• Sun Life Insurance Malaysia

    Sun Life Malaysia Overview

    Sun Life Malaysia offers insurance and takaful products to Malaysians across the country. Its products come with a variety of benefits, including online enrolment, no medical checkup, comprehensive protection, etc. The life insurance service provider has three protection plans under its umbrella - Sun eSsential Life, SunLink, and SinarLink Sakinah.

    Types of Sun Life insurance Malaysia

    Sun eSsential Life: The life insurance plan provides a coverage till the age of 80. You can also enjoy the plan at low instalments as RM0.14 per day. Also, you can choose from 6 different plans that offer death and total and permanent disability benefits ranging from RM50,000 to RM1 Million.

    Here are the different plans and coverage under Sun eSsential Life.

    Plans Coverage
    Plan 1 (Death/Total and Permanent Disability) RM50,000
    Plan 1 (Death/TPD due to specified infectious diseases) RM100,000
    Plan 2 (Death/Total and Permanent Disability) RM100,000
    Plan 2 (Death/TPD due to specified infectious diseases) RM200,000
    Plan 3 (Death/Total and Permanent Disability) RM200,000
    Plan 3 (Death/TPD due to specified infectious diseases) RM400,000
    Plan 4  (Death/Total and Permanent Disability) RM300,000
    Plan 4 (Death/TPD due to specified infectious diseases) RM600,000
    Plan 5 (Death/Total and Permanent Disability) RM400,000
    Plan 5 (Death/TPD due to specified infectious diseases) RM800,000
    Plan 6 (Death/Total and Permanent Disability) RM500,000
    Plan 6 (Death/TPD due to specified infectious diseases) RM1,000,000

    SunLink: The life insurance plan offers two benefits - insurance protection as well as investment returns once you enrol for it. With this policy, you can get  cover on accidental death, hospitalisation and surgical processes, critical illness, a weekly disability income, and a waiver on premium.

    SinarLink Sakinah: This takaful protection plan is similar to SunLink. The only difference is the plan is Shariah-compliant.

    Features and Benefits of Sun Life Malaysia Assurance Berhad

    • The schemes of the insurance policy are available with an easy online enrolment facility.
    • You can get insurance protection and potential investment returns until the age of 99 years.
    • Depending on the plan, you can acquire benefits of up to RM2.5 million on death or total and permanent disability (TPD).
    • Moreover, cover for death or permanent disability due to infectious diseases can go as high as up to RM1 million.
    • You do not require a medical test to acquire a policy; just a simple questionnaire needs to be filled with the application form.
    • You will get a wide choice of 10 different investment-linked funds to choose from. It includes funds such as Sun Life Malaysia Growth Fund, Sun Life Malaysia Balanced Moderate Fund, and the Sun Life Malaysia Conservative Fun among others.
    • The policies offer you the liberty to choose and include various unit-deducting riders to your basic plan such as Hospitalisation and Surgical Benefit Rider, Accidental Death Benefit Rider, and Weekly Disability Income Benefit Rider, etc.

    Sun Life Insurance Eligibility Criteria

    • Nationality criterion: You need to be a Malaysian citizen or a Permanent Resident of Malaysia to obtain the life insurance plan.
    • Age criteria: You can enrol for the insurance plan if you are aged between 18 to 59 years. Policies can even be obtained for newborns aged 30 days or more.

    Documents Required for Sun Life Insurance Malaysia

    • MyKad or NRIC for identity proof (both sides)
    • Salary slips for 3 months
    • Bank statements for 3 months
    • Any other document as specified by the company

    Sun Life Insurance Malaysia Calculator

    If you want to know whether you can or cannot afford the insurance plans, you can check your budget on the online calculator given on the company’s official website. All you need to do is insert the values for your monthly income, monthly expenses, savings plans, and the number of insurance that you already have to get an eligible protection value for you.

    Sun Life Insurance Claims

    You can claim the life insurance by making an online submission or manual submission.

    For online submission, you need to fill in the required details and attach the necessary supporting documents for your claim.

    For manual submission of the claim, you can get a printed copy of the claim form from the website, fill it and submit it to the officials present at the branch with all supporting documents attached.

    Sun Life Insurance malaysia Contact / Customer Care Number

    For any query related to the insurance policy, you can contact the customer service on the following hotline: 1300 88 5055. You can also reach to the customer care representatives or company officials by writing an email on [email protected]

    How to Cancel Sun Life Insurance Policy?

    For cancellation of the life insurance policy, you need to download the cancellation form from the official website of the company. You must also fill in the Surrender Questionnaire stating the reason for your cancellation. The third section requires you to make a declaration about the cancellation. After filling in all the details, you should submit the form to the bank/company’s branch to carry out the further processing.

    Sun Life Malaysia FAQs

    Q. When will I get my claimed amount?

    A. Once the claim is approved, you will get the amount debited directly in your account. The timeline needed to receive the claimed amount varies as per the processing duration of your recipient bank.  

    Q. Can I get a tax invoice for my Sun Life Malaysia premium that I pay on a regular basis?

    A. Yes, you get a tax invoice for your insurance plan. To get it via post, you can write an email on [email protected] or contact the customer care department on 1800 88 5055 and put in your request.

    Q. Is there e-payment facility available to pay my insurance premiums? If yes, what are the charges for it?

    A. Yes, you can obtain an e-payment facility to pay your policy premiums. You do not have to pay any fees or charges to enjoy the service.

    Q. What is the maximum age limit for application? Can a newborn child also get the cover under this policy?

    A. The maximum eligible entry age for this insurance plan is 59 years. A newborn child as young as 30 days old can also be insured with this scheme.

    Q. What incidents/events are excluded from the total and permanent disability benefits (TPD)?

    A. Riots, strikes, and civil commotions of any type are excluded from the policy benefits. You will not be eligible to obtain a cover under these categories.

    News About Sun Life Insurance in Malaysia

    • Sun Life Takaful Signs A 10-Year Agreement With Al-Rajhi Bank

      Sun Life Malaysia Takaful Berhad has signed a 10-year bancatakaful agreement with the Al-Rajhi Bank Malaysia. With the agreement in place, Sun Life takes the responsibility of distributing family takaful policies to the 150,000 customers of Al-Rajhi Bank.

      Also, as a part of the agreement, both the parties have been planning to introduce a new policy, Sinar Ri’ayah, which covers the credit facilities offered by the bank. There are two other products offered by the former and the latter together. The first product being Sinar Health Plan which is a medical plan offering hospitalisation and health benefits, whereas Sinar Baraqah is a takaful savings plan. Sinar Baraqah has a specialised feature that lets you save money for Hajj in addition to providing the required protection.

      The CEO of Sun Life, Raymond Lew said that the public can benefit if they purchase insurance policies in the tax holiday period as they can save on the GST imposed on the premiums.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      08 June 2018

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