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    RHB Insurance Berhad, a subsidiary of RHB Group, offers a number of insurance products under conventional and Islamic categories. You can get an insurance coverage for self, family, and assets when you purchase the policies. Read on to get an idea on the different allowances and coverage offered by RHB Insurance.

    Types of Insurance Offered by RHB

    RHB Personal Accident Insurance

    Essential Personal Accident: This is a yearly renewable plan that provides coverage for death/permanent disability caused due to an accident or other related events. You can renew the policy and earn a bonus of 5% per year up to 15% of the principal sum insured.

    SmartCare Personal Accident Insurance: You can get smart protection when you purchase the policy, such as additional hospital income and hospital travel expense coverage for the family members.

    Family Personal Accident Plan: The policy covers you, your spouse, and any dependant children for the unfortunate events and provides a financial security. You can choose a plan based on your requirement and affordability from the available options—Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

    Preferred Personal Accident Insurance: It provides cover for death/injury caused due to an accident, violence, or other external means. You need to know that the protection is available round-the-clock throughout the world.

    Max PA: Get financial security with the policy that can be used to clear your housing loan, pay for your child’s education, or for other essential purposes. The policy gives an extended coverage at no extra cost for events, such as bungee jumping and mountaineering.

    RHB Medical Insurance

    MediSure Insurance: The policy provides medical bill coverage when a family member is in a critical health condition. The MediSure medical card comes with a cashless hospitalisation feature when you enter a panel hospital.

    Critical Guard: It covers the medical bills if you are diagnosed with one of the listed critical illnesses. You can choose from the 4 different plans available. A lump sum of up to RM300,000 will be paid out as the critical illness benefit.

    MediSure Supreme: Enjoy financial support with the policy if an unexpected sickness is diagnosed requiring you to be hospitalised. The policy provides you with a high overall annual limit ranging from RM100,000 up to RM1 million.

    RHB Property Insurance

    Fire Insurance: The damage caused to your property due to fire, domestic gas explosion, and lightning are taken care of by the Fire Insurance policy. The basic coverage of the policy can be extended to other perils, such as earthquake, volcanic eruption, aircraft damage, and spontaneous combustion.

    Houseowners/Householders Insurance: Get a comprehensive coverage for your home and its belongings with the policy. You can get the freedom to choose the extent of coverage you need. It also provides cover for rental loss when the property becomes uninhabitable due to a covered event.

    RHB Motor Insurance

    Motorcyclist PA: The personal accident policy provides coverage for accidental death/permanent disability at a low premium. It also covers bereavement expenses.

    Private Car Insurance: The policy covers the damage caused to your car in the case of an accident, fire, or theft. It also covers the liabilities, such as the bodily injury caused to third party and the damage caused to a third-party vehicle.

    Motorcycle Insurance: Stay protected against any kind of unfortunate events that may come your way while you are riding a motorcycle with the Motorcycle Insurance policy. It also takes care of the third-party liabilities.

    Motorist Personal Accident Insurance: This is a supplementary policy (rider) that provides additional cover to an existing RHB motor insurance policy. You can get a payout for the liability even if your authorised driver is at fault.

    Road Rescue: It is a comprehensive personal accident insurance policy that provides equal coverage irrespective of where you travel. You can also enjoy a 24-hour towing service in Malaysia and abroad with the policy.

    TC GAP Protector: The policy is designed specifically for Nissan customers at an affordable premium rate. It includes a car replacement protection plan.

    RHB Motor Insurance Add-On Coverage

    Full Body Spray Painting: A motor insurance generally covers the painting charges for the area where a repair was done. However, the rider covers the expenses required for spray painting the entire car.

    RHB Travel Insurance

    Travel Protector Plus: This is a comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers you for accidental death, injury, illnesses, and travel inconveniences. In the case of death, the credit card expenses you have made during the trip will be covered by the policy.

    Annual Travel Protector Insurance: You can get an extended protection when you travel across Malaysia or abroad. The medical bills are covered by the policy when you fall sick abroad.


    POS Maid Protector: The personal accident policy provides compensation if your maid is dead/injured/disabled due to an accident or a visible event while working for you. It pays a termination expense benefit of RM250.

    POS Motor Shield PA: You can get a coverage for both private car and motorcycle if death or injury occurs while driving, alighting, boarding, repairing the vehicle, and changing the tyre.

    POS 1Malaysia Insurance: Get a compensation for accidental death, permanent disability, and other related events with this personal accident plan. In the case of loss of your MyKad/Driving License due to a snatch theft, you can get a compensation of up to RM200 per event.

    POS 1Malaysia Family Personal Accident: The policy comes in 3 different plans—Myself & Spouse, Myself & Children, and Myself, Spouse & Children. You can get an allowance of up to RM200 per insured person for prostheses or wheelchair.

    POS Hospital Cash Income: Be financially prepared for the unexpected hospitalisation with the policy. Based on your affordability and requirement, you can choose a plan—Gold and Diamond.

    Features and Benefits RHB Insurance

    Personal Accident

    Essential Personal Accident:

    • You must be an individual aged between 18 years and 65 years to be eligible for the policy.
    • The policy is renewable up to an age of 70 years.
    • The policy is available only if you belong to Occupation Class 1 or Occupation Class 2.
    • You can get an accidental death benefit of up to RM1 million.

    SmartCare Personal Accident Insurance:

    • Get a daily hospital cash allowance of RM100 for a maximum period of 365 days.
    • Third party liability allowance available is up to RM500,000, subject to the plan you choose.
    • The policy reimburses the expenses incurred on traditional treatment up to RM300, i.e. RM30 per visit.
    • You can get daily hospital allowance when you are being treated overseas.

    Family Personal Accident Plan:

    • Get a reward for renewing your policy for a period of up to 3 consecutive years.
    • Receive bereavement and repatriation allowance in the case of death.
    • Get a lump sum payment in the case of death/permanent disability.

    Preferred Personal Accident Insurance:

    • You are eligible to get the policy if your age is between 18 years and 60 years.
    • Get a compassionate benefit of RM2,000.
    • The personal liability allowance is available up to RM250,000.

    Max PA:

    • Enjoy cashless hospitalisation and discharge with a coverage of up to RM3,000 in the case of an accident.
    • The entry age for the plan is between 30 days and 80 years and can be renewed up to an age of 100 years.
    • The policy covers mosquito-borne diseases, such as malaria, dengue, Avian flu, and Zika virus.
    • Get an accidental death coverage of up to RM1 million.

    Medical Insurance

    MediSure Insurance:

    • Policy annual renewal is guaranteed if you have not made any claim in the first 2 years.
    • If no claims are made in the first 2 years, you will be eligible for a lifetime limit of up to RM450,000.
    • Choose between the “Full” and “Deductible” programmes.
    • You may get income tax relief on the policy premiums paid.

    Critical Guard:

    • The entry age for the policy is between 30 days and 60 years.
    • The policy can be renewed up to 70 years of age.
    • Get a loyalty benefit of up to 10% every year up to 50% if you have made no claims.
    • An additional amount of 10% of the principal sum assured will be paid to you if you are diagnosed with any of the listed critical illnesses, such as liver cancer, uterus cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, cardiomyopathy.

    MediSure Supreme:

    • The policy is renewable up to an age of 100 years.
    • The entry age is between 30 days and 70 years. Your spouse can be enrolled for the cover if the age is below 70 years.
    • Children between the age of 30 days and 19 years can be included. If the children are full-time students, they can get the coverage until an age of 23 years.
    • Get a coverage for HIV if the cause of the disease is the blood transfusion.

    Property Insurance

    Fire Insurance:

    • If your property value exceeds RM10 million, you can get a discount on the premiums.
    • The policy must be renewed annually.

    Houseowners/Householders Insurance:

    • You can get the policy benefits if you legally own a property.
    • If the property is temporarily removed, you can get a payment of 15% of the total sum insured on the home content.
    • The public liability allowance is up to RM50,000.
    • Get a death compensation of up to RM10,000 or 50% of the total sum insured, whichever is lower, if the death occurs within 3 calendar months from the date of injury.

    Motor Insurance

    Motorcyclist PA:

    • The accidental death and permanent disability coverage are available up to RM6,000.
    • Bereavement allowance for the accidental death while riding a motorbike is up to RM500.

    Private Car Insurance:

    • The policy includes coverage for the transportation of your damaged vehicle.
    • Get a no claim discount ranging from 25% up to 55% if you do not make any claim in the past 12 months.

    Motorcycle Insurance:

    • The policy covers the death/injury caused to a third party.
    • It also handles the cost of damage caused to a third-party property.

    Motorist Personal Accident Insurance:

    • You must be an authorised driver or a passenger aged between 1 year and 70 years to get the benefits of the policy.
    • The accidental death/permanent disability cover provides a compensation of up to RM240,000 to the authorised driver.

    Road Rescue:

    • The personal accident coverage for accidental death and permanent disability available is up to RM100,000.
    • The policy pays an amount of RM200 for car delivery or for your taxi ride to collect your car after the repair.

    TC GAP Protector:

    • You must be a Nissan private motor vehicle owner. The age of your vehicle must be less than or equal to a year and must be insured with a comprehensive motor insurance policy.
    • The coverage period of the policy is as long as 5 years.
    • Get a payout of up to RM140,000 with the policy.

    Motor Insurance Add-On Coverage

    Full Body Spray Painting:

    • The no claim discount ranges from 25% up to 55% based on the number of unclaimed years.
    • The rider is effective in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.

    Travel Insurance

    Travel Protector Plus:

    • A Malaysian, a permanent resident of Malaysia, or a foreigner having a valid employment pass and aged between 19 years and 80 years can get the benefits of the policy.
    • Dependent children must be aged between 15 years and 19 years or up to 23 years if they are full-time students.
    • The personal accident cover applicable to domestic trips is up to RM100,000. In the case of overseas trips, the coverage available is up to RM300,000.

    Annual Travel Protector Insurance:

    • Get a compensation of RM500 every 4 hours until you board the next flight in the case of flight overbooking.
    • Accidental death/permanent disability benefit is available up to RM500,000.
    • All Malaysians, permanent residents of Malaysia, and foreigners with a valid work permit aged between 31 days and 80 years are eligible to get the benefits of the policy.


    POS Maid Protector:

    • The accidental death/permanent disability benefit available can go up to RM30,000.
    • The medical expenses are covered up to RM750.
    • A repatriation benefit of up to RM3,500 is paid by the policy.

    POS Motor Shield PA:

    • The accidental death/permanent injury cover available is up to RM10,000.
    • The policy covers the medical expenses of up to RM200.

    POS 1Malaysia Insurance:

    • The entry age for the policy is between 18 years and 60 years.
    • It can be renewed up to an age of 65 years.
    • Get ambulance fee and hospital cash income with the policy.

    POS 1Malaysia Family Personal Accident:

    • Get a hospital income of RM30 per day for a period of up to 30 days for you and your spouse.
    • For children, the hospital income available is up to RM15 per day for a period of up to 30 days.
    • Get double indemnity if an unfortunate event occurs when travelling in a public transport or during the festive season.

    POS Hospital Cash Income:

    • Get daily hospital cash of up to RM200 per day for a maximum period of 180 days.
    • The daily intensive care cash paid is up to 400 per day for a period of up to 30 days.
    • If hospitalisation exceeds 15 consecutive days, a lump sum of up to RM1,000 is paid.

    Contact Information

    Overseas and West Malaysia Customers 03-9206 8118
    East Malaysia 082-276118 Monday to Thursday—8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Friday—8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    Insurance Enquiry Line 1300-220-007 Monday to Thursday—8:45 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. Friday—8:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.


    You can check the insurance products offered by other providers in Malaysia before you decide on the one you want to purchase. Lead a peaceful life knowing that you are insured for all the unexpected events.


    Q. How is the insurance value determined for a motor insurance?

    A. The insurance value for a motor vehicle is determined based on factors, such as the age of the vehicle and market value. For a new vehicle, the sum will be equivalent to the purchase value. When it comes to a used vehicle, the insured value will be equivalent to the market value on the policy purchase day.

    You need to make sure that the insured value is appropriate. If the insured value is less than 90% of the market, you are under-insuring your vehicle. If the insured value is greater than the market value, it would lead to over-insurance. But, you can get a compensation only up to the market value.

    Q. How do I purchase a POS Insurance?

    A. You can download the proposal form, fill it with relevant information, and submit it at a POS Malaysia Berhad branch. The policy comes with a 15-day cooling period within which you can cancel the policy if you think it doesn’t suit your requirements. The premium you have paid will be refunded to you in full.

    Q. When does the coverage of a POS policy commence?

    A. The coverage of a POS policy will commence from the 16th of the month if you submit the application within the first 15 days of a calendar month. If the application is submitted in the second half of a calendar month, the policy coverage will commence from the 1st of the next calendar month.

    Q. What does the Cash Before Cover mean?

    A. The Cash Before Cover is a mandatory condition where you have to pay the annual premium for your policy at the time of the policy purchase. The policy coverage commences only after you pay the premium.

    Q. What are the exclusions under the Family Personal Accident Plan?

    A. Some of the exclusions under the Family Personal Accident Plan are:

    • War, hostilities, and acts of a foreign enemy.
    • Self-induced injury, suicide, and attempted suicide.
    • Injuries caused due to professional sports.
    • Committing illegal activities.
    • Miscarriage, childbirth, pregnancy, and other related complications.
    • AIDS and AIDS-related Complex (ARC).
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