• MSIG Insurance

    MSIG Insurance provides personal and business insurance products. Some of the personal insurance policies allow you to choose the extent of coverage you need. Other than the usual policies, you can also purchase riders to enjoy additional benefits on a particular insurance scheme.

    Types of Insurance Plans Offered by MSIG


    Motor: You can select from the options of comprehensive cover, third party fire & theft cover, and third party cover. The damage caused to your car due to fire or theft is covered by the policy. The damage caused due to an accident is also covered. The death/injury to a third party and the third-party vehicle damage are covered.

    Motor Add-On: Get additional coverage above the ones provided by the MSIG Motor insurance with MSIG Motor Add-On insurance policy. It provides compensation if the car is no longer usable due to assessed repair time by the loss adjuster.

    All-in-Home: This home insurance provides flexible coverage for the home content and your family in the case of emergencies. The policy allows you to choose the extent of coverage you need.

    Houseowner/Householder: You can get your home covered against the damage caused due to events, such as fire, burglary, and armed robbery. The policy provides protection for your family, home, and personal belongings.


    TravelRight Plus: The travel insurance policy covers both leisure and business trips. You and your family can travel with peace of mind when you purchase the policy.

    Golfer PA: The policy cover death and permanent disability if you suffer the same while playing golf. It also takes care of the personal liability to the public if an accidental bodily injury or damage is caused while playing golf.

    Sports PA: You can enjoy your favourite sport to the fullest while being covered by the policy. It covers a host of sports under 4 categories—outdoor/indoor sports, water sports, winter sports, and other sports.


    Healthcare International: The medical plan provides hospitalisation and surgical benefits in your home country and abroad. Higher hospital room and board benefits are provided when you travel out of your home country.

    FlexiHealth: It provides the necessary medical care coverage and provides you with the protection you need. You can get hassle-free admission and treatment at the panel hospitals.

    Ladies Lifestyle: The policy is designed especially for ladies and their healthcare. It takes care of critical illnesses, personal accident, facial/dental surgery for accidental damage correction, and snatch theft loss.

    Personal Accident

    Out-Of-Pocket Expenses (OOPS) PA: You and your passengers will be covered for the unexpected expenditure arising from an accident. You can also enjoy a renewal bonus of 10% of the principal limits of loss and workshop allowance up to a maximum of 50%.

    ABC PA: This personal accident insurance policy takes care of your financial security when an unfortunate event occurs. It provides coverage for events, such as funeral and cremation expenses, hospital income, ambulance fee, medical expenses, major burns, and coma.

    Prime PA: Get an extended protection against accidents and other unexpected risks of life with the Prime PA policy. There are 5 plans available under the policy. Enjoy a renewal bonus of 10% of the basic sum insured every time you renew your policy, up to 50%.

    Individual PA: The policy handles the hospitalisation and medical expenses arising from an accident. It also provides daily income as long as you are temporarily disabled and cannot take care of your family financially.

    Generations PA: It is a single plan covers every member of the family irrespective of the age. The coverage includes accidental death/permanent disability, drowning, toxic food consumption, snake bites, and electrocution.

    Overseas Student PA: The education policy is designed for students studying abroad. You can get 24-hour emergency and travel assistance on services, such as hospital admission, lost/stolen baggage and documents, and emergency message transmission.

    Senior Citizen PA: Get financial security during the retirement period of your life with the policy. The coverage is provided at low premiums starting at 21 sen per day for a coverage of RM50,000.

    Features and Benefits of MSIG Insurance



    • The death and permanent disability coverage available is up to RM35,000 for the driver and the passengers.
    • Get double indemnity for the accidents that occur on a Malaysian public holiday.
    • The policy is available only for the cars aged from 5 to 15 years.
    • Get a coverage for the repair/replacement of the smart car key; once during the policy period.

    Motor Add-On:

    • Enjoy 24-hour towing service valid for multiple cases.
    • Get a waiver on the compulsory excess and the betterment cost.
    • Protect your car from natural disasters with the Special Perils and Limited Special Perils.
    • Enjoy the Smart Key Shield feature that covers the loss/damage of your car’s smart key.


    • The policy is available for homeowners and tenants who occupy the house.
    • You can get your apartment/condominiums covered with the policy.
    • Use the MSIG Home Assist feature when you come across a household problem, such as a short circuit, blocked drains, and roof leak.


    • The Houseowner policy covers the physical building of your house/flat/apartment along with garages, walls, gates, fence, fittings, and fixtures.
    • The Householder policy covers the contents of the house.
    • Get a compensation of up to RM10,000 or one half of the total sum assured on home content in the case of your death.
    • Get an owner’s liability allowance of up to RM50,000 on the building and its content.


    TravelRight Plus:

    Golfer PA:

    • Get a compensation for the loss/damage of golfing equipment.
    • The policy covers the legal liability to a third party in the case of bodily injury/damage to their property.
    • Receive the hole-in-one award when you hit the golf ball into the hole.

    Sports PA:

    • Adventure sports, such as skydiving, scuba diving, power boating, mountaineering, and parachuting are covered.
    • Get a compensation of up to RM3,000 for the loss/damage to sports equipment due to fire, theft, and accident.
    • A coverage of up to RM100,000 is provided in the case of accidental death and permanent disability.
    • Get double indemnity of up to RM200,000 in the case of total and permanent disability.


    Healthcare International:

    • Get tax relief of up to RM3,000 on your annual premiums subject to the approval of the Inland Revenue Board.
    • Enjoy 24-hour emergency medical advice, hospital referral, and hospital admission assistance.
    • An optional coverage of up to RM3,000 per pregnancy per year is available for a normal delivery. It can go up to RM5,000 in the case of a complicated delivery.


    • Choose from 4 different plans available under the policy.
    • The maximum entry age is 59 years and the policy is renewable up to an age of 80 years.
    • Choose the optional benefit to get coverage for treatment in Singapore.
    • Get a family discount of 10% on the total premium if 3 or more family members are enrolled for the policy coverage.

    Ladies Lifestyle:

    • Get a coverage of up to RM100,000 when you are diagnosed with one of the 28 critical illnesses listed and if you survive a minimum of 14 days after diagnosis.
    • A personal accident coverage of up to RM50,000 is provided.
    • Enjoy a renewal bonus of 10% of the original sum insured up to 50% if no claims are made.
    • Get the optional cover that takes care of maternity risks that occur within 30 days from childbirth/miscarriage.

    Personal Accident

    Out-Of-Pocket Expenses (OOPS) PA:

    • Choose from the 3 plans available under the policy.
    • Get an accidental death/permanent disability coverage of up to RM75,000 if the accident occurs when you were driving the car.
    • Get triple indemnity in the case of accidental death and permanent disability during festive seasons.

    ABC PA:

    • Enjoy 24-hour coverage across the world with the policy.
    • Get double indemnity benefit of up to RM140,000 if an accident occurs on a Malaysian public holiday when you are travelling in a public/private transport.
    • The accidental death/permanent disability coverage available is up to RM70,000.

    Prime PA:

    • The policy provides coverage up to an age of 80 years.
    • Get special coverage on viral diseases, such as dengue, malaria, Zika virus, and chikungunya.
    • Accidental death/permanent disability will fetch you a compensation of up to RM1 million based on the plan you choose.

    Individual PA:

    • The entry age for the policy is between 16 years and 65 years.
    • The policy can be renewed up to an age of 70 years.
    • Weekly benefit is paid in the case of temporary total disablement or temporary permanent disablement.
    • Get coverage for the purchase of orthopaedic equipment, personal liability, and funeral expenses.

    Generations PA:

    • You are eligible for the policy if your age is between 1 month and 69 years.
    • Get free coverage for kids aged between 1 month and 17 years when you and your spouse are both insured individually (same policy).
    • If you are a Malaysian citizen living in the home country and travelling overseas by a public transport, then you will be eligible for a double indemnity benefit in the case of death/permanent disability.
    • Get hospital income of RM200 per day up to a period of 365 days.

    Overseas Student PA:

    • Get a personal accident cover of up to RM200,000.
    • The policy provides emergency medical evacuation allowance of up to RM500,000.
    • Get a coverage of up to RM20,000 in the case of cancelling your flight before departure.

    Senior Citizen PA:

    • Get a discount of 15% when you enrol for the policy with your spouse.
    • You are eligible for the coverage if your age is between 55 years and 75 years. You must be retired or engaged in a non-manual occupation.
    • Get an accidental death/permanent disability coverage of up to RM250,000.
    • The policy provides a medical expenses coverage of up to RM2,500.

    Contact Information

    Home Assist 1-300-880-863
    Motor Assist 1-300-880-833
    MSIG Assist (International) +603 7965 3930
    MSIG Assist (Domestic) +603 7628 3980
    Customer Service Hotline 1-800-88-6744
    General Line +603 2050 8228
    Bancassurance Hotline 1-800-88-6163
    Fax +603 2026 8086
    Email [email protected]


    MSIG Insurance Malaysia Berhad offers a number of policies under categories, such as asset, travel, healthcare, and personal accident. Some of the policies cover critical illnesses and provide benefits for a number of events. You can buy these products online or at the nearest branch office. Compare other insurance policies and schemes, choose diligently, apply, and stay protected!


    Q. How should I pay the annual premium of my MSIG insurance policy?

    A. You can choose one of the following modes to pay your annual premiums:

    • JomPAY.
    • Interbank-GIRO/Instant Fund Transfer.
    • Online Bill Payment.
    • Fax the Credit/Debit Card Authorisation Form.
    • Mail your cheque or Credit/Debit Card Authorisation Form.
    • Direct Payment through cash/cheque/credit card/debit card.
    • Cash deposit machine.
    • Over the counter at the branch office.

    Q. What are the terms and conditions applicable regarding the person I can nominate?

    A. Basically, anyone can be nominated to get the benefits of your policy. However, not every nominee will receive the benefits of the plan. The nominations made by a non-Muslim policyholder can be confirmed with a trust and non-trust policy. You can confirm that the nominee should receive the benefits with a trust policy.

    Q. What are the available fees and charges when purchasing a policy?

    A. The fees and charges applicable are tabulated below:

    Fee Type Description
    Sales and Service Tax 6% of the premium.
    Commission to the insurance agent 15% of the premium.
    Stamp Duty RM10.

    Q. Does the Overseas Student PA policy get terminated if I am unable to continue my education at the institution?

    A. The policy provides a study interruption coverage of up to RM20,000 if you are temporarily discontinuing your education due to one of the listed reasons:

    • Hospitalised for more than a month consecutively due to an injury.
    • Death of a family member.
    • Terminal sickness.
    • Medical repatriation.

    The facility is available as an optional benefit with the policy.

    Q. What are the documents required to submit a home insurance claim?

    A. You have to submit the following documents to make a home insurance claim:

    • A list of all the items that are destroyed or damaged.
    • In the case of lightning, you have to submit a technical report.
    • In the case of fire, you have to provide a fire brigade report.
    • In the case of theft, a police report must be submitted.
    • Two quotations for the repair/replacement of the damaged/lost items for comparison.
    • Original invoices for the purchase of the damaged/destroyed items.

    News About MSIG Insurance

    • MSIG Insurance Launches New Home Protection Policy

      MSIG Insurance Bhd has launched a new home protection scheme called Home SafeGuard. With the help of the new plan, you will be able to use an online Building Cost Calculator by Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM).

      Before Home SafeGuard was launched, only a registered valuer could give a rebuilding estimate. By using the tool instead, homeowners can save a lot of time and money. Also, building costs tend to increase every year and homeowners’ insurance might not be enough to cover the costs.

      MSIG Insurance hopes that this tool can give homeowners an approximate idea how much insurance will cover the rebuilding costs. In order to help customers use this tool, MSIG is currently offering a 30% discount on most products and are also offering additional benefits.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      19th November 2018

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