• AIA A-Life Joy-i Insurance

    A-Life Joy-i is a long-term insurance plan that covers your child for life. It is an investment-linked takaful policy where you can get double benefit of protecting your child as well as investing your funds. This insurance plan is designed to meet the needs and requirements of your child even if they change over the years.

    Benefits of A-Life Joy-i Policy:

    • You can take up this insurance plan right from the initial stages of pregnancy.
    • You child will be covered up to 100 years.
    • This insurance plan will provide enhanced pregnancy care and child care assistance.
    • Insurance coverage amount for your child will be increased by 100% (capped at RM100,000) when your child turns 18.
    • Your child will receive takaful protection for death and total and permanent disability (TPD).
    • You can pay as low as RM150 every month for this insurance plan.
    • You can increase or decrease the insurance coverage for your child as per your preference and budget.
    • You can build an education fund for your child by attaching an additional rider along with this insurance policy.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Pre-Natal Care:
    • Pregnant women need to be aged between 18 years and 45 years.
    • The pregnancy stage needs to be a minimum of 14 weeks and a maximum of 35 weeks.
    • Any pregnant woman who already has A-Life Lady360-i policy is eligible for this cover even if her gestation period is less than 14 weeks.
    • Post-Natal Care:
    • You need to be 18 years and above.
    • Age of the child needs to be between 14 days and 15 years.

    A-Life Joy-i Insurance Claims

    You need to download the claim form provided on AIA website. Complete the claim form with relevant details. Submit the claim form along with required documents at an AIA customer service centre or to an AIA Life Planner.

    Contact Details

    The contact number for A-Life Joy-i insurance plan is 1300 88 8922.

    The address for A-Life Joy-i is:

    Menara AIA,

    99 Jalan Ampang,

    50450 Kuala Lumpur.

    You can fill up a contact form available on AIA website where an insurance representative will call you back to help you with A-Life Joy-i insurance policy.

    How to cancel A-Life Joy-i insurance policy?

    If you wish to cancel your A-Life Joy-i insurance policy, please contact your AIA Life Planner or visit a nearest AIA customer service centre.


    Q. Is there a minimum contribution amount for A-Life Joy-i?

    A. Yes. The minimum contribution amount is RM1,800 for a year.

    Q. What types of funds are available for A-Life Joy-i?

    A. There are 3 types of investment funds available for A-Life Joy-i. They are:

    • A-Dana Income: It is to earn steady and safe returns on your income.
    • A-Dana Equity: It is to provide you with medium to long-term growth.
    • A-Dana Balanced: It is to maximise your returns while protecting your principal amount.

    Q. What type of surplus will I receive with A-Life Joy-i?

    A. Your takaful operator would decide and declare any surplus once a year. Any surplus that comes from PRF will be shared by takaful operator with eligible participants only.

    Q. Am I eligible for income tax relief if I take up A-Life Joy-i plan?

    A. Yes. You may be eligible for a personal tax relief for your contribution to A-Life Joy-i plan. The personal tax relief will amount up to RM6,000 for EPF contribution and life insurance premium.

    Q. What are the different fees and charges that I may have to pay for A-Life Joy-i?

    A. You have to pay the charges mentioned below:

    • Wakalah fee: This fee will be deducted as a percentage of contribution to pay any expenses, commissions and direct distribution costs.
    • Tabarru: This fee will be deducted monthly based on the age of your child covered under A-Life Joy-i. It would increase as your child gets older.
    • Monthly Service Charge: This charge will be deducted monthly by cancelling units from your account value.
    • Goods and Services Tax: GST will be charged on the Tabarru, fees and charges applicable on your A-Life Joy-i certificate. It would be deducted from the account value of your A-Life Joy-i certificate.

    Q. Is there a minimum withdrawal amount if I decide to decrease the coverage amount on A-Life Joy-i?

    A. Yes. The minimum withdrawal amount on A-Life Joy-i plan is RM1,000. You must have a minimum account value of RM1,000 for the policy to remain active.

    Q. What are the different optional features that I can add to A-Life Joy-i?

    A. The additional optional features are:

    • A-Plus Med-i.
    • A-Plus MedBooster-i.
    • A-Plus HospitalIncome Extra-i.
    • A-Plus BabyCare-i.
    • A-Plus CriticalCare-i.
    • A-Plus Early CriticalCare-i.
    • A-Plus Multi CriticalCare-i.
    • A-Plus Junior CriticalCare-i.
    • A-Plus Disability Cash-i.
    • A-Plus WaiverExtra-i and A-Plus PayorExtra-i.
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