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    MSIG Insurance (Malaysia) Bhd is the subsidiary of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited which is further a member of MS&AD Insurance Group. MS&AD Insurance Group is one of the largest general insurance groups in the world. MSI is operating in over 39 countries, based in Japan, with strong financial ratings from, Moody’s Investors Service, Standard & Poor’s, A.M. Best Company and several other global rating agencies. The company is said to have a global total net of premium of over USD 13 billion along with total assets of over USD 59 billion.

    MSIG Travel Insurance are available for both single trips and annual travel insurance if you are frequent traveller. The coverage range is widespread that financial aid is always at hand when needed. the company promotes its annual plan for frequent travellers, to both save and gain extra benefits at the same time.

    MSIG Travel Insurance Schemes

    There are two main types of insurance schemes available, however the features may vary depending upon the premium payable, duration of stay and individuals involved:

    1. Single Travel Insurance: For people who travel less and do not have further plans of travelling.
    2. Annual Travel Insurance: This plan is best suited for frequent travellers especially with the purpose of business or professional trips.

    MSIG Travel Insurance Features & Benefits

    The following are the key features and benefits of the MSIG travel insurance with large coverage:

    1. Personal Accident: Coverage of up to RM 250,000 for personal accident death or permanent disablement. Child education fund of up to RM 7500.
    2. Medical and Other Expenses: Reimbursement of actual expenses for medical, surgical or hospital charges and emergency dental treatment charges of up to RM1 million, when required.
    3. Baggage and Personal Effects covers total loss/damage to your luggage and personal belongings.
    4. Baggage Delay coverage charges paid for every six consecutive hours of delay.
    5. Personal Money cover of up to RM 1000 for loss of cash and travellers’ cheques due to robbery or theft.
    6. Travel Documents coverage of up to RM5000 for necessary accommodation, communication and travel expenses incurred in obtaining travel documents.
    7. Travel Cancellation cover can be used in the event of the cancellation of your journey due to death, illness or accidental bodily injury.
    8. Travel Missed Connection coverage can be used for missed travel connection whereby the next transportation is only available more than 6 hours later.
    9. There is extra coverage for Travel Inconvenience
    10. Travel reroute and Travel Cancellation along with Travel Curtailment are extended to cover flood, earthquake, tsunami or hurricane.
    11. 24x7 Worldwide Travel Assistance Hotline: +603-7965 3930
    12. There is no upper age limit for this insurance, but there are certain terms and conditions.
    13. Flexible plans for overseas travel Covers both business AND leisure trips Covers hijacking and terrorism Chartered flights (SCHEDULED) are covered Member of MATTA (Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents)

    How Do I Claim for MSIG Travel Insurance

    The following steps need to be followed to make a claim against a coverage under the travel insurance plan from MSIG:

    1. Notify MSIG immediately as soon as you have returned from abroad in respect of any event that may give rise to a claim.
    2. Complete the relevant sections of the claim form relating to your claim.
    3. Submit the claim form together with the following documents:
      • Copies of Airline tickets, electronic tickets or boarding passes.
      • Original receipts for all items claimed.Original receipts for all medical bills and reports and confirmation of admittance and discharge from hospital of medical claims.
      • Irregularity report from airline if baggage is lost or damaged by the airline.
      • if you are claiming for Baggage Delay/Travel Delay/Missed Travel Connection/Travel Overbooked/ Missed Departure/Travel Reroute.
      • Police Report & Currency Exchange Slip for Money and Theft Claims.
      • Written confirmation from hotels or handling agents in respect of claim for loss of use of hotel facilities.
      • Police Report or Bomba Report for claim on Home Protection.

      Note that the documents necessary depend upon the coverage area that is being claimed. Hence, documents have to be submitted accordingly. Further, documents may be required by the bank, later.

    MSIG Travel Insurance Premiums

    The MSIG travel insurance premiums are based on the following factors:

    • Area the insured is traveling to is considered. There are 4 segregations under this category and there certain countries where the insurance cannot cover you.
    • The number of people being insured: Individual, individual with spouse or family
    • The premiums also vary based on single trip insurance and annual travel insurance schemes. Individuals with high frequencies of travel would find the annual travel insurance more economical.

    MSIG Travel Insurance FAQs

    Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about MSIG travel insurance:

    1. What is the eligibility criteria?

    A. All Malaysians as well as Permanent Residents, Non Residents, Work Permit/Employment Pass Holders or otherwise legally employed persons in Malaysia and their Dependents are eligible to apply. Family Plan is permissible for Single Trip only and the age of child must be above 30 days and below 18 years of age. For Annual Cover plan, all applicants must be between 18 to 69 years old at first enrolment. Cover may be granted beyond age 70 provided you are enrolled in the Plan before that age and have remained continuously covered thereafter, up to the maximum age of 80.

    2. Can I buy an individual cover for a child?

    A. Yes, everything will be chargeable and covered in the same way except the Death Benefit which is RM62,500. Also one of the Parent/Guardian has to sign the proposal form on the life of the Insured Person.

    3. Can I continue my medical treatment for any injury sustained during my trip, after my return home?

    A. Yes, it is possible to do so within 45 days to undergo follow-up treatment with coverage of up to RM30,000 but the overall medical expenses should not exceed RM300,000

    4. Does the insurance cover me for travel delay in the event of a terrorist attack at the Airport?

    A. No, the terrorism Extension only covers the Insured in the case of death or bodily injury sustained through acts of terrorism provided that there is no liability when such acts of terrorism involve the use of biological, chemical agents or nuclear devices.

    5. How do I cancel my policy and get a refund of the premiums paid?

    A. No refunds of premiums will be paid once the MSIG TravelRight Plus Insurance policy has been issued.

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