Petrol Price in Malaysia (RON95, RON97 & Diesel) 09 - 15 February 2019

09 February 2019

The latest update on fuel prices is announced and the prices of RON95, RON97, and diesel have decreased as compared to the previous week. Going forward, the government of Malaysia plans to revise the fuel prices once every week instead of the monthly updates.

petrol price in malaysia

Petrol Price in Malaysia (Fuel RON95, RON97 & Diesel) for 09 February - 15 February 2019

The fuel prices as per the latest update for the week of 09 February - 15 February 2019 is tabulated below.

RON95/litre RON97/litre Diesel/litre
RM1.97 RM2.27 RM2.18

Recent Trends in Fuel Prices

Given below is a table showing the variations seen in fuel prices over the past 6 months.

Week Price of RON95/litre Price of RON97/litre Price of Diesel/litre
09-15 February 2019 RM1.97 RM2.27 RM2.18
02-08 February 2019 RM1.93 RM2.23 RM2.18
26 January-01 February 2019 RM1.98 RM2.28 RM2.18
19-25 January 2019 RM1.98 RM2.28 RM2.17
12-18 January 2019 RM1.92 RM2.22 RM2.05
5-11 January 2019 RM1.93 RM2.23 RM2.04
1-4 January 2019 RM2.20 RM2.50 RM2.18
26-31 December 2018 RM2.20 RM2.50 RM2.18
19-25 December 2018 RM2.20 RM2.50 RM2.18
12-18 December 2018 RM2.20 RM2.50 RM2.18
5-11 December 2018 RM2.20 RM2.50 RM2.18
1-4 December 2018 RM2.20 RM2.50 RM2.18
28-30 November 2018 RM2.20 RM2.81 RM2.18
21-27 November 2018 RM2.20 RM2.81 RM2.18
14-20 November 2018 RM2.20 RM2.81 RM2.18
7-13 November 2018 RM2.20 RM2.81 RM2.18
1-7 November 2018 RM2.20 RM2.81 RM2.18
24-30 October 2018 RM2.20 RM2.79 RM2.18
17-23 October 2018 RM2.20 RM2.79 RM2.18
10-16 October 2018 RM2.20 RM2.79 RM2.18
1-9 October 2018 RM2.20 RM2.79 RM2.18
11-16 October 2018 RM2.20 RM2.79 RM2.18
27-30 September 2018 RM2.20 RM2.65 RM2.18
20-26 September 2018 RM2.20 RM2.65 RM2.18
13-19 September 2018 RM2.20 RM2.65 RM2.18
6-12 September 2018 RM2.20 RM2.65 RM2.18
1-5 September 2018 RM2.20 RM2.65 RM2.18
30-31 August 2018 RM2.20 RM2.69 RM2.18
23-28 August 2018 RM2.20 RM2.65 RM2.18
16-22 August 2018 RM2.20 RM2.65 RM2.18
9-15 August 2018 RM2.20 RM2.61 RM2.18
2-8 August 2018 RM2.20 RM2.64 RM2.18
25 July 2018-1 August 2018 RM2.20 RM2.54 RM2.18
19-25 July 2018 RM2.20 RM2.56 RM2.18
12-18 July 2018 RM2.20 RM2.59 RM2.18
5-11 July 2018 RM2.20 RM2.58 RM2.18
28 June 2018-4 July 2018 RM2.20 RM2.50 RM2.18
21-27 June 2018 RM2.20 RM2.59 RM2.18
14-20 June 2018 RM2.20 RM2.60 RM2.18
7-13 June 2018 RM2.20 RM2.66 RM2.18

The price of RON97 had been the highest during 1-30 November 2018 over the past 5 months at RM2.81/litre. The lowest price of RON97 was seen during the week of 12-18 January 2019 at RM2.22/litre.

The prices mentioned above are applicable to all brands, such as Shell, PETRONAS, Petron, BHPetrol, and Caltex stations.

What are RON95 and RON97?

RON95 and RON97 are known to be the two vastly used variants of petrol in Malaysia. But, have you thought about the actual difference between the two? RON stands for Research Octane Number, which is a fuel performance and quality rating. Such a rating system was developed in 1926 by Russell Marker at Ethyl Corporation.

His research discovered that the branching of hydrocarbons has the ability to reduce the pre-ignition effort. Further researches on the concept proved that a higher octane fuel combined with a high compression ratio engine will result in high performance.

The numbers provided to the variants of the fuel is based on the fuel’s auto-ignition resistance capability or in other words its resistance to knocking. RON97 is considered to have a higher octane level as compared to RON95. As a result, RON97 is the recommended fuel for an engine capacity above 2,500cc.

Is RON95 your best bet or would RON97 fare better?

When it comes to RON95 and RON97, a lot of research and debate is going on regarding the fuel efficiency and mileage offered by these fuels. But the fact is that both these fuels are designed with a specific purpose in mind.

As you learnt earlier, the numbers determine the auto-ignition resistance capacity of the fuel. Therefore, the more the auto-ignition or knocking resistance of the fuel, the harder it is for the engine to auto-ignite.

The resistance level required is directly dependent on the type of engine your car has. Luxury cars and performance cars have engines that possess a high compression ratio. This means that the engine consistently deals with higher temperatures and compression making them more susceptible to knock. For high compression engines, i.e. engines with a displacement of 2,500cc or above, a higher fuel grade, such as RON97, would fare better.

RON95 doesn’t necessarily mean a fuel of lower quality just because it is sold at a cheaper price. The grade on the fuel implies it is designed for engines with lower compression ratios. Simply put, filling up on RON97 for a car which does not require it would not make it fare better, both in terms of mileage and performance. If your car has a lower compression engine, it is perfectly safe to put in RON95 since the engine would not be susceptible to knocking and hence would not require a high resistance for auto-ignition.

Mileage Based on Car Model

Car Manufacturer Line Mileage/litre
Perodua Myvi 20km-21.3km
Axia 21.7km-22.7km
Bezza 20.8km-22.7km
Alza 9.0km-19.6km
Honda Accord 12.0km-12.3km
City 17.5km-25km
Civic 11.4km-14.0km
Jazz 15.4km-25km
CR-V 13.7km-14.3km
HR-V 14.5km
BR-V 12.0km
Odyssey 11.9km
Proton Ertiga 16.7km
Iriz 13.5km-17.2km
Saga 17.9km-18.5km
Suprima S 10.9km-14.5km
Persona 16.4km-17.9km
Preve 15.2km
Perdana 7.2km-9.5km
Exora 9km

How the Fuel Price is Determined

With the government’s efforts in offering up to date fuel prices, the updated prices are reflected on a monthly basis. Since 1 April 2017, the Malaysian government has been making variations in the fuel prices on a weekly basis. The shift from a monthly to a weekly basis was done in order to stabilise the oil industry and soften the blow that petrol station operators feel when oil prices drop.

In September 2018, the government started the monthly update system where the fuel prices are determined on the first day of the month. And, the prices remain the same for the entire month. The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP) provides monthly updates on the variations in the fuel prices.

What is a Managed Float System?

The government follows a method called the managed float system with respect to fuel prices. According to this system, the fuel prices are set at a ceiling value based on the average cost of refined crude oil in the previous month. The petrol pumps may consider deviating from the ceiling price if they have permission from the government.

Tips to Save on Fuel Expenses

Don’t you think saving fuel is, in turn, saving on fuel expenses? Here are a few tips that can help you save money on fuel:

  • Make use of GPS apps to sketch the shortest route and the correct route to your destination. This helps you avoid wasting fuel on longer routes or having it whittled away in chock-a-block traffic congestions.
  • When travelling, avoid leaving the car on idle mode during congestions or at traffic signals. The fuel burnt through 2 minutes of idling can help you travel at least a kilometre further. Idling not only wastes petrol but also causes unnecessary emission of harmful gases.
  • Manual transmission cars offer better mileage as compared to automatic transmission cars largely due to lower engine weight and more gears. The engines are also simpler and easier to maintain in comparison to their automatic transmission counterparts.
  • Under-inflated tyres increase the frictional pressure and would require more effort in terms of pushing the tyre forward. This, in turn, would result in more fuel consumption. So check your tyres regularly.
  • Get your car serviced at regular intervals of time to keep the fuel efficiency high. This way, you can avoid unnecessary replacement of vehicle parts and over-consumption of fuel.
  • Choosing the right petrol credit card would give you cashback and reward points on your fuel expenses as well allowing for greater savings. Some cards offer cashback at select petrol stations whereas others give you a cashback irrespective of the petrol brand.

You, now, know what RON95 and RON97 are and how you must pick the best petrol variant based on your vehicle conditions. Now, it is time to put some or all of the fuel-saving (mainly, the expense) tips to practice. Saving a few sens per month is still a big deal. Check for brands that offer fuel for a lower margin before you enter a fuel station next time.

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