• Kuwait Finance House Debit Card

    Kuwait Finance House provides its customers with a range of debit and credit cards. These cards can be used to carry out retail transactions, shopping online, and to get access to cash as per your requirements. KFH Debit Card comes with a range of benefits like cashback and supplementary cards.

    List of Kuwait Finance House Debit Cards

    Name of the Card Key Benefits Cashback Annual Fee
    Kuwait Finance House Debit Card-i
    • Get cashback of 10% on the first purchase you make with this card.
    • Get a supplementary card with this card.
    10% on the first transaction and 0.5% with all other purchases. No charge.

    Types of Kuwait Finance House Debit Cards

    • Kuwait Finance House Debit Card-i: Kuwait Finance House Debit Card-i can be used to pay bills for dining, shopping, and utility bills. The card comes with a supplementary card.

    Benefits of Kuwait Finance House Debit Cards

    Kuwait Finance House Debit Card-i

    • Get a cashback of 10% on the first purchase made using this card.
    • Obtain a supplementary card with KFH Debit Card-i.
    • Get an unlimited 0.5% cashback with all retail purchases made using the principal card.
    • Get special rates for foreign exchange with this card.
    • Enjoy a lifetime annual fee waiver for both primary and supplementary cards.
    • Modify the daily purchase limit according to your lifestyle needs.

    Fees and Charges

    Annual Fee Waived for a lifetime for both primary and supplementary cards.
    Cash Withdrawal Charges At KFH Malaysia ATMs: No charge.
    Other MEPS ATMs: RM1.06 per withdrawal.
    At other Visa Network ATMs: RM12.72 per withdrawal.
    Card Replacement Fee Primary card: RM15 per replacement.
    Supplementary card: RM10 per replacement.
    Sales Draft Retrieval Fee RM21.20.
    Overseas Transaction Fee To be determined by Visa International Plus addition to an administration fee of 1%.
    Additional Statement Request Fee RM2.12 per page.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Age Requirement for the Principal Card 18 years old or more at the time of application.
    Age Requirement for the Supplementary Card 12 years old or more at the time of application.
    Nationality Requirement Residential and non-residential Malaysian citizens.

    Documents Required

    Applicant Type Documents Required
    Salary earning applicant
    • 1 photocopy of NRIC.
    • Last 3 to 6 months’ pay slips.
    • Tax payment proof.
    • Employment letter.
    • Recent EPF statement or EA form.
    Self-employed individuals
    • 1 photocopy of NRIC.
    • Bank statement for the 3 to 6 recent months.
    • Tax payment proof.

    Customer Care Information

    You can contact Kuwait Finance House if you have any query regarding the debit cards via the following number: +603 2168 0000.

    Enhance your monthly savings with KFH Debit Card-i. The card gives you cashback on every transaction. The card can be used to withdraw cash, to pay bills of your purchases, and to pay utility bills.


    Q. Is there a monthly limit on cashback, which I can earn with this card?

    A. No, there is no monthly cap on the cashback you can earn with this card. However, the cashback earned with the first retail transaction is capped at RM20 and RM10 for principal and supplementary card, respectively.

    Q. Can I get cashback on the transactions carried out using my supplementary card too?

    A. No, only principal cardholders can earn the cashback of 0.5% with retail purchases made using their cards.

    Q. Can I get cashback on the cash withdrawals also?

    A. No, the cashback will not be rewarded on the cash withdrawals.

    Q. Can I apply for the card on a joint basis?

    A. Yes, joint account holders can apply for the card on a joint basis.

    Q. Which bank account will the supplementary card be linked to?

    A. The supplementary card will be linked to the principal debit card-i account.

    Q. Can companies apply for this card?

    A. No, companies, partnerships, and trust accounts cannot apply for this card.

    Q. What is the limit of purchases I can make with this card?

    A. The maximum purchase limit associated with this card is RM10,000 per day.

    Q. What should I do if my KFH card gets stolen or lost?

    A. You should contact KFH via its customer card numbers and get your card blocked in order to make sure that no fraudulent activity is performed on your card.

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