• RHB Car Insurance

    RHB Car Insurance is renowned name in the field of motor insurance in Malaysia, as it provides products for complete coverage solutions for protecting motor vehicles and the parties involved. Besides insurance for your motorcycle and private car, which does not cover liabilities such as the passenger or the drivers, other products can be opted-in for. You also have various other advantages and benefits from RHB car insurance.

    Why Choose RHB Car Insurance?

    Car or motor insurance from RHB in Malaysia is available with some great benefits and is also value for money:

    • Variety of motor insurance plans: Under RHB motor insurance, there are 4 plans available for the same based on the type of vehicles and the benefits provided which include Motorcycle Insurance, Private Car Insurance, motor Multi-shield Plus and Motorist Personal Accidental Insurance. This allows you to gain the flexibility in choosing a motor insurance suitable for your needs.

    • Customer Support:The financial institution in general is very particular about how they fair when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. As a whole they target to satisfy 8 out of 10 customers and ensure that all customers rate their services without fail. Hence, when getting an RHB car insurance you can expect prompt services from the company.

    • Transparency:The company is extremely transparent about their car insurance policy. All motor insurance policies are available with printable policy wordings giving you the clear picture of what reasons can be used to take claims against and beyond.

    • Online Car Insurance Premium Calculator: This online tool helps to evaluate the approximate sum payable as premiums for the car insurance. It helps to manage your car finance and evaluate the money spent on insurance every month.

    RHB Car Insurance Schemes

    There are 4 main types of motor insurance schemes available under RHB motor insurance:

    • Motorcycle Insurance: Motorcycle Policy is applicable for insurance coverage against damage or loss to your motorcycle as well as against liabilities to third parties for injury or death and property damage. However, there are 3 further sub-plans based on requirements, that include Comprehensive Cover, Third-party cover and Third-party, fire and theft cover.

    • Private Car Insurance: Private Car Insurance policy applies to vehicles used only for domestic, social purposes as well as for business or professional purposes, with the exception of usage for racing, hire and reward, pace-making, speed testing, reliability test, or any other purpose that is related to motor trade. It protects the insured financially against physical damage and/or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could also arise therefrom. There are 3 further types of covers available under this that include Comprehensive Cover, Third-party cover and Third-party, fire and theft cover.

    • Motor Multi-shield Plus: This policy covers insured for loss of use of the Insured Vehicle resulted by accident and/or theft, as well as provide personal accident benefits for both the driver and the passenger present at the time of the accident. Some other additional benefits include Reimbursement of the cost of Accommodation and extended to cover Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement for the Driver.

    • Motorist Personal Accidental Insurance: This policy provide cover for the driver and/or passenger over the age of 1 year to seventy years of age against bodily injuries or loss of life when boarding, alighting, repairing of vehicle and changing tyre, driving on the road or as a passenger in the vehicle not used for commercial purposes (including hire). No pre-requisite of car Insurance with RHB Insurance Berhad is necessary.

    Factors that affect the car insurance premium calculation

    Here are some of the factors that are considered by insurance providing companies to calculate the premium for your car insurance policy.

    • Type of coverage
    • Use of vehicle
    • Carrying capacity of the vehicle
    • Age of the car
    • NCD allowed
    • Sum Assured
    • No. of authorized drivers registered
    • Extended coverage feature

    RHB Insurance FAQs

    Is there any discount or rebate available on the RHB car insurance products?

    Yes, Individuals purchasing the motor insurance covers directly from RHB or the branch office are eligible for a 10% rebate of Gross Premium.

    How Can I benefit from No Claims Discount?

    If no claim has been made on the policy and also the insured vehicle is insured with RHB Insurance Berhad for a continuous period of 12 months under some circumstances, the insured would be entitled for No-Claim-Discount on when renewing the policy.

    These circumstances and the rebate rates include:

    Period of Insurance Rebate
    After the first year of insurance 25%
    After the second year of insurance 30%
    After the third year of insurance 38.33%
    After the fourth year of insurance 45%

    What are the costs covered for transportation of damaged vehicle?

    The insured is paid a maximum of RM 200.00 as towing charges for vehicle transportation to either the nearest Repairer or towing the vehicle and returning it to the insured’s address or towing it to a secure place as long the vehicle has been damaged by circumstances described in this section under the policy. See policy wordings for more details.

    What is Adequate Sum Insured?

    It is important to ensure that vehicle is insured at an appropriate amount. This sum is called the adequate sum insured and it ensures that the insured can adequately indemnify when claiming.

    What are the basic exclusions for RHB car insurance coverage?

    The policy wordings gives you maximum details on the exclusions however here are the basic exclusions that an insured must keep in mind:

    • Death or bodily injury of the driver/insured due to a motor accident (can be covered in motorist personal accidental insurance & motor multi-shield plus plans)
    • Liabilities for passengers in the vehicle during the time of the accident (can be covered in motorist personal accidental insurance & motor multi-shield plus plans)
    • Loss, damage or liability arising from an act of nature, i.e. flood, storm or landslide.

    Other Products offered RHB:

    Apart from offering Fixed Deposit,RHB offers other products and services which include:

    News About RHB Car Insurance

    • TC Gap Protector is Launched by RHB Insurance

      TC GAP Protector, a Guaranteed Asset Protection (Return To Invoice or RTI-GAP) policy was launched recently by RHB Insurance Bhd and Tan Chong Insurance Business Stream (TCIBS). Kong Shu Yin, the MD and CEO of RHB Insurance said that TC Gap Protector is a versatile answer to alleviating a vehicle owner’s burden in case of damage or loss.

      TC Gap Protector offers you cover for financial shortfalls which may arise between the vehicle’s purchase price and the cover provided by the auto insurer in case of loss of the vehicle arising from damage, fire, or theft. This plan comes with a maximum benefit of up to RM140,000 and is being offered to Nissan private motor vehicle owners.

      The policy is available for vehicles purchased anywhere in Malaysia from TCIBS and is applicable to brand new vehicles as well as registered vehicles aged a year or lesser.

      The premium for this policy starts from as low as RM0.13 for a day and offers hassle-free claims and settlement process.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      22 February 2018

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