• Tune Travel Insurance

    Tune Protect offers Tune Protect Travel Easy plan which provides comprehensive protection for you and your family while you are travelling. This plan covers you for trips across Malaysia and overseas.

    Benefits of Tune Travel Insurance:

    • It provides cover up to RM300,000 for any accidental death or permanent disability during the trip.
    • Get cover up to RM1.5 million for any emergency medical evacuation that happens during your trip.
    • It covers you for loss of personal money, travel documents and credit cards on your trip up to RM5,000.
    • Get reimbursement for any medical expenses occurring for accident or sickness during your trip.
    • This plan covers you for loss or damage of your baggage and personal effects due to mishandling while transportation.
    • Get cover for cancelled trips if you or your family member is hospitalised due to any sickness or accident.
    • It will cover you up to RM1 million for any personal liability that incurred during your trip.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Nationality: This plan is applicable for all Malaysians and permanent residents.
    • Age: The age limit is between 30 days and below 75 years old.
    • Individuals: Age limit is between 18 years and 75 years.
    • Family: Age limit is 30 days to 75 years. All children must be aged minimum 30 days and maximum 21 years if financially dependent on parents and in full-time education.

    Tune Travel Insurance for Foreigners (expats)

    Foreigners are not eligible to take up a Tune Protect Travel Easy Plan.

    Tune Travel Insurance Major Exclusions

    This policy would not cover for death or injury caused by or to:

    • Any occupation related to armed forces, ship crew and professional sports.
    • Any activity relating to manual work, winter sports, offshore sites, and testing or use of heavy machinery, hazardous or explosive materials.
    • Any attempt of deliberate self-inflicted injury or suicide while being sane or insane.
    • Any act which violates the law.
    • Any pre-existing medical conditions for which you have received or currently receiving medication.
    • Any use of nuclear, chemical or biological materials.

    This list is not exhaustive. You can find the list of all exclusions on the Tune website.

    How to Buy Tune Travel Insurance

    You can buy a policy online on the Tune website.Fill an online application form and include relevant documents to purchase a plan.

    Documents Required

    • Police Report
    • Invoice of loss/stolen items
    • Statement of cash withdrawal (optional)
    • Any other documents required to process a claim

    How to Claim Tune Travel Insurance

    • File a claim within 30 days from the date of loss or incident.
    • Fill up the online claim form, attach relevant documents and submit the form.
    • Submit any other supporting documents if requested.
    • Check your claim status online through the website.

    Contact Number

    Customer Service: +603 2087 9000


    Q. What is the period of coverage for this plan?

    A. There are three different types of coverage period:

    • One way trip: The period for this plan is 72 hours (expiry of 3 days) from arrival date.
    • Return trip: The period for this plan is 180 consecutive days for an overseas trip.
    • Annual Trip: The period for this plan is 90 consecutive days for an overseas business trip and 30 consecutive days for an overseas leisure trip.

    Q. Will I be covered under one policy if I travel across Malaysia and overseas in a single trip?

    A. No. For any trip that involves domestic and international travel, you need to purchase the domestic plan and international plan separately.

    Q. Can I cancel my policy?

    A. Yes. You can cancel your policy by submitting a written letter 30 days in advance. If you have an annual plan, it will be cancelled from the 1st day of the month following your cancellation request. If you have a single trip plan, it would be cancelled if your request date is before your policy or trip commences. This would be subject to approval from the insurance provider.

    Q. Whom can I contact for any medical assistance while I’m overseas?

    A. You can contact AAN (Asia Assistance Network) at +603 7841 5788 for medical assistance. You have to contact AAN before you get admitted to any medical centre while abroad.

    Q. Can I make a claim even if I do not have any receipt for my personal items?

    A. Yes. You can make a claim, but you are required to produce a proof of ownership for your personal items. You can provide your credit card statement or warranty receipt as proof of ownership.

    Q. Are there any terms for cancelling my trip before it commences?

    A. You can cancel your trip if you or any immediate family members are hospitalized due to sickness.

    Q. Will my medical bills while abroad be covered?

    A. Yes. In case of an emergency medical evacuation, your expenses will be paid up to your benefit limit. In such cases, it will be a cashless transaction. In other cases where you incur medical bills not relating to a medical evacuation, then you need to pay while abroad. You can request for reimbursement later.

    Q. Does this travel insurance cover pregnant women?

    A. Yes. Pregnant women are insured under this policy. However, any case of miscarriage, childbirth, treatment for infertility or birth control is not covered.

    Get adequate protection for you and your family during your trip with Tune travel insurance. Contact the customer service department if you need assistance to buy a policy or make a claim.

    News About Tune Protect Travel Insurance in Malaysia

    • Profit After Tax figures increase for Tune Protect

      Profits after tax (PAT) figures of Tune Protect Group Bhd have risen by 18% till June 2018. Reports suggest that the company had earlier registered profits up to RM141.26 million from RM133.8 million. PAT figures have increased by RM31.65 million, in spite of a lower net profit in Q2 2018.

      Profits have reportedly increased due to a 42% rise in year-on-year increase in underwriting profits, reduced net claims, and lower management expenses. Business expansion has led to a 65% year-on-year increase in Q2 PAT figures, wherein PAT for H1 2018 was only 31%. Growth in the business base was due to higher quota share arrangements, positive claim development, and better due collection figures.

      Things are also looking up for Tune Protect’s digital travel global business as well with an 8% rise in gross written premium (GWP) figures. The number of policies issued also grew by 86% in H1 2018 among major airline partners. Future plans of the company include expansion into the Indo-China and Middle Eastern markets. It also plans to offer takaful products with AirAsia in the future.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      29 August 2018

    • Tune Protect aims at a high growth rate

      Tune Protect Group Bhd is looking to surge their revenue by the end of the financial year, after seeing a boost of 5% in their Gross Written Premiums (GWP) in 2017. The increased growth rate is mainly due to the exceptional performance of their travel insurance business.

      The company is planning an investment of RM25 million. In order to achieve double-digit growth, Tune Protect is planning to modernise their brand and implement other important strategies to reach their goals. They will be launching a mobile app in the next 6 months and already have a UK tech company on-board to assist them in creating a user-friendly experience for their customers.

      The group already has tie-ups with AirAsia Bhd, Air Arabia, and Cebu Pacific Air. The latest airline to join them as partners is Cambodia Angkor Air. As one of the leading insurers of the company, they have been selling their products at excellent rates, and are in the process to boost their takaful insurance business as well.

      Tune Protect’s partnership with a prominent Takaful firm from Bahrain will help them expand their business to the GCC and Indonesia. Some of the changes the group will be introducing, include the transition of the motor insurance sector to the non-motor sector, which will help in boosting profit in the long run.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      04 June 2018

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