• Zurich Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad

    Zurich Insurance Malaysia Berhad offers a host of Insurance and Takaful solutions that covers both Life and General Insurance products, along with Family Takaful and General Takaful products. All these products are aimed at Malaysians from all walks of life irrespective of age and occupation.

    Zurich Life Insurance product portfolio

    Zurich Insurance products has the following categories:

    • For Life:
      • Zurich FlexiLife: The package provides you with coverage against death and early care in cases of critical illness. The plan allows you to adjust the protection according to your needs and helps you with investment and savings.
      • Zurich FlexiLife Premier: This affordable investment-linked plan allows you to plan every step of your life – be it buying a new house, having a baby, starting a family etc. The policyholder must be 16 years of age and the insured can be between 30 days to 70 years old.
      • Zurich FlexiLife Plus: This is an investment-linked insurance plan that is tailored to plan your new beginnings like buying a new house. It also gives you loyalty bonus.
      • Zurich TermLife: The scheme provides cover in case of total permanent disability and death. The policy also comes with protection enhancement options like hospitalisation benefit, accidental death benefit, and surgical benefit.
      • Zurich TrueLady: Designed especially for women, this scheme not only covers death and permanent disability, but also provides coverage against major female illnesses and the surgical treatments related to them.
      • Payback 100: The life insurance scheme provides you coverage against accidental permanent disability and accidental death. You are also allowed to surrender your policy and obtain cash value for the same.
      • SmartLife Pro: The insurance scheme provides you protection against death and total permanent disability until the age of 100 years. It comes with guaranteed increase in coverage up to 130% of the initial sum assured. The policy covers accidental death and dismemberment.
      • Super Protector and Super Protector Plus: The policy comes with a guaranteed 5% increase in the initial sum assured per year till it matures. Basic premiums associated with the plan remain unchanged throughout the policy’s tenure. The policy also comes with assured cashback at maturity.
      • Teras Perdana: The policy comes with coverage against death, accidental death, total permanent disability, 36 critical illness, and dismemberment. You can also get guaranteed cash back of up to 120% of the initial sum at the term’s maturity.
    • For Safety:
      • Active Living: The plan covers accidental death, permanent disability, and broken bones. The plan also provides wellness benefits and comes with a coverage of as low as RM1.10 per day.
      • Flexi PA: This scheme provides you protection against death, accidental permanent disablement, total, and partial temporary disability.
      • Gift of Love: The plan lets you choose from two available plans according to your needs. These plans include accidental death coverage and coverage against permanent disability with different premiums.
      • Individual Personal Accident: This policy gives coverage against accidental death, permanent disablement, and also covers accidental medical expenses.
      • Personal Sentinel V2: The policy pays double the amount of sum assured in cases of death, total paralysis, quadriplegia, and paraplegia on any mode of public transport or due to fire at residence. The policy also comes with an emergency cash of RM5,000 in cases of accidental death, 10% of sum assured in cases of HIV resulted by a blood transfusion, and renewal bonus of 10%.
      • Protect All 300: Protect All 300 is a family personal accident plan that covers death, permanent disability, travel expenses, funeral expenses, medical reimbursement, and additional medical costs.
      • Protect All 500: The plan comes with a guaranteed income benefit in cases of death, accidental total permanent disability and accidental death. The policy also comes with medical reimbursement.
    • For Family:
      • School Children Personal Accident: This plan allows you to safeguard your school going child’s life. This plan provides protection against accidental death, accidental permanent disability, and covers travel, medical, and funeral expenses.
      • Domestic Maid Insurance Scheme: This plan provides comprehensive 24/7 coverage to your house maid. The premium is RM60 for 1 year and RM80 for 2 years. It covers permanent disablement, accidental death, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, and hospitalisation expenses.
      • SeniorGold: The policy is designed for seniors and provides coverage of up to 5 times the sum assured against accidental and natural death. It also comes with maturity benefit and repatriation benefit. The premiums for this policy start at RM50.
    • For Savings:
      • Super Fortune Plan: The plan comes with flexible premium payment tenure and guaranteed long-term annual cash returns. The policy also comes with a coverage against total permanent disability (TPD) till the age of 60 years and coverage against death during the term.
      • Super Wealth Plan: Coming with constant premiums, this policy provides you a lifetime coverage and a maturity benefit up to the age of 80 years. You can also opt to get cash returns of 10% from 6th year of the policy onwards. The policy also covers total permanent disability till you’re 60 years old.
      • Zurich Favour8: The policy earns you guaranteed cash returns from the first year itself. It also covers unfortunate events like death and total permanent disability during the policy period.
      • Zurich Favour8 Guaranteed Acceptance: The plan gives you up to 120% of the sum assured at the time of maturity. It also provides coverage against total permanent disability and death within the policy’s tenure..
    • For Investment:
      • Zurich Max1nvest: This plan allows you to enhance the investments you made so far with an expanded choice of both foreign and local and funds. You are allowed to withdraw from the policy in case of emergencies. It also provides death and TPB benefits to you.  
      • Zurich EduStart: The policy serves as a savings and investment plan and matures when your child reaches the age of 25. The facility comes with a flexible premium term and covers death and total permanent disability. You can also use the premiums paid for this plan for tax relaxation.
      • Master Investment Plan: Master Investment Plan helps you manage your investment with a diverse range of investment plans. It comes with tax advantages that let you enjoy a tax relaxation, transfer facility that lets you switch your investment from one fund to another, and death and TPD benefits.

    Features and Benefits of Zurich Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad

    Here are the benefits and features associated with Zurich Insurance Malaysia Berhad:

    • The policy lets you choose an insurance scheme from a range of available packages.
    • The policy comes with high cover for death, total permanent disability, accidental death, critical illness, and dismemberment.
    • The policy comes with a wide array of packages that help you manage your investment and enhance your savings.
    • You can use the premiums paid for the policy to get tax benefits.
    • Many of the policies available allow you to withdraw cash during times of emergency.
    • The policy comes with a high maturity benefit.

    Zurich Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad Eligibility

    The following are the eligibility criteria of this insurance policy:

    • Zurich FlexiLife:
      • Anyone who is 30 days to 69 years old can get insured.
      • Minimum age of policyholder: 18 years.
    • Zurich FlexiLife Premier:
      • You can get insured if you’re 30 days to 70 years old.
      • The policyholder should be 16 years old or older.
    • Zurich FlexiLife Plus:
      • Age range for insured: 30 days to 69 years.
      • The policyholder must be at least 18 years old.
    • Zurich TermLife:
      • Minimum age required: 16 years.
      • Maximum age at the maturity: 65 years.
    • Zurich TrueLady:
      • You are eligible to get the policy if you’re a female aged between 16 to 65 years of age.
    • SmartLife Pro:
      • Age of the insured must be between 30 days to 65 years.
    • Super Protector and Super Protector Plus:
      • Age requirement for the insured: 30 days to 60 years.
    • Teras Perdana:
      • Age requirement for the insured: 30 days to 55 years.
      • Age requirement for the policyholder: 18 years and above.
    • Active Living:
      • You can buy this plan if you’re aged between 18 to 75 years old.
    • Flexi PA:
      • Age requirement: 18-65 years.
      • Occupation requirement: Class 1, 2 & 3.
    • Personal Sentinel V2:
      • Age requirement: 1-65 years.
    • Protect All 500:
      • You can apply for the scheme on individual as well as on a joint basis.
    • School Children Personal Accident:
      • Insured age: This plan is available for school going kids aged between 4 to 18 years old.
      • Minimum age requirement of the policyholder: 16 years.
    • SeniorGold:
      • The plan is open to individuals aged 50 to 80 years.
    • Super Fortune Plan:
      • Age requirement: 30 days to 55 years.
    • Super Wealth Plan:
      • Age requirement: 30 days to 65 years.
    • Zurich Favour8:
      • Age requirement: 30 days to 65 years.
    • Zurich Favour8 Guaranteed Acceptance:
      • Age requirement: 30 days to 65 years.
    • Zurich Max1nvest:
      • Age requirement: 30 days to 70 years.
    • Master Investment Plan:
      • Insured age: 30 days to 70 years.
      • Minimum age requirement of the policyholder: 18 years.

    Zurich Life Insurance Foreigners

    Zurich Insurance Malaysia Berhad is available to expats and foreign customers. They may choose from a range of insurance products as per their needs.

    Zurich Life Insurance Claims

    You can visit the Claims portal on the official website of Zurich Insurance Malaysia Berhad and select the type of claim from the list- Life Insurance Claims, General Insurance Claims, Family Takaful Claims, and General Takaful Claims.

    You can see a list of required documents in the portal, which you need to fill up along with the claim forms. Finally, you can submit all the documents and claim forms at the Zurich Head Office or any of the Zurich Takaful branches.

    Zurich Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad Contact Number

    Zurich Insurance Malaysia Berhad provides two numbers on its official site. For enquiries or a complaint, Zurich Insurance customers can call on 1-300-888-622 and Zurich Takaful customers can call on +603-6287 6666.

    Zurich Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad FAQs

    1. Q. For Family Takaful and General Takaful claims, how much time would it take for the insurance company to reach out to me?

      A. Upon the receipt of complete documentation, you can expect to get a response within three to ten working days.

    2. Q. What are the benefits of the Zurich FlexiLife Premier plan?

      A. The Zurich FlexiLife Premier plan has the following benefits:

      • It gives you a coverage up to 100 years of age with no medical check-up needed.
      • You get Infectious Disease (like mumps, Cholera, Zika virus, Influenza etc.) benefit.
      • You get a coverage of RM8 million sum assured for TPD.
    3. Q. What is the eligibility criteria for the Zurich FlexiLife Plus plan?

      A. Your age needs to be between 30 days and 69 years but the policyholder must be minimum 18 years old.

    4. Q. What benefits will I get if I buy the Zurich Favour8 endowment plan?

      A. The main benefit that you will get from this plan is that you can pay for 8 years to get an assured twenty year coverage.

    5. Q. What are the benefits of the PayBack 100 plan?

      A. The PayBack 100 plan gives you the following benefits:

      • Accidental Death Benefit.
      • Permanent Disability caused due to accident.
      • Double Indemnity.
      • TBD Benefit.
      • Cash Value.
      • Refund of your premium in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

    Latest News About Zurich Life Insurance

    • Zurich Negotiates Ways To Sell 30% Of Its Stakes

      Zurich Insurance Group is negotiating the deal with potential firms to reduce the stakes of its life insurance unit. This initiative is taken as a result of the new policy brought into action by Bank Negara Malaysia which states that the foreign investors must not own a stake higher than 70% in Malaysian insurance industry.

      Zurich Group is checking on the available options on selling stake or the public offering of the business so Zurich can retain 70% of the stakes. It is estimated that the sale of 30% stake of Zurich’s life insurance sector is worth US$100 million.

      The general insurance and life insurance operations of Zurich are now divided into two different entities legally. Now, Zurich Insurance Malaysia Berhad’s life insurance segment is called Zurich Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad and the general insurance segment is called Zurich General Insurance Malaysia Berhad.

      Other foreign insurance providers such as Prudential and Chubb are also working on figuring out the ways to sell their stakes in a profitable way.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      27 April 2018

    • Zurich Releases An Endowment Plan Only Meant for Teachers

      Zurich Life Insurance Malaysia has rolled out an exclusive plan dedicated to teachers. As part of the celebration of Teacher’s Day, Zurich has made it easier for the teachers to get coverage through Zurich Favour8. This new policy is an endowment plan offering protection, savings, and investment opportunities.

      The insurance company has waived the formality of underwriting for policies with annual premiums of up to RM30,000. Also, the insurer has removed the interest charges for all premium payment intervals i.e., monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual payments. The only criterion to get the benefits of this new scheme is that the applicant must be a teacher at a public or private academic educational institute.

      The plan requires you to pay the premiums for 8 years to receive protection up to a period of 20 years. The policy can be purchased till an individual reaches the age of 65 years. The insurance company assures on offering guaranteed cash in addition to potential returns of the investment account.

      Mukesh Dhawan, General Manager, Zurich said that they are designing more products for teachers such as a group insurance product. He shared that the products may reach the market by the end of the year.

      BBazaar Malaysia

      27 May 2018

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