• MSIG Travel Insurance

    MSIG Insurance (Malaysia) Bhd is one of the leading insurance policy providers in the world. With its parent company, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (MSI) strategically located in Japan, MSIG’s network is spread across over 42 countries. In Malaysia, the company has more than 20 branches offering a wide range of personal and business insurance products.

    MSIG Travel Insurance offers TravelRight Plus – an exclusive MSIG product designed to protect you and your family’s interests while travelling.

    List of MSIG Travel Insurance Coverage Plans

    There are basically two types of plans available:

    • Single Trip Insurance Cover: Plans available are Insured Only, Insured and Spouse, and Family.
    • Annual Trip Insurance Cover: There’s only one plan under this coverage – Insured Only.

    Benefits of MSIG Travel Insurance

    Here are a few features and benefits of MSIG Travel Insurance:

    • Personal accident: A total coverage of RM250,000 and RM 62,500 if there’s a death due to accident involving an adult and child respectively. Child education fund is capped at RM7,500.
    • Medical related benefits: Individuals below 70 years of age can get a maximum medical insurance of RM3 million. Medical insurance is capped at RM1 million for individuals over 70 years of age.
    • Baggage loss: Loss of personal belongings or luggage is also covered under this policy.
    • Baggage delay: Coverage charges paid for every six consecutive hours of baggage delay.
    • Loss of personal money: The policy covers up to RM1,000 for loss of money while travelling.
    • Travel documents: Coverage of up to RM5,000.
    • Travel cancellation: Coverage of up to RM18,000.
    • Delay in travel: Coverage charges paid for every 6 consecutive hours of travel inconvenience or delay.
    • Anything related to adventure related activity: Injuries sustained while participating in adventure sports, including bungee jumping, skydiving, jet skiing, etc. are covered under this policy.
    • Other coverage: TravelRight Plus also covers loss incurred in travel reroute, cancellation, and curtailment, loss of travel deposit, etc.
    • 24-hour Worldwide Travel Assistance: Get travel related queries solved for free with MSIG’s 24-hour Worldwide Travel Assistance. Dial +603 - 7965 3930 for Visa, loss of luggage, passport, and other important travel-related queries.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Any permanent or non-resident Malaysian over 18 years of age (for annual cover it’s between 18 and 69 years of age) is eligible to apply. If you are a foreigner, you need to have a work permit. For a child travelling with family, he/she has to be between 30 days and 18 years of age.

    MSIG Travel Insurance for Foreigners

    In order to sign up for the insurance policy, foreigners or expats need to have a work permit or an employment pass to validate that they are legally employed in Malaysia.

    MSIG Travel Insurance Premium Calculator

    You can calculate the premium you have to pay through the MSIG Travel Insurance Premium Calculator. Select the area, persons to be covered, and the date of your travel to calculate the amount.

    MSIG Travel Insurance Exclusions

    Refer to the following pointers to note all the exclusions under this policy:

    • War and similar conditions

    • Government policies of any country

    • Life-threatening adventure

    • Drug-induced death or illness

    • Suicide or self-harm

    • Terminal illness pre-notified by a doctor

    • AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases

    • Travelling to a foreign country for treatment without the consent of medical practitioner

    • Pre-existing illness and other health-related problems

    • Psychological disorders

    • Pregnancy and miscarriage

    • Any manual work related to trade or employment

    • Travelling in an aircraft that’s not fully licensed

    How Do You Buy MSIG Travel Insurance?

    Visit MSIG Malaysia Bhd website, download and fill up the proposal form, and send it either to MSIG office or your insurance agent/adviser.

    Documents Required

    You need to submit the following documents in order to file travel insurance claim:

    • Travel booking invoice, including copies of airline tickets and boarding passes. You will also need to provide medical bills and hospital admittance and discharge.
    • Proof for all items claimed.
    • In case of loss or damage of luggage, you need to provide a report issued by the airline on the same.
    • In case of delay, you need to submit a written statement from the concerned airline stating the cause of delay. Same process needs to be followed for travel delay, luggage delay, etc.
    • In case of theft claims, you have to submit police report and currency exchange slip.
    • For home protection claims, you have to submit police report or Bomba report.
    • Written confirmation from the hotel authorities for hotel facilities claims.

    How to claim MSIG travel insurance

    Here are the following steps you need to take to claim travel insurance:

    • You need to inform MSIG as soon as you return from your travel in order to initiate insurance claims.
    • Fill up and submit the claim form with supporting documents

    Renewal of MSIG travel insurance

    Annual policy has 1 year of coverage period after which it can be renewed on paying a premium..

    MSIG TravelRight Plus Hotline Number

    The following is MSIG Travel Assist hotline or emergency contact number:

    +603 - 7965 3930


    Q. Can foreigners sign up for TravelRight Plus?

    A. Yes, they can. However, they have to submit valid documents to show that they are legally employed in Malaysia.

    Q. How many types of travel insurance policies do MSIG provide?

    A. MSIG offers two types of travel insurance plans - Single trip policy and Annual trip policy.

    Q. For a single trip, how much premium do I have to pay?

    A. It entirely depends on the area of travel, the plan you choose, and the number of days insured.

    Q. Which areas fall under the single trip plan?

    A. Mentioned below are the geographical areas that fall under the single trip plan:

    • Area 1 includes Taiwan, Australia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Korea, Laos, Japan, Maldives, Brunei, Myanmar, Macau, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, India, and Vietnam.
    • Area 2 includes Europe, Tibet, Mongolia and Nepal, and all the countries that fall under Area 1.
    • Area 3 covers all the countries in the world except and Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Sudan, and Cuba.
    • Area 4 includes Malaysia.

    Q. Can I cancel the policy midway and get a refund?

    A. No, the premium is non-refundable once the policy is issued.

    Q. Can I claim for travel delay in case of a terrorist attack?

    A. No, you cannot. You can claim against Terrorist Extension only when there’s a death or body injury caused due to acts of terrorism provided that the act doesn’t involve any use of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.

    Q. Where should I contact in case of an emergency?

    A. For any travel insurance related query, call MSIG hotline number - +603 - 7965 3930.

    Q. Is the proposal form available online?

    A. Yes, it is. Visit MSIG TravelRight Plus page and download the attached proposal form.

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