Kuwait Finance House Home Loan

    Kuwait Finance House (KFH) Home Loan is an Islamic Home and Property Financing facility that offers its varied customer base the opportunity to purchase landed or non-landed residential properties for private or for business purposes.

    Interest/Profit Rates

    Segment Refinance Facility End Financing Free Moving Cost (FMC) Property Financing Affordable Home
    Type of Property Completed Under Construction Completed Completed or Under Construction Completed or Under Construction
    Finance Amount RM250,000 and above RM250,000 and above RM500,000 and above RM500,000 and above Below RM250,000
    Profit Rate BR+0.95% BR+1.05% B BR+1.59% BR+1.39% BR+1.39%
    Effective Rate 4.60% 4.70% 5.24% 5.04% 5.04%
    Minimum Financing Amount RM250,000 RM250,000 RM500,000 RM500,000 RM150,000

    Fees & Charges

    Name of the Fee Fee Details
    Stamp Duty As per the Stamp Duty Act 1949.
    Legal Depends on the lawyer’s scale of fees.
    Disbursement This includes but is not limited to fees for registration of transfer, charge and bankruptcy search.
    • For Home Financing - RM200.00.
    • For Property Financing - RM500.00 for property below RM5 million.
    Valuation Depends on the valuer.

    Housing Loan Schemes by KFH

    Eligibility Criteria

    Nationality Criterion Malaysian citizens
    Age Criteria Maximum age: 70 years (for home financing); and 60 years (for property financing)
    Income Criteria As per the bank’s discretion
    • Both individuals and joint individuals can apply for the loan.
    • Non individuals like sole proprietorship, partnership, and limited company are eligible to apply for the loan as well.

    Documents Required

    For Salaried Applicants:

    • A photocopy of a valid identity card
    • Last 3 consecutive months’ salary slips
    • Personal Bank Statement of the applicant where his/her salary is credited
    • Latest EPF Statements
    • EA Form
    • Other relevant documents

    For Self-employed Applicants:

    • Certificate of Business Registration
    • Latest B or BE Form
    • Personal Bank Statement
    • Business Bank Statement
    • Other documents that may be required on case to case basis.

    For Applicants With Variable Income:

    • Commission payment/statement
    • Annual commission payment/statement
    • Personal Bank Statement
    • The latest BE Form

    Types Of Kuwait Finance House Home Loan

    • Ijarah Muntahia Bi Al-Tamlik Asset Acquisition Financing-i: As an individual, you can opt for this financing facility if you want to buy a fully complete landed/non-landed residential property like a semi-detached house, apartment, bungalow, and bungalow lots for personal or for business use. Individuals and non-individuals like partnership firms, sole proprietorship, and limited company can apply for this loan. The loan repayment period is up to 35 years or until the borrower attains 70 years by the end of the financing tenure, whichever is earlier for residential buildings.
    • Ijarah Mawsufah Fi Al-Zimmah Asset Acquisition Financing-i: You can opt for this financing facility if you want to purchase an under construction landed or non-landed residential property like a terrace house, bungalow, condominium, semi detached house,apartment, and bungalow lots for personal or for business purpose. The loan repayment period is up to 35 years or until the borrower attains 70 years of age.

    Features & Benefits

    • Both individuals and non-individuals can apply for this loan along with joint individuals.
    • You can get the loan both for under-construction and completed property type.
    • You can enjoy long period of repayment, that is, 35 years or until the borrower reaches 70 years by the end of the financing tenure, whichever is earlier (for residential property).
    • The profit rate is floating.
    • Refinancing facility is available.

    How To Apply

    • Online Application: You can download the application form from the official website of the bank. You must duly fill up the form, attach the required documents, and submit the form through the website.
    • Offline Application: You can visit the nearby branch and collect the application form from there. You can then fill up the form, attach the documents along with it and submit it to the bank.


    Kuwait Finance House Home Loan calculator helps the applicant to figure out how much should he/she be paying for home financing. The applicant can visit the official website and can get the exact value of the monthly payment after filling the necessary fields like Financing Amount, Effective Profit Rate, loan tenure etc.

    Kuwait Finance House Home Loan Refinance

    You can get refinancing facility for completed property.

    Contact Number

    You can call at the toll-free number at 1300 888 KFH (534). You can also call the International Hotline Number at 603 2168 0464.


    Q. What are the different packages/schemes that this home loan facility provides?

    A. You can get the following packages:

    • FMC: The bank bears all documentation costs for property valuation and financing fees (except Sales & Purchase Agreement and Memorandum of Transfer).
    • Non-FMC: You bear any costs pertaining to documentation for valuation and financing.
    • Finance Entry Cost: All the costs relating to documentation for financing and valuation fees (except Sales & Purchase Agreement and Memorandum of Transfer) which you bear but are eligible for financing by the bank.

    Q. What should I do if I have any complaints?

    A. You can contact the following:

    KuwaitFinance House (Malaysia) Berhad Level 8, Menara Prestige No. 1, Jalan Pinang 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Alternatively, you can call the General line at +603 2168 0000.

    Q. Why do I need a Takaful coverage?

    A. You are encouraged to take up the House Owner Takaful coverage along with the Mortgage Reducing Term Takaful (MRTT). This covers the outstanding amount in the event of death or permanent disability.

    Q. What happens if I fail to fulfil my obligations?

    A. All or any of the following actions can be taken against you if you fail to fulfil your obligatory duties:

    • A compensation charge of 1% p.a. can be charged on the overdue instalment amount.
    • The financing rate may be revised which will result in the increase of the instalment amount to be paid due to restructuring made.
    • Any bad records of your payment history will be reported to the local credit reference bureau which will have serious effect on any of your future financial standing, besides spoiling your reputation.
    • Legal actions can be taken against you.

    Q. What happens if I want to go for early settlement of the loan?

    A. If you want to settle the loan early:

    • You will have to give 30 days’ notice to KFH Malaysia.
    • You may get rebate as determined by KFH Malaysia.
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