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    Pacific & Orient Insurance Co. Berhad is a general insurance company that provides a range of policies and packages to suit individual needs. Read further to learn more about the different types of insurance policies offered by Pacific and Orient Insurance.

    Types of Insurance Available in Pacific and Orient Insurance

    • Car Insurance
      • P&O Total Assist Car: This policy provides coverage against car accidents and roadside repairs. You will also get travel assistance and many other additional benefits with this policy.
      • P&O Private Car: As the name suggests, this insurance is for private cars. The scheme covers accidental damage, collision, and overturning, as well as theft, fire, and malicious acts.
      • P&O Commercial Vehicle: This policy offers coverage for commercial vehicles. It covers accidents collision, damage, overturning, theft, lightning, and malicious acts.
    • Motorcycle Insurance
      • P&O Total Assist Motorcycle: The scheme covers accident and breakdown towing as well as roadside repairs.
    • Property Insurance
      • P&O Property Fire Policy: This policy offers coverage in the event of property loss or damage caused by fire or lightning. You can extend the coverage by paying an additional premium.
      • P&O Property All Risks Policy: This policy provides coverage in the event of loss or damage of the property caused within the territorial limits, like gas cylinder explosion.
      • P&O Burglary Policy: While the houseowner’s policy insures the building of your house, the householder policy insured the contents of your house. Get coverage against loss or damage.
      • P&O Houseowner/Householder Policy: The policy provides coverage against property damage and loss. The duration of the cover is one year. The insurance must be renewed annually.
    • Travel Insurance
      • P&O Travel: This travel insurance policy provides compensation if the insured person suffers a disability or dies during their travel. There are three plans available under this scheme. You can choose one that suits your needs the best.
    • Personal Accident Insurance
      • PA 10 Plus: The PA 10 Plus scheme comes with 4 plans. Under this scheme, you will get up RM200,000 coverage for accidental death and up to RM200,000 personal liability. Additional covers are available for professional sports, Martial Arts, use of woodworking machinery driven by mechanical power, hunting, and medical expenses.
      • PA Continental Scheme: This insurance policy covers death and total and permanent disability. Individuals from 16 to 65 years of age can apply for this scheme.
      • Driver PA: This policy provides coverage to drivers if an accident happens while they are travelling. The coverage will include death and total and permanent disability, including loss of sight.
      • Passengers Drivers Plan (PDP): This policy offers compensation to drivers and passengers when they've been in an accident while in a vehicle. It covers accidental death, permanent disablement, bereavement expenses, as well as medical and surgical expenses.
      • Motorcyclist PA (MCPA): MCPA offers coverage for motorcyclists if they've met with an accident while riding their bikes. The policy covers accidental death and total and permanent disablement and offers bereavement benefits.
    • Other Insurance Plans
      • Professional Indemnity: This insurance is for professionals, such as solicitors, accountants, engineers, architects, and brokers. It covers damages and claims made against the insured person.
      • Contractor All Risk: This insurance cover is for civil engineering projects or projects that are under construction. The policy covers material damage of the insured property.
      • Erection All Risks: This coverage is sought by contractors when they are installing, or doing testing and commissioning work for turbines, transformer boilers, and other equipment.It covers machinery damage or loss while erecting the machinery or during construction.
      • Boiler & Pressure Vessel Insurance: This policy covers damage to boilers and pressure level, damage to the surrounding property, and third-party liability.
      • Machinery Breakdown Insurance: This scheme is for plant and machinery that are subject to breakdown or damage, no matter what the quality is. Some machinery covered under this scheme are fans, blowers, boilers, switchgear, generators, and transformers.
      • Machinery Breakdown (Loss of Profit): If faulty machinery is leading to loss of gross profits, this policy can cover the losses incurred.
      • Electronic Equipment Insurance: This policy covers electronic equipment damage, damage of data media, and computer breakdown costs.
      • Marine Cargo Insurance: This policy provides cover against the damage or loss of goods in transit.
      • Marine Hull Insurance: This insurance covers vessels and ships against damage or loss due to collisions, sinking, stranding, lightning damage, explosion, and piracy covers.
      • Yacht & Pleasure Craft: This policy provides comprehensive cover against loss or damage of the vessel, machinery, or other equipment.
      • Employer Liability: This policy covers employers from liabilities, which could be anything from workplace injuries to job-related disease.
      • Workmen Compensation: This policy covers workmen against workplace injuries, accidents, and disease.
      • Foreign Workers Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance: This scheme protects the employer by providing coverage for hospital admission of a foreign worker which was a result of a job-related accident or disease.
      • Foreign Workers Insurance Guarantee: This policy is required by the Immigration Department under Regulation 21 of the Immigration Regulations as a guarantee when a foreign worker is sent back to their home country.
      • Foreign Workers Compensation Scheme: This policy provides coverage to foreign workers against personal injury or occupational disease.

    Features and Benefits of Car Insurance

    • Get round-the-clock accident and breakdown towing service with the Total Assist Car Plan.
    • Get alternative travel and accommodation with the Total Assist Car plan in case your car had met with an accident..
    • Private cars and commercial cars cover.
    • Get coverage for accidental damage, collision, and car overturning.
    • Unlimited liability for bodily injury and death.
    • Get liability for property damage or loss up to RM3 million.
    • Coverage for lightning, fire, external explosion, theft, self-ignition, and malicious acts.
    • Choose insurance cover for windscreen damage, damage arising from landslides, and passenger liability cover if required.

    Features and Benefits of Motorcycle Insurance

    • Get 24-hour accident and breakdown towing service.
    • Roadside repair benefits.
    • Opt for alternative travel assistance if you are stranded, and need to continue your journey.

    Features and Benefits of Property Insurance

    • Coverage against fire, lightning, and gas cylinder explosion with the P&O All Risk policy.
    • Get coverage against property theft or damage when the burglary has occurred within the territorial limits with the P&O Burglary Policy.
    • Get coverage for property loss or damage if the damage was caused by fire or lightning with the P&O Fire Policy.
    • Get coverage against property loss or damage under the P&O Houseowner/Householder Policy.

    Features and Benefits of Travel Insurance

    • Choose from three packages (Plan 1, Plan 2, and Plan 3) under this scheme.
    • Extend the coverage by paying an additional premium to get medical benefits, as well as compensation for strikes, riots, and civil commotion.

    Features and Benefits of Personal Accident Insurance

    • Choose from a range of packages as per your requirements.
    • Insurance for double indemnity up to RM400,000.
    • Insurance coverage for accidental death up to RM200,000.  
    • Get coverage for permanent disability up to RM200,000.
    • Get coverage against death and total and permanent disability.
    • Get bereavement benefits with the Passengers Drivers Plan (PDP) and Motorcyclist PA (MCPA) policies.

    Contact Information

    Toll-Free Number 1-800-88-2121
    Registered Office Number +603-2698 5033/2613 7118
    Fax Number +603-2693 8145
    Email Address [email protected]

    Pacific and Orient Insurance offers a range of policies under different insurance schemes. Whether you are looking for car insurance or personal accident insurance, you can find a variety of options available. It is recommended to go through the insurance company's Product Disclosure Sheet and Terms and Conditions before applying for a policy.


    Q. How much monthly premium should I pay for the policy?

    A. The monthly premium amount will depend on the type of policy you are opting for. For instance, if you are looking to apply for the commercial vehicle insurance policy, the premium will be determined according to the type of vehicle, engine capacity, and the sum insured on the vehicle’s current market value.

    Q. How do I make a motor claim if my car gets stolen?

    A. If your car is stolen, you must report the incident to the police within 24 hours. Also, inform Pacific and Orient Insurance about the theft. You will be asked to submit a couple of documents. Send the documents to the company as soon as possible.

    Q. What are the fees and charges I have to pay for the insurance policy?

    A. You need to pay a commission to the insurance agent. The amount will differ from policy to policy. You will also need to pay RM10 as stamp duty.

    Q. How do I cancel my current policy and opt for another one?

    A. If you want to discontinue your current policy, you must give the company a written notice. You will be entitled to a return of the premium amount as per the company's short period rates. You can apply for the policy you want by contacting the company via email, fax, or telephone.

    Q. Do I need to pay any fees if I want to use the e-payment facility?

    A. No. the e-payment facility is free.

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