• Tune Protect Car Insurance

    Malaysian government requires you to own a motor insurance before you drive your vehicle on the Malaysian roads. Tune Protect offers a comprehensive cover as well as multiple additional benefits to enhance your car insurance. Read through this guide for more information on Tune Protect Car Insurance.

    List of Tune Protect Car Insurance Plans

    The types of plans offered by Tune Protect are:

    • Tune Protect Motor:This is a comprehensive motor insurance policy that offers the agreed sum or the market value of the car in case of a claim. Tune Protect provides you with a 24-hour emergency auto assist facility. It has a panel of workshops for your assistance. Get 6 months guarantee on replacement parts or the repairs done.
    • Tune Protect Motor Easy:This plan covers the damages caused to your car due to riots and civil commotions. The policy also pays you when your car is damaged and under repair. Get an additional coverage for spray painting your car.

    Benefits of Tune Protect Car Insurance in Malaysia

    • Get cover for loss or damages caused by accidents, theft or fire.
    • Get cover for damages or loss caused to a third-party property.
    • Get cover for death or injury of third-party due to an accident involving your car.
    • Choose additional covers for an additional premium.
    • Get cover for damages caused by strikes, riots and civil commotion.
    • Get cover for loss or damage caused by landslides, storm and floods.


    • Nationality:
      • Malaysian Citizen
      • Permanent Resident
    • Age:
      • Minimum: 18 years
      • Maximum: 99 years
    • Others:.
      • Valid Driving License

    Tune Protect Car Insurance for Foreigners

    Car insurance is not offered to foreigners.

    Tune Protect Car Insurance Exclusions

    • The policy does not cover your death or injuries caused in an accident.
    • The policy does not cover the damage caused to your car by natural calamities such as floods, storms and landslides.
    • The policy does not cover for liability against claims from passengers in your vehicle.
    • The policy does not cover an accident due to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • The policy does not cover your car while being used for races, rallies and test drives.

    How Do You Buy Tune Protect Car Insurance Online

    Click on “Buy Now” button on the Tune Protect website. Provide information such as vehicle details, additional driver details, additional cover (if any) and personal details. Review the details provided and make an online payment.

    Documents Required

    The common documents required for claims are:

    • Duly filled claim form.
    • Police Report.
    • Photo of the damaged part of the car.
    • A copy of vehicle owner’s identity card and driving license.
    • A copy of the driver’s identity card and driving license. (If driver and vehicle owner are different)
    • A copy of vehicle registration card.

    How to Claim Tune Protect Car Insurance?

    1. Call the toll-free number at 1800-22-8863 immediately to report an incident.
    2. Talk to a panel workshop if your car requires repairs.
    3. Report the accident to the police.
    4. Submit the claim application through 2 ways:
    • Workshop: Submit the filled claim form and the necessary documentation at the workshop so that they can submit your claim application on your behalf.
    • Online: Submit your claim application online if your policy was issued online. Log into your account on the Tune Protect website. Fill the online claim form and attach the necessary documents to submit the application.

    Tune Protect website also allows you to check the status of your claim application.

    Contact Number

    • General Queries: +60 3 2087 9000
    • Fax Number: +60 3 2094 1366.
    • Claims: 03-2087 9010 (Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
    • Emergency Auto Assist: 1800-22-8863
    • Customer Service Hotline number: 1800-88-5753


    Q. How long does this insurance policy cover my car?

    A. This policy provides cover for a year. You need to renew your policy every year.

    Q. Can I buy the Motor Easy policy for a commercial vehicle?

    A. No. The Motor Easy policy can be bought only for a private car. You cannot buy this policy for commercial vehicles.

    Q. When does the policy cover commence?

    A. The policy cover commences as soon as you pay the premium due and the insurance company receives the payment. Unless the insurer receives, you are not considered to be covered.

    Q. Can I insure my car for a sum lower than the market value?

    A. No. You must insure your car for its market value. If you insure it for a lower sum, you will face issues while making a claim. The insurer would cover you only for the sum insured. You would have to pay any difference from your own expenses.

    Q. Do I get a refund if I cancel my policy mid-term?

    A. Yes. You will get a refund if you have not made any claim during the insured period. However, the insurer may retain a sum of RM50.

    Q. What does the compulsory excess mean?

    A. A compulsory excess is a sum set by the insurer that has to be borne by you when you make a claim. In case of a third party’s fault, you may not have to pay the compulsory excess based on the insurer’s discretion.

    Q. How long does it take to settle a theft claim?

    A. It usually takes about six months to settle a theft claim. In some cases, a theft case settlement will be done upon the completion of the police investigation.

    Q. Does an accident affect my No Claim Discount (NCD) even when I am not at fault?

    A. No. If you are not at fault, you will not lose your NCD. The insurer should settle the claim as not your fault for this to be applicable.

    As car insurance is mandatory in Malaysia, ensure that your car is neither under-insured or over-insured. Insure your car for its market value to get adequate protection. Remember that a low-risk driving profile results in a lower premium.

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