cover for car insurance ensures that you are sufficiently covered in the event of loss or damage to your car or any third party
    • Vehicles aged less than 5 years are repaired free of cost
    • Assistance with regards to transportation, health care referral and hotel bookings in case of damage to vehicle

    Additional benefits applicable on MSIG Motor Insurance


    Listed below are some of the benefits that can be enjoyed at a slightly higher insurance premium.

    • Coverage for breakage of windscreen, glass on windscreen, rear and back side window is covered as part of this
    • Legal Liability to customers providers protection to customers against any legal liability initiated in the event of a claim. This is valid only for legal proceedings filed in a court in Malaysia
    • Perils cover for car insurance includes coverage against any damage to vehicle in the event of riots, public demonstrations, strike and civil commotion
    • Early cancellation of policy entitles you to a policy refund
    • Coverage for all registered drivers
    • Protection against natural disasters like floods, storms etc.

    Types of vehicles eligible for cover under MSIG Car Insurance


    Following are the three types of vehicles covered under MSIG Car Insurance Schemes.

    1. Private vehicles – Includes cars, vans and other four wheel drives
    2. Goods/commercial vehicles – Includes commercial goods carrying vehicles, petroleum and diesel tankers and low loaders
    3. Other types of vehicles – Taxis, buses, tractors, motorcycles, mobile cranes etc.

    Factors that affect MSIG car insurance premium calculation


    Following are the factors that are considered by MSIG car insurance in order to calculate insurance premium for your vehicle.

    • Type of insurance scheme
    • Use of vehicle, commercial/private
    • Carrying capacity of your vehicle
    • Age of your car
    • Policy Sum Assured
    • No. of authorized drivers registered
    • Extended coverage feature if applicable

    MSIG car insurance claim guidelines


    In order to make a car insurance claim, here are a few guidelines that customers need to follow.

    • Lodge a police complaint within 24 hours of the mishap
    • Notify MSIG insurance about the accident as soon as possible
    • Fill in the claim form and submit it along with other required documents in the MSIG insurance office
    • If a third-party is involved in the accident, then inform MSIG about it and do not indulge in negotiation with the third-party with respect to claim settlement without MSIG's prior consent

    Documents required for making MSIG car insurance claim

    Following are the documents that are required to settle any car insurance claims made with MSIG car insurance

    In case of owned car's damage:

    • Copy of police complaint
    • Copy of car's registration card
    • Identity proof
    • Driving License copy
    • Statement from driver, wherever required and if possible
    • copy of acknowledgment letter
    • Letter of release from hire-purchase agreement company

    In case you make s car insurance claim with MSG, following are the points that you need to know.

    • Your No-claim-discount (NCD) will remain intact
    • An adjuster will be appointed by MSIG to inspect your vehicle
    • The excess mentioned in your policy will be paid by you which however, can later be claimed as reimbursement
    • Loss of use against the insurer of third party can also be claimed by you

    How to make car insurance claim with MSIG Insurance>


    MSIG realizes that claim settlement is its top priority owing to its dedication to customer service. Hence, various channels have been set up by the insurance company to offer faster claim settlement. These channels are listed below.

    1. 1 Stop Claim Helpdesk – This help desk has been created especially to cater to the claim settlement needs of customers - 1-800-2-CLAIM (25246)
    2. Claim Settlement Email Address – [email protected]
    3. Motor insurance claim can also be checked online at the MSIG insurance website

    FAQs on MSIG motor insurance


    Can my NCD be transferred from some other insurer to MSIG?

    Yes. NCD can be transferred from one insurance provider to another.

    Is additional protection offered by MSIG on its motor insurance?

    Yes. Additional protection can be availed on payment of a marginally higher insurance premium.

    What are some general exclusions under which MSIG motor insurance protection is not offered?

    Some of such instances are -

    • Car driven by an unregistered driver
    • Driver below 21 years of age
    • Driver with provisional license
    • Driver with license which is less than 2 years old

    Is the comprehensive motor insurance cover by MSIG more beneficial?

    Yes. Comprehensive motor insurance is better since it offers a host of benefits at a marginally higher insurance premium. All third-party related instances are also taken care of.

    Is 1 stop claim desk more useful?

    Yes. I stop claim desk has been designed to address quickly the claim settlement needs of customers and as such is fairly fast and hassle-free.

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