• Zurich Travel Insurance

    Zurich provides protection for your travel in three stages—before the travel, during the travel and after the travel. If you are unable to travel as scheduled due to a major injury, the policy provides Trip Cancellation Coverage.

    During the trip, the policy covers unexpected delays in your schedule. After the trip, if you have to make any claim, Zurich processes the claim faster to ensure a hassle-free and convenient experience.

    List of Zurich Travel Insurance Coverage Plans

    Zurich provides two plans for travel insurance:

    • Silver Plan: Silver plan provides coverage to you, your spouse and family, as per your requirement. The home care benefit offered is up to RM2,500. In case of credit card theft, the policy provides a coverage of up to RM2,500.
    • Gold Plan: Similar to the Silver Plan, Gold Plan also provides policies for individuals, couple and family as per your requirement. This plan provides higher cover as compared to the Silver Plan. You can get emergency telephone charges up to RM300. If the need arises, the plan automatically extends the tenure of coverage. The plan also covers the outstanding credit card balance in case of an emergency.
    • Gold Annual: Unlike the other two plans, Gold Annual is meant only for individuals. If you lose your deposit, the plan pays up to RM10,000. You can get cover for personal liability up to RM1 million. The plan covers domestic pet care up to RM3,000. Also, in emergency situations, the plan automatically extends the insurance tenure.

    Benefits of Zurich Travel Insurance

    • Personal accident, medical, travel inconvenience and other related benefits.
    • Round-the-clock emergency medical assistance.
    • Home care benefits when you are away on a trip.
    • Covers some adventure sports like scuba diving, bungee jumping, etc.
    • Protection against illness caused by 17 infections.
    • Coverage for acts of terrorism and hijacking.
    • Liability protection.


    The eligibility criteria for Zurich Travel Insurance are given below:

    • Nationality Criteria:
      • Malaysian citizens
      • Permanent residents of Malaysia
      • Foreigners with a valid work permit/employment pass
    • Age Criteria:
      • The applicant must be at least 16 years old to purchase the policy, but not be more than 79 years old.
      • There is no minimum age specified for the spouse. However, the insured must not be older than 80 years.
      • If you are getting your kids covered under the policy, then the age of your kids must fall between 30 days and 16 years.
      • An exclusion to the age of kids is that the maximum age can be extended up to 23 years if the insured is a full-time student in one of the selected institutions.

    Zurich Travel Insurance for Foreigners

    If you are a foreigner and have all the necessary documents to prove the purpose of your visit to Malaysia, then you are eligible to purchase the policy.

    Zurich Travel Insurance Exclusions

    The policy excludes the following from coverage:

    • Pregnancy and related issues
    • Exposure to radioactive and nuclear radiations
    • Damage caused due to war, riots and commotion
    • Health ailments caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) such as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, etc.

    How Do You Buy Zurich Travel Insurance?

    You can visit the nearest Zurich branch to talk to the representatives and purchase an insurance policy relevant to your requirement. You can also get in touch with an agent to purchase the policy.

    Documents Required

    The documents required to submit a claim varies with the claim type. Some of the important documents required for claim submission are:

    • Duly filled claim form
    • Police report in case of theft
    • Medical report in case of accident or illness
    • In case of death, death certificate, repatriation bill and post-mortem report
    • A copy of MyKad for identification proof

    How to Claim Zurich Travel Insurance?

    You need to follow the below steps to submit a claim:

    • Notify Zurich regarding the claim via MyClaims portal.
    • You can get the claims form from Zurich’s website.
    • Fill out the form with accurate information.
    • Submit the form with the necessary documents to your agent or at the nearest Zurich branch.

    Renew Zurich Travel Insurance

    You can walk in to the nearest branch office or contact your agent to renew your insurance policy.

    Contact Number

    If you would like to know more details on how the insurance policy works for you, you can call the number 1300 888 622. You can connect with Zurich Roadside Assistance by dialling the number 1300 88 6222.

    To make the most of your time abroad, whether you’re on vacation or a business trip, it’s important that you’re covered against all eventualities. This is possible with good travel insurance cover like the Zurich Travel Insurance policy.


    Q. Can I take the policy when I am going to settle down in Singapore?

    A. Yes. The policy covers one-way trip. The policy will be terminated in 7 days once you reach your destination overseas.

    Q. How long does the policy cover my single trip?

    A. Your single trip will be covered for a maximum of 182 consecutive days.

    Q. If an injury caused during the travel results in a person’s death after 6 months, can I still claim for the death?

    A. Yes. You can submit death claims until 12 months from the date of occurrence of the injury.

    Q. How long can each trip run under the annual trip scheme?

    A. Each trip can go up to 90 consecutive days under the annual trip scheme.

    Q. In case of death of an insured of age 75 years, can I get full policy benefit?

    A. No. Upon the death of an insured above the age of 70 years, you can only receive 50% of the policy benefit.

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