• Travel Insurance in Malaysia

    There’s no better way to get away from life’s complexities than going on a holiday. While you may have started planning well in advance, a cancelled flight or misplaced baggage can throw even the best of travel plans into disarray.

    This is where travel insurance can be extremely helpful. With a travel insurance cover in place, you’re protected financially in case an unexpected event hampers your trip in any way. Although you won’t ever know how good or bad your travel experience will be when you’re still planning a trip, it’s always a good idea to stay protected on the off chance that something does happen.

    Best Travel Insurance Companies in Malaysia

    Name of the Insurer Type of Insurance Offered Trip Cancellation Trip Interruption Lost Luggage Medical Evacuation Death and TPD Personal Liability
    AXA Travel Insurance Overseas Travel Protection (SmartTraveller) Up to RM20,000 Up to RM20,000 Up to RM7,500 Unlimited cover Up to RM500,000 Up to RM1 million
    AIG Travel Insurance AIG Travel Guard Up to RM30,000 Up to RM3,000 Up to RM10,000 Unlimited cover Up to RM500,000 Up to RM1 million
    Allianz Travel Insurance Allianz Travel Care Overseas Up to RM20,000 Up to RM20,000 Up to RM5,000 Up to RM1 million Up to RM200,000 Up to RM1 million
    Etiqa Travel Insurance World Traveller Care Up to RM50,000 Up to RM50,000 Up to RM5,000 Up to RM1.5 million Up to RM500,000 Up to RM2 million
    Airasia Travel Insurance Tune Protect Travel Insurance Up to RM5,000 Up to RM5,000 Up to RM5,000 Up to RM175,000 Up to RM200,000 Up to RM500,000
    MSIG Travel Insurance TRAVELRIGHT PLUS Insurance Up to RM18,000 Up to RM18,000 Up to RM5,000 Up to RM1 million Up to RM250,000 Up to RM1 million
    MPI Travel Insurance MPI Generali Annual Travel Protection Up to RM2,000 Up to RM1,000 Up to RM1,500 Up to RM100,000 Up to RM150,000 -
    Kurnia Travel Insurance Kurnia Care Travel Insurance Up to RM7,500 Up to RM7,500 Up to RM2,500 - Up to RM300,000 Up to RM500,000
    Chubb Travel Insurance Chubb Travel Insurance (International) Up to RM50,000 Up to RM50,000 Up to RM7,500 Unlimited cover Up to RM325,000 Up to RM1.5 million
    Tune Travel Insurance Tune Protect Travel Easy Up to RM20,000 Up to RM18,000 Up to RM5,000 Up to RM500,000 Up to RM300,000 Up to RM1 million
    Tokio Marine Travel Insurance Annual Travel Partner Policy Up to RM20,000 Up to RM20,000 Up to RM5,000 Up to RM1 million Up to RM300,000 Up to RM1 million
    Takaful Travel Insurance Takaful myTravel Partner Up to RM25,000 Up to RM25,000 Up to RM7,500 Unlimited cover Up to RM300,000 Up to RM1 million
    Maybank Travel Insurance SmartTravller Insurance Up to RM15,000 Up to RM15,000 Up to RM5,000 Up to RM3 million Up to RM200,000 Up to RM1 million
    RHB Travel Insurance Travel Protector Plus Insurance Up to RM30,000 Up to RM30,000 Up to RM7,500 Up to RM10 million Up to RM300,000 Up to RM1 million
    Berjaya Sompo Travel Insurance Travel Care Plan Up to RM15,000 Up to RM15,000 Up to RM5,000 Up to RM1 million Up to RM350,000 Up to RM1 million
    Lonpac Travel Insurance TravelNet Insurance Plan Up to RM10,000 Up to RM10,000 Up to RM5,000 Unlimited cover Up to RM300,000 Up to RM1 million
    Zurich Travel Insurance TravelPAC Insurance Plan Up to RM10,000 Up to RM10,000 Up to RM7,500 Up to RM1 million Up to RM300,000 Up to RM1 million

    Why Do You Need Travel Insurance?

    Why Should You Need Travel Insurance?

    Your health insurance policy takes care of most of your medical expenses at home. But, this isn’t the case when you’re travelling overseas. Without proper financial cover, the cost of most medical treatments can weigh down heavily upon your overall finances.

    Usually, travel insurance in Malaysia covers 4 major aspects:

    1. Trip cancellation and trip interruption.
    2. Baggage and personal items.
    3. Emergency medical assistance.
    4. Accidental death or dismemberment.

    Most of the travel insurance policies are set up with the basic premise of protecting you financially when you’re overseas.

    In some cases, your credit card can also provide you with complimentary travel insurance cover. But, this insurance may not always be adequate. So, it’s important that you find out what’s covered and what’s not before you decide to buy a separate travel insurance policy.

    What are the Main Features and Benefits of Travel Insurance in Malaysia

    • Provides comprehensive medical cover in case of personal accident, accidental death, permanent or total disablement.
    • Some policies also cover the course of follow-up treatment in Malaysia.
    • Covers the cost of emergency medical evacuation or repatriation.
    • Covers the cost of treating injuries sustained while engaging in certain adventure activities.
    • Covers prepaid and non-refundable travel expenses, including airfares, hotel room rent, and rental car costs up to a pre-determined limit.
    • Covers expenses of trips that are already underway and need to be cut short for one reason or another.
    • Covers travel delay expenses because of specific circumstances, including natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, lost documents, to name a few.
    • Covers travel inconveniences, including lost or delayed luggage, missed travel connections, personal effects, and travel re-routing.
    • Protects your home if there’s loss or damage due to fire or theft.
    • Provides 24/7 travel assistance services through the world.
    • Covers travel interruptions that may result from acts of terrorism or hijacking.
    • Provides financial protection even if you’re on a chartered flight.

    Different Types of Travel Insurance Plans in Malaysia

    Based on the number of travellers, the number of times you’ll travel, or even the purpose of the trip, Malaysian travel insurance plans can be classified in to the following categories:

    Single Trip Travel Insurance

    This insurance policy covers you for a one-off trip that includes travelling to and from a specific destination. This kind of cover is a popular choice among those who travel once in a while. With this policy, you can stay covered for more than 90 days at a time.

    A single trip travel insurance plan’s coverage includes accidental death, permanent disablement, medical expenses, compassionate visitation, child care, follow-up treatment, as well as emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.

    Annual Travel Insurance

    This travel insurance plan protects you financially for an unlimited number of trips in a single year. The cover is valid only within a previously chosen geographical region for a period of up to 90 days for every trip. This kind of cover is mostly chosen by frequent travellers.

    Annual travel insurance plans include personal accident cover, child education fund, medical expenses, hospital allowance, as well as emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.

    Family Travel Insurance

    Meant for families who love to travel quite often, this insurance plan protects you and your spouse financially in case of an emergency during your trip. The policy also protects one or more unmarried children who are aged 18 years or below.

    Depending on the insurer, family travel insurance may or may not be available as annual insurance cover. Its coverage includes personal accident, death, medical expenses, alternative medicine, child care, and compassionate care.

    Backpackers’ Travel Insurance

    As the name suggests, this insurance plan is tailor-made for the globe-trotting, cost-conscious backpacking community. Although most insurers in Malaysia don’t use this name in particular, the features and benefits of their insurance products focus on this group of travellers.

    This kind of travel insurance covers personal accident, personal liability, gear protection, and extreme sports activities.

    Islamic Travel Insurance

    Commonly referred to as ‘Takaful’ in Malaysia, Islamic travel insurance involves a pooling structure where members contribute money to guarantee each other against any loss. This kind of insurance is Shariah-compliant and its coverage includes personal accident, death, and total/permanent disability, loss or damage due to terrorist acts, and medical expenses. You don’t have to pay any premiums for Takaful plans.

    Student Travel Insurance

    Tailored for those who’re studying away from home, student travel insurance plans are designed to assist you to pursue your educational aspirations. It generally includes personal accident cover, tuition fee reimbursement, and sponsor protection.

    Business Traveller Insurance

    Travel interruptions, such as misplaced baggage and delayed flights can be the last thing you’ll need when you’re on a business trip. Business traveller insurance can keep your travel investment protected in case of such unexpected situations.

    This kind of business-oriented travel insurance includes emergency medical evacuation and repatriation cover, baggage loss and delay, travel delay, travel cancellation, and emergency travel assistance services.

    What Eligibility Criteria Should You Satisfy for Travel Insurance in Malaysia

    To buy any kind of travel insurance policy in Malaysia, there are certain eligibility criteria that need to fulfilled, such as:

    • Minimum 18 years of age..
    • Should have a valid work permit/a valid dependent pass/a valid student pass/ a valid employment pass/a valid social visit pass.

    Calculate Your Travel Insurance Premium

    Wondering if buying travel insurance is an affordable investment? A travel insurance premium calculator can serve as the right tool. With a few key details, like your travel dates, type of cover, purpose of travel, and your age, you can find out what it would cost you to be covered. Almost all the insurer’s websites have an online calculator through which you can calculate the premiums that need to be paid.

    Start right away and find out what it takes to stay protected whether you’re having the time of your life on a holiday or you’re travelling overseas for work.

    How Do You Choose the Right Travel Insurance Policy?

    Buying a good travel insurance policy isn’t just about knowing what it covers and what you’re going to pay for it. Getting travel insurance that’s right for you involves more aspects. Here’s a list of things that you would like to consider when purchasing a travel insurance plan in Malaysia:

    1. The Insurer

    You may come across a whole host of travel insurance policies from multiple tour operators and other private players. The problem with such policies is that if the operator goes bust, they most likely will find ways to not honour your claim. Remember to always buy a travel insurance policy from reputed companies like AXA, Allianz, AIG, Etiqa, Lonpac, etc.

    2. Travel Frequency

    If you plan on travelling quite often, an annual travel insurance policy is the way to go. Although you’re bound to pay more upfront, you’ll be spending lesser to protect yourself in the long run. If travelling once in a while is what you like, then single trip insurance is what you need.

    3. Travel Expenses

    Before you set off on a vacation, it’s important that you consider the overall cost of your travel plan. If you’re worried about losing a lot of money if something does go wrong on your trip, travel insurance can seem like a welcome relief.

    4. Medical Cover

    With health insurance, your health care costs are pretty much covered in case of domestic trips. However, medical treatment or emergency evacuation in an overseas location can mean paying out of your pocket. This can ruin your overall finances. That’s not all. If the unthinkable happens when your entire family is out on a trip, overburdening them with repatriation customs and costs in a new place isn’t right. So, choose a policy that offers the maximum benefit for medical expenses, hospitalisation, emergency evacuation, repatriation, death, or even total/permanent disablement.

    5. Travel Baggage

    Going on a vacation almost always means quite a bit of luggage. From electronics to jewellery, you’re bound to carry everything that you really need. Although, travel insurance does cover baggage loss, the coverage limit may not be enough to cover the cost of all items. Keep in mind to select a travel insurance plan with a substantial amount of cover for baggage loss or delay.

    6. Travel Destination

    When it comes to overseas trips, heading over to some destinations can always be more risky than others. Keep in mind to always think about all the risks involved right from when you step out of your home to the moment you step back in. From a politically unstable environment to an extremely underdeveloped economy, the risks involved can vary from one place to another. In such a situation, choose a travel insurance plan that covers you against all of these risks.

    Things That Your Travel Insurance Won’t Cover

    Most insurance policies have certain exclusions that are not covered under the plans. Here are some of the common exclusions that your policy might not cover:

    Pre-existing Medical Conditions

    This is one of the first conditions you’ll come across whenever you buy any kind of medical insurance cover. Simply put, the cost of treatment for any existing health condition, illness, or disease – which you may already have and could flare up during the course of your trip – will not be covered by your travel insurance provider.

    Alcohol and Drug Abuse

    For starters, any injury or illness that’s caused by consuming alcohol won’t be covered. Secondly, using drugs in a manner other than what’s prescribed by a medical professional can be classified as drug abuse. Any injury or illness resulting from drug abuse won’t be covered either.

    Suicide and Self-Harm

    If you sustain any injuries or suffer any kind of loss because of an attempt to commit suicide or because of an intentional attempt to harm yourself, the cost of medical treatment won’t be covered. Any other benefit of your travel insurance policy won’t be valid either.

    Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

    If you contract any sexually transmitted diseases, such as syphilis, HIV/AIDS, herpes, etc., your travel insurance won’t cover any cost of treatment that follows.

    Pregnancy, Childbirth, or Miscarriage

    If you’re an expectant mother, the cost of treatment for any kind of complications that may arise because of pregnancy, miscarriage, or childbirth will not be covered. However, some travel insurers cover treatment costs if there are complications because of an accident or injury.

    Psychological Disorders

    If you’re suffering from any emotional or mental health issues, any cost incurred for treatment won’t be covered by your travel insurer. Whether you’ve developed such psychological issues during your trip or before it, treatment costs won’t be covered at any point.

    Acts of War

    While most travel insurance plans cover loss or damage resulting from acts of terrorism and hijacking, the situation is slightly different in case of war. If you suffer any loss or sustain injuries because of an act of war that involves nuclear, chemical, or biological substances, your claim won’t be honoured.

    What Factors Should You Consider Before Buying Travel Insurance in Malaysia ?

    To stand the best chance of staying protected throughout your trip, it’s important that you buy the right travel insurance policy. A number of important factors, including the fine print, baggage delay coverage, accidental death benefit, to name a few, govern the working process of most travel insurance plans.

    To get the ideal insurance plan that suits your personal needs, it’s highly important that you consider the factors mentioned below:

    How Useful is Travel Insurance for You?

    As mentioned earlier, your health insurance plan will only be valid in Malaysia and not when you travel overseas. Consequently, you’ll have to pay out of your pocket in case of any medical emergencies or travel inconveniences.

    To stay protected financially against unforeseen circumstances during your trip, it’s imprtant to have a proper travel insurance plan. It makes more sense to have such cover if a large part of your travel expenses is non-refundable.

    Usually, the cost of travel insurance is about 5% of the total cost of your trip. So, paying for travel insurance cover is way more affordable than having to pay for medical treatment overseas or for other such unexpected events.

    Trip/Travellers’ Details

    Your travel insurance premium is governed by a number of important variables, such as the number of travellers, number of days you’ll be travelling for, and the age of each traveller. Higher the number associated with each variable, higher will your premium be.

    The logic behind paying a higher amount is that there’s an enhanced risk factor as each variable increases, whether it’s the age of each traveller or the length of your vacation. The fact that you’re more likely to make a claim causes your overall premium to increase proportionally.

    Coverage Benefit for Accidental Death

    If the unthinkable happens when you’re on vacation, this coverage benefit will ensure that your nominee will get a payout as specified in the policy terms and conditions. Besides accidental death, this cover is also valid in case of total/permanent disablement. The amount of payout is pre-defined and usually varies from one plan to another.

    Coverage Benefit for Medical Emergencies

    In case you’re injured in an accident or diagnosed with a serious illness while you’re holidaying, this benefit will kick in to cover all your medical expenses. The amount of cover for this benefit differs from one insurer to another. This benefit usually covers the cost of emergency medical evacuation and repatriation too.

    Coverage Benefit for Personal Effects

    Once you lose sight of your baggage after checking in at the airport, you never really know what happens to it until you get it back at your destination. During this time, your baggage could get damaged, lost or even stolen.

    With travel insurance, all your baggage and personal belongings are covered till a certain limit. This coverage limit varies from one insurer to another and is usually calculated with respect to the number of items. From baggage delays to lost personal items, each category will have a fixed coverage limit.

    Coverage Benefit for Trip Cancellations and Interruptions

    Even the best-laid travel plans can go awry in a short period of time because of unforeseen circumstances, including extreme weather conditions, illnesses, injuries, natural disasters, etc.

    So, if you end up cancelling your trip or even cutting it short because of any such reasons, your travel expenses will be covered. This benefit is especially helpful if a big chunk of your travel expenditure can’t be recovered.

    Travel Insurance Terms and Conditions

    Without knowing what the terms and conditions of any travel insurance policy are, you won’t know how the insurance plan works, what it covers, and what it doesn’t.

    Therefore, it’s important that you read through all the associated terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy. This way, you won’t be left hanging in a new place wondering what your travel insurance does for you.

    Choosing the Ideal Travel Insurance Plan

    For starters, prepare a shortlist of travel insurance plans that fit your personal needs and budgetary requirements. Read through the policy document thoroughly so you know what your travel insurance plan is all about.

    Now, check the coverage benefit for each category, whether it’s trip cancellation or personal liability. From adventure holidays to business trips, keep in mind to choose the right type of cover according to what you’re planning to do on vacation.

    How Do You Buy Travel Insurance in Malaysia?

    Now that you’re aware of how travel insurance works, it’s time you learn about the right way to buy such insurance. Buying travel insurance cover in Malaysia involves 3 major aspects – when to buy, how to buy, and where to buy.

    Here’s an in-depth guide for each aspect of buying travel insurance cover:

    When Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

    To begin with, the best time to buy travel insurance is after you make the first payment toward your trip expenses. Make sure that you’ve got a good idea of your total trip cost to get an accurate quote in the first place.

    If you’re not able to buy travel insurance cover soon after your first trip payment, make sure that you do buy a policy as soon as possible. This is because some specialised travel insurance plans have a time-sensitive condition wherein the insurance benefits are valid only if you’ve paid for the policy within a certain time frame.

    Lastly, you must remember to buy a travel insurance policy before you set off for your destination. Most comprehensive travel insurance plans that include emergency medical cover need to be bought well in advance.

    How Should You Go About Buying Travel Insurance Cover in Malaysia

    Looking for a comprehensive travel insurance policy that keeps you protected at every step of your travels? Follow the steps below to find an ideal travel insurance plan that suits your personal needs:

    1. Know what your insurance plan covers: Read through the policy document carefully to know what your travel insurance covers and what it doesn’t. Now get an approximate idea of the amount of potential losses in case something goes wrong. Weigh this number against the cost of insurance itself to know if it’s worth the investment.

    2. Check your existing insurance cover: If you already have health insurance, life insurance or a credit card, take some time out to see what each of these policy covers. If any of the benefits of such existing insurance plans overlap with what a new travel insurance policy will provide, then it’s not worth investing in a separate travel insurance policy.

    3. Figure out when to buy travel insurance: As mentioned earlier, the best time to buy travel insurance is when you book your trip and make the first payment toward it.

    4. Avoid insurance for manageable losses: This step is more of a reiteration of the first step wherein you should calculate the amount of potential losses you may have to face in case something unthinkable happens. Avoid taking out any travel insurance if its cost is more than the amount of potential losses you’ll have to face.

    5. Buy travel insurance with coverage options that you need: Gone are the days when most of you used to buy all-purpose travel insurance plans. Nowadays, there are specialised policies whose coverage benefits are completely focused on what kind of traveller you are. In addition, remember to look for special features in insurance plans that are in line with your preferences and unique needs.

    Where Can You Buy Travel Insurance in Malaysia?

    There are a multitude of options to choose from when it comes to buying travel insurance plans in Malaysia. Once you’re familiar with when and how to buy travel insurance cover, finding the right buying channel is relatively simple.

    As with every other insurance policy, you can buy travel insurance cover through online and offline channels in Malaysia. If you prefer to do things in person, just head over to any independent insurance agency or the nearest branch of the insurer to buy a policy. Some airports also have specialised kiosks where you can buy travel insurance cover.

    If you don’t have the time to go around searching for an agency, then online channels are the most convenient and hassle-free way to buy travel insurance. To begin with, there are plenty of comparison sites online where you can compare multiple travel insurance plans to see which one offers the best overall value.

    Once you’ve got a few options in hand, shortlist the best ones and request a free quote from each provider. This will allow you to get a good idea of how beneficial each plan is for you. You can also contact the insurer’s sales team by email or phone for any kind of assistance with your search.

    Now, compare the cost of coverage with the overall cost of your trip and check if it’s worth the investment. Once you’ve zeroed in on a particular plan, keep in mind to confirm when it takes effect after you’ve bought it.

    What Documents Do You Need to File a Travel Insurance Claim in Malaysia?

    The documents needed vary according to the nature of the claim. To put things in to perspective, the documents you’ll need for a medical expenses claim are completely different when compared to the documents needed for a baggage loss claim.

    However, most insurers do require a similar set of documents for most travel insurance claims. Here’s the list of documents you’ll need to file a travel insurance claim in Malaysia:

    1. Personal identification documents, such as MyKad, NRIC, passport, etc.
    2. Duly completed and signed travel claim form.
    3. Travel itinerary.
    4. Flight tickets and boarding passes.
    5. Complete baggage information.
    6. Necessary medical documents, including treatment reports.
    7. Police report.
    8. Necessary bills, invoices, and receipts.
    9. Relevant notifications from your airline.

    How Do You File a Travel Insurance Claim in Malaysia?

    Although the documents required for each kind of travel insurance claim can vary, the process to file a claim is pretty much the same across all insurers. To stand the best chance of getting your claim approved, follow the below mentioned steps of filing a travel insurance claim:

    • In case of an emergency during your trip, get in touch with your travel insurance provider right away and notify them about your situation with as much information as possible.
    • Get the right travel claim form and fill it up with all the necessary information.
    • Attach all the necessary documents relating to the nature of your claim, whether it’s a police report or a payment receipt.
    • Send all the required documents by mail or fax. You can also choose to upload the documents online or send it by email for a hassle-free experience.
    • Most travel insurers take about 3 to 10 working days to assess and review all claim documents. If the entire process is process is successful, reimbursement of cash takes another five to ten working days.

    How Can You Renew Your Travel Insurance Policy?

    Now that your travel insurance cover is in full swing, most of you tend to ignore the renewal period. But, this doesn’t mean that you overlook this aspect completely. Continued coverage every year is just as important staying protected throughout the year.

    While some travel insurance policies come with the option of auto-renewal, others just lapse or expire if there’s no advice regarding continuity. Most travel insurance policies in Malaysia can be renewed online in a convenient manner.

    You’ll usually need only your passport number and policy number to make a payment. However, there might be a need for additional documentation in case of plan upgrades or changes in the type of cover.

    When it comes to auto-renewing policies, they usually have a cooling-off period where you can choose to make changes or cancel the policy altogether. Depending on the insurer and the type of cover, there may be additional charges associated with such cancellations.

    When it is time to renew your travel insurance cover, consider these pointers to make a more informed decision:

    • When it’s time for renewal, think about the number of times you’ll need to travel over the next year, the destinations you’ll be visiting, and the type of cover you’ll need for every trip.
    • If your policy has an auto-renewal option, you will receive a notice from the insurer at least 21 days before the renewal date. This notice will contain the full details of your new policy, the premium amount, and cancellations terms. Be sure to read the policy document thoroughly at this time and get changes, if any, done at the earliest.
    • Some travel insurance policies may come with a renewal or a cancellation fee. Reading the policy document thoroughly beforehand will help you stay aware of such additional charges.
    • Start looking for alternative options when there’s about a month left for your policy to renew. This way, you’ll have options in hand and won’t be limited to what you already have in place.


    Q. Is there an age limit to buy travel insurance in Malaysia?

    A. Yes. There is an age limit for single trip and annual travel insurance plans. This limit differs from one insurer to another. Here’s the age limit for most Malaysian travel insurers:

    • For single trip insurance – Travellers aged between 30 days and 75 years.
    • For annual travel insurance – Travellers aged between 18 years and 75 years.

    Q. How long can the period of cover in a travel insurance policy last?

    A. The maximum period of coverage for any travel insurance policy depends on whether it’s an overseas trip or a domestic trip. Here’s the maximum period of cover for most Malaysian travel insurers:

    • For single trip insurance – 60 consecutive days for a domestic trip and 180 consecutive days for an overseas trip.
    • For annual travel insurance – 60 consecutive days for a domestic trip and 100 consecutive days for an overseas trip.

    Q. Who can buy travel insurance?

    A. Any person who wants to travel within Malaysia or overseas for business/pleasure can buy travel insurance for financial protection.

    Q. Can I buy travel insurance if I’m not a Malaysian citizen?

    A. Yes. You can apply for travel insurance even if you’re not a Malaysian citizen. Your travel insurance cover starts from Malaysia and is only valid if you’re travelling domestically or overseas.

    Q. Which countries aren’t covered by most travel insurance agencies?

    A. Some travel insurance companies in Malaysia don’t provide cover if you’re travelling through, in, or to Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, Sudan, Syria, or Afghanistan.

    Q. Will I be medically examined if I apply for travel insurance coverage?

    A. No, there won’t be any medical examination. But, please keep in mind that your travel insurance will not cover any pre-existing medical conditions.

    Q. What do you mean by a “pre-existing medical condition”?

    A. Any health condition that you’ve known about within a year from the date of commencement of your travel insurance policy can be classified as a pre-existing medical condition.

    Q. Do all insurers not provide cover for pre-existing health conditions?

    A. Although most Malaysian travel insurance companies stay away from covering pre-existing conditions, some insurers do give you the option of cover for such conditions for an additional premium.

    Q. Who all are covered under the family travel insurance plan?

    A. A family travel insurance plan provides cover for you, your legal spouse, and your children. There could be a limit on the number of children in some cases. This limit can differ from one insurer to another.

    Q. Does coverage start immediately after I buy a travel insurance policy?

    A. The travel cancellation cover sets in 24 hours after you’ve bought a travel insurance policy. All other benefits of your travel insurance set in once you arrive at the airport or four hours before the time of your scheduled departure flight.

    Q. Can I buy travel insurance if I have a one-way flight ticket to a certain country?

    A. Yes. You can buy travel insurance cover for a one-way trip. However, the cover will stop once you land at the destination country. Some insurers also provide cover for a certain number of days after departure.

    Q. Am I allowed to change the details of my travel insurance policy?

    A. Yes. You can make changes to the details provided for your travel insurance. However, this is only possible if you haven’t set off for your trip yet or made a claim until now. Most insurers in Malaysia allow you to make corrections by email, fax or regular mail. Some insurers also allow you to make changes online through the bank’s website or through a specialised insurance platform.

    Q. Can I buy travel insurance for a working holiday at any country?

    A. No. Travel insurance only covers business or leisure trips. A working holiday can’t be grouped under either category, making it ineligible for coverage.

    Q. What happens if I buy more than one travel insurance policy for the same trip?

    A. You’re eligible to be covered by one policy at a time for every trip. In this case, the policy with better benefits will be used as cover.

    Q. Do I have the option of extending the period of insurance once I’ve departed to my destination?

    A. No extensions, corrections or changes are allowed in your travel insurance policy at any cost once you’ve embarked on your trip.

    Q. Do I need to buy a separate travel insurance plan for every country if I’m travelling to multiple countries?

    A. No. You don’t need to buy separate cover for each destination if you’re travelling to multiple countries as long as it’s part of the same trip. Keep in mind to put the furthest country you’re visiting as your destination to ensure cover throughout your travel period.

    Q. Can I buy travel insurance if I’m travelling by road to a neighbouring country?

    A. Some insurers do allow you to have cover even if you’re travelling by road. Such insurance plans don’t cover flight-related benefits in any way.

    Q. If I’ve been treated for injuries sustained on my overseas trip, will the cost of my follow-up treatment in Malaysia be covered?

    A. Yes. Subject to the medical expenses limit specified by the insurer, the cost of your follow-up treatment in Malaysia will be covered.

    Q. Is dental care or pregnancy-related treatment covered under your travel insurance policy?

    A. No. The cost of dental care or pregnancy-related treatment won’t be covered by your travel insurer unless the treatment is the result of an injury sustained on your trip.

    Q. Are adventure activities like hiking, trekking or scuba diving covered by your travel insurance?

    A. Although there are some insurers who provide cover for such activities as part of the existing policy, other insurers provide such cover with an additional charge.

    Travel insurance cover can seem like a completely unnecessary expense at first glance. But, a little closer look at the benefits of having such coverage will help you realise how important it really is when something unexpected happens. This is doubly true when most of your travel expenses are non-refundable.

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