AIA A-Life Joy Insurance Plan

A-Life Joy is a life protection insurance plan that adds security and comfort to your child’s future. It is a flexible insurance plan that is linked with investments where you can get returns on your contribution. As your child’s needs keep changing over time, you can tailor the A-Life Joy insurance plan for your child.

Benefits of A-Life Joy Plan:

  • You can take up this insurance plan even during your pregnancy.
  • You will get access to advanced pregnancy and child care through this insurance plan.
  • Your child will get insurance protection for total and permanent disability, and death.
  • You can earn returns and increase your savings by investing in this insurance plan.
  • The coverage amount will be doubled when your child turns 18 years old.
  • You can withdraw or switch between funds.
  • The premium amount is as low as RM150 every month.
  • You can get personal tax relief on your contribution.
  • You can create an education savings fund for your child with this insurance plan.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Your child needs to be aged between 14 days and 15 years old to be eligible for this plan.
  • Pregnant women need to be aged between 18 and 45 years to be eligible for this plan.
  • The gestation period needs to be between 14 and 35 weeks.
  • Pregnant women aged between 18 and 40 years old with A-Life Lady360 plan are eligible for this plan even if they are pregnant for less than 14 weeks.

Insurance claims for A-Life Joy Plan

You have to download the claim form available on AIA website. A list for mandatory documents are also listed on the website. Complete the form with relevant information. Submit the completed form along with required documentation to your AIA Life Planner or at any nearest AIA customer centre.

Contact Info

  • Contact Number: 1300 88 1899
  • Contact Address:

Menara AIA,

99 Jalan Ampang,

50450 Kuala Lumpur.

How to cancel A-Life Joy insurance plan?

You need to contact your AIA Life Planner if you wish to cancel your A-Life Joy insurance plan. You can also visit the nearest customer service centre of AIA to cancel your insurance policy.


Q. For how long is my child covered under A-Life Joy insurance policy?

A. You child will be covered up to 100 years as long as the policy is active, and the account value is adequate to cover any insurance costs and other charges. The coverage for total and permanent disability for your child is up to 70 years.

Q. What do AutoGrowth benefit mean?

A. AutoGrowth means that when you child turns 18 years old, the total coverage amount will be increased by 100%. The cap for the total coverage amount is RM100,000 per insurance policy. This benefit will be applied on either the initial coverage amount or current coverage amount, whichever is lower.

Q. Is there a minimum premium amount for A-Life Joy insurance plan?

A. Yes. The minimum premium amount for A-Life Joy is RM1,800 on an annual basis.

Q. Will the cost of A-Life Joy insurance increase over time?

A. Yes. The cost for A-Life Joy plan will increase as your child grows up.

Q. Are there any fees and charges to take up A-Life Joy insurance plan?

A. Yes. The various fees and charges are mentioned below:

  • Insurance Cost: This cost depends on age and would increase as age increases.
  • Monthly Service Charge: This charge is deducted on a monthly basis by cancelling units from your fund value. The charge for monthly payment mode is RM6.36 and the charge for quarterly, semi-annually and annual mode of payment is RM5.30.
  • Goods and Service Tax: GST will be applicable at prevailing rate on the fees and charges of your insurance policy. GST is also applicable on any additional riders attached to your A-Life Joy plan.
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