• Gold Price Per Gram in Malaysia for Purities 916, 999, 835, 750, 375

    The gold price for the wholesaler, retailer, miner, etc., are decided based on the local gold index determined by the world gold trader at New York, Hong Kong and London. Gold is weighed by different units such as gram, ounce, etc. Here is a list of Malaysian gold price per gram for different levels of purity.

    The gold price has increased by 20 sens per gram on 999 purity as compared to yesterday. Here is a list of gold prices per gram for different purity levels:

    Purity Level Price/gram
    999 Gold RM165.71
    916 Gold RM151.89
    835 Gold RM144.97
    750 Gold RM124.24
    417 Gold RM69.05

    Gold Price Trends

    The table below gives you a clarity on the trends of gold price in Malaysia in the recent past:

    Date Price/gram Price/ounce
    10-04-2018 RM165.71 RM5,153.56
    09-04-2018 RM165.52 RM5,147.81
    07-04-2018 RM165.90 RM5,159.59
    06-04-2018 RM165.63 RM5,151.00
    05-04-2018 RM165.45 RM5,145.61
    04-04-2018 RM166.27 RM5,171.12
    03-04-2018 RM166.77 RM5,186.46
    02-04-2018 RM165.17 RM5,136.85
    31-03-2018 RM164.04 RM5,101.64
    30-03-2018 RM164.60 RM5,119.06
    29-03-2018 RM165.13 RM5,135.46
    28-03-2018 RM167.02 RM5,194.25
    27-03-2018 RM168.78 RM5,249.08
    26-03-2018 RM169.21 RM5,262.28
    24-03-2018 RM169.70 RM5,227.52
    23-03-3018 RM168.29 RM5,233.72
    22-03-2018 RM167.28 RM5,202.44
    21-03-2018 RM165.18 RM5,137.04
    20-03-2018 RM165.73 RM5,154.35
    19-03-2018 RM165.13 RM5,135.50
    17-03-2018 RM165.15 RM5,136.19
    16-03-2018 RM166.10 RM5,165.78
    15-03-2018 RM166.93 RM5,191.38
    14-03-2018 RM166.38 RM5,174.40
    13-03-2018 RM165.81 RM5,156.79
    12-03-2018 RM165.59 RM5,149.75

    Over the past month, the highest price per gram for 999 gold was RM169.70 on 24 March 2018. On the other hand, the lowest gold price for 999 purity was RM164.04/gram and was recorded on 31 March 2018.

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