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    Personal accident (PA) insurance is often mistaken for life insurance and health insurance. Though their functionalities overlap, they still are different from each other in a bigger picture. These insurance policies can be bought separately as well as in combinations to complement each other. Let us take a closer look at what personal insurance is and how it can be significant in your life.

    What is a Personal Accident Insurance Policy?

    A PA insurance plan provides compensation in the case of injury, death, and disability due to an accident. You can purchase this policy either for yourself or for your entire family.

    What is the Need for a Personal Accident Insurance Plan?

    • Hospitalisation Expenses Covered: Such an insurance policy takes care of the hospitalisation and medical expenses in the case of an accident.
    • Accidental Death Benefit: In the case of accidental death, the policy provides a compensation to the family. You can be sure that your family gets a source of income for survival in your absence.
    • Accidental Disability Benefit: Both temporary and permanent disability (TPD) are covered by PA insurance. You can get a lump sum as compensation when you are unable to work like anyone else.
    • Compassionate Visit Cover: A personal accident insurance plan covers the costs incurred by your family member to visit you at the hospital. The facility is available when the hospital you are admitted is away from your place by a specified distance.

    Personal Accident Insurance Plans Available in Malaysia

    Insurance Provider Plan Name Coverage/Benefits Offered Entry Age
    AIA Insurance

    AIA Malaysia

    Flex PA Death, total and permanent disability, road traffic accident, infectious diseases, and cashless hospitalisation 16-75 years
    AXA Affin Malaysia

    AXA Affin Malaysia

    SmartPA and SmartCare VIP Death, TPD, repatriation, funeral expenses, bereavement benefit, third-party liability and medical expenses 18-65 years
    Berjaya Sompo Insurance Malaysia

    Berjaya Sompo Insurance

    Ultima Care P.A., Motorcyclist Care P.A., Ultima V2 P.A., Ultima V3 P.A., Lady P.A., Traveller’s P.A., Domestic Maid P.A., Auto Plus P.A., and Easy Ride P.A. Accidental death, accidental TPD, credit card bill cover, personal liability, accidental medical benefits, kidnap, terrorism, traditional treatment expenses, and burial expenses 16-60 years
    Etiqa Malaysia

    Etiqa Malaysia

    Buddy PA, Takaful Buddy PA, Car Accident Protection Special, Takaful Private Car Driver & Passenger, Flexi PA, Takaful Flexi PA, Mega PA, Mega PA Takaful, Femina Special, Cash Care PA, and Takaful Cash Care PA Death, TPD, outstanding balance of hire purchase loan, hospitalisation expenses, and towing assistance 18-70 years
    AIG Insurance Malaysia

    AIG Insurance

    Essential PA Accidental death, TPD, fractures, severe burns, mobility aids, ambulance service, medical reimbursement, compassionate visit, and daily hospital income 18-70 years
    Kurnia Insurans Malaysia

    Kurnia Insurans

    Right Cover, Right Cover Plus, Personal Accident Supreme, Driver & Passengers’ Personal Accident, Motorcyclist Personal Accident, Perfect 10 Personal Accident, Perfect 10 Plus Personal Accident, Kurnia Star Personal Accident, Auto Shield, Perfect Rider Plus, and Perfect Rider 24Hr Accidental death, TPD, medical expenses, corrective dental and cosmetic surgery, ambulance fee, bereavement benefit, smash & grab compassionate allowance, and car loan protection 16-75 years
    Lonpac Insurance Malaysia

    Lonpac Insurance

    Secure Protector, Re-Claim, and Domestic Servant Insurance Accidental death, TPD, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, hospitalisation and surgical benefits, sports accidents, cashless hospitalisation, bereavement benefits, terrorism, infectious diseases, funeral allowance, and traditional treatment cover 18-70years
    MSIG Insurance style=

    MSIG Insurance

    Secure Protector, Re-Claim, and Domestic Servant Insurance Accidental death, TPD, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, hospitalisation and surgical benefits, sports accidents, cashless hospitalisation, bereavement benefits, terrorism, infectious diseases, funeral allowance, and traditional treatment cover 18-70years
    RHB Insurance

    RHB Insurance

    Essential Personal Accident, SmartCare Personal Accident Insurance, Family Personal Accident Plan, Preferred Personal Accident Insurance, and Max PA Accidental death; TPD; lifelong cover; family cover; mosquito-borne diseases; extreme activities, such as hunting and bungee jumping; medical and surgical expenses, bereavement allowance, hijacking, and compassionate visit. 30 days-80 years
    Tokio Marine Insurance

    Tokio Marine Insurance

    Premier PA Partner, Family PA Partner, Flexi PA Partner, Individual PA Partner, AEONCare Insurance, PA Lite, and UniqCare PA. Bodily injuries, permanent disabilities, accidental death, medical expenses, rehabilitation benefits, bereavement allowance, specified diseases cover, funeral expenses, and convalescence expenses 1 month-65 years

    Why Opt for Personal Accident Insurance with Life or Health Insurance?

    Before knowing why you must opt for personal accident insurance with life and health insurance, let us know what they are. In simple terms, life insurance provides compensation in the event of your death. When it comes to health insurance, it covers the hospital expenses and medical bills.

    Personal accident insurance pays compensation when you are dead or injured due to an accident. It not only takes care of the hospitalisation expenses, but it also pays a lump sum in the case of temporary/permanent disability. However, this facility is not available with life insurance and health insurance.

    Difference between Life, Health, and Personal Accident Insurance?

    Criteria Life Insurance Health Insurance PA Insurance
    Coverage Total permanent disability and death due to accidents Hospital expenses and medical bills due to accidents and illnesses Injuries, total permanent/temporary disability, and death due to accidents
    Premium Calculation Based on the health condition and age Based on the health condition and age Based on the nature of the occupation
    Coverage Location Worldwide coverage Maybe limited to Malaysia Worldwide coverage
    Health Ailments Not covered Covered Not covered
    Death not due to Accident Covered Covered Not covered

    General Categorisation of Risk Levels for Different Types of Occupations

    Generally, occupation class 1, class 2, and class 3 are considered as the eligible classes to get the benefits of PA insurance. The table below shows some of the occupations falling in each of these 3 categories:

    Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
    Accountants, clerks, librarians, analysts, doctors, authors, social workers, students, teachers, homemakers, auditors, and more. Insurance agents, beauticians, car washers, chemists, nurses, surveyors, tailors, waiters/waitresses, models, florists, engineers, assembly line workers, and more. Domestic helpers, cleaners, caterers, painters, plumbers, market merchants, driving instructors, mechanics, factory workers, bartenders, lifeguards, chefs, and more.

    High-risk occupations are not covered by the policy and are listed below:

    • People working for the construction of dams, tunnels, bridges, or underground.
    • Offshore workers, working on explosives, toxic substances, ship crew, miners, and quarry workers.
    • Police, armed forces, firemen, and armed occupations.
    • Professional sportsmen/women.
    • Taxi/bus/excavators/lorry drivers.
    • Construction workers and window cleaners working above 30 feet on the outer side of the building.
    • Fishermen, divers, stuntmen, circus performers, stevedores, racing drivers, and jockeys.
    • Sawmill workers, loggers, crane operators, people handling pressure vessels/boilers, and dispatch riders.

    Benefits and Coverage of Personal Accident Insurance Plans

    • Get a lump sum paid in the case of permanent injury, disability, or death due to an accident.
    • PA insurance pays for the hospitalisation expenses.
    • Most plans have a fixed premium rate that does not change with your age.
    • Enjoy compassionate visit benefit when your family has to visit you.
    • Get funeral expenses covered with a PA insurance plan.

    It covers the following events:

    • Accidental death.
    • Total and permanent disability.
    • Permanent disability.
    • Fractures and severe burns.
    • Mobility aids.
    • Ambulance service.
    • Medical expenses.
    • Daily hospital income.

    Additional Benefits of Personal Accident Insurance Plans

    • Get a renewal bonus every time you renew your policy.
    • Some policies provide cashless hospitalisation to panel hospitals.
    • Loss/damage to personal items due to snatch theft/robbery can be covered.
    • Get hospital income under the daily cash allowance.

    Exclusions of Personal Accident Insurance

    • Self-inflicted injuries, suicide, and attempt to suicide.
    • Flight trips unless you are a fare-paying passenger in a commercial airline.
    • Motor vehicle racing.
    • Using drugs without following manufacturer/medical practitioner’s instructions.
    • Pregnancy, childbirth, birth control treatments, infertility, and other related issues.
    • Nervous disorders, mental ailments, and psychotic disorders.
    • Violation of law.
    • War, foreign enemy, civil war, revolution, the use of military power, and other war-like activities.
    • External prosthetic appliances, such as pacemakers, hearing aids, artificial limbs, and glasses.

    Individual and Family Insurance Under Personal Accident Policies

    PA insurance can be broadly classified into individual and family/group plans:

    • Individual Plan: An individual PA insurance plan provides coverage to one person in particular.  
    • Family Plan: A family plan provides coverage to you, your spouse, and children. Your children must be a dependent aged within 18 years or must be a full-time student up to an age of 25 years.

    How to File a Claim on Your Personal Accident Insurance Plan?

    1. Notify the insurer as early as possible about the accident. Provide the details regarding the incident and the damage caused.
    2. Fill in the claim form and submit it online or by visiting the nearest branch of the insurer. The form must be submitted within a certain number of days as specified by your insurer.
    3. Attach all the supporting documents with the application form so that the insurer can process your application quickly.
    4. Once the application is processed, the insurer notifies you about their decision and the settlement will be done within a specified period of time.

    How to Choose the Best Personal Accident Insurance Plan for me?

    A personal accident insurance cannot be called the best as it depends on your requirements and premium payment affordability. The coverage amount must be determined based on what other insurance policies you have already got and the events covered by them. You don’t have to pay for an additional benefit that overlaps with your existing life insurance plan, for instance.

    The choice of the policy can also vary based on your requirement—an individual cover or a family cover. You must also consider your occupation before you settle with a plan.

    Consider that you are a logger. As specified above, your occupation falls under the excluded category. Nonetheless, there are plans that cover your occupation, such as the Special Occupation Personal Accident plan offered by Allianz Malaysia. Those who belong to one of the common occupational classes—Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 have many options to pick from based on their requirements.

    If you are a student planning to pursue education abroad, you can choose a policy, such as the ones provided by AIG Malaysia and MSIG Malaysia. Insurers, such as EZCover, Zurich Malaysia, and Maybank, provide special plans designed for senior citizens based on their age and health conditions.

    You, now, know how a PA insurance works and its significance. You also know how it is different from life insurance and health insurance. Go ahead and check for the available insurance policies and choose the one that matches your requirement.

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