AIA A-LifeSecure and A-Life TimeSecure Insurance

A-LifeSecure is a life protection insurance policy that covers your life until 100 years of age. Similar to A-LifeSecure, A-Life TimeSecure is also a life insurance policy that covers you till 100 years of age, but with a higher cash value. Additionally, both the plans come with maturity benefit and guaranteed cash value.

Benefits of A-LifeSecure & A-LifeTime Secure Insurance

  • Stay covered till the age of 100 years.
  • The minimum assured sum is RM20,000.
  • On maturity, you are entitled to receive the sum assured in a single payment.
  • In case you surrender the policy, then you are eligible to receive guaranteed cash value if the policy was in force for the initial 3 policy years.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum entry age: 14 days
  • Maximum entry age: 65 years
  • The maximum entry age to get total permanent disability or TPD cover is 60 years.

A-LifeSecure & A-Life TimeSecure Insurance for Foreigners

Foreigners or expats can apply for A-LifeSecure and A-Life TimeSecure insurance policies.

A-LifeSecure & A-Life TimeSecure Insurance Calculator

You can use the calculator on AIA’s website where you can fill in the details such as date of birth, gender, smoking habits, your annual expenses, annual net income and details on existing insurance plans. When you click on the ‘Calculate’ button after providing the above details, the web page displays a recommendation on the possible coverage suitable for you.

A-LifeSecure & A-Life TimeSecure Insurance Claims

  • Online Claim: You can log into your account under ‘My AIA’ menu on the official website of AIA. You can then select ‘Employee Claim’ under ‘My Claims’ to view a Claim Form. You will have to fill the details on type of claim, date of visit, the company you are claiming under and the person for whom you are requesting the claim. You can then submit the claim form online. Your claims list will be updated once in every two days. So, you can track the status of your claim online.
  • Offline Claim: You can fill the physical Claims Form and submit it to the nearest AIA Customer Centre.

Contact Number

You can contact the customer service number, 1300-88-1899, to find out more information on A-LifeSecure and A-Life TimeSecure insurance policy. Further, if you are an overseas customer, then you can dial the number, 603 2056 1111, to connect with the customer representatives.

You can also send an email to [email protected] on your query in order to get clarification.

How to Cancel A-LifeSecure & A-Life TimeSecure Insurance Policy

On a general note, if your policy has any cash value, then you can request for cancellation by sending a request mail to Customer Servicing Department that is located in Kuala Lumpur. If your policy has a cash value, then you must fill the Surrender Form available at the customer care centres and send it to the Customer Servicing Department, Kuala Lumpur. You are required to send the original Surrender Form. Also, you can also request the Surrender Form to be sent to you on AIA’s official website.


Q. Does the policy premium payment come with any income tax benefits?

A. The premiums that you pay for this plan may fetch you some personal tax relief. You may expect a relief of up to RM6,000 in case of annual premium payment. However, this is solely at Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia’s discretion.

Q. When do I get the guaranteed cash value?

A. You can get the guaranteed cash value if you surrender the policy before maturity. However, the policy is supposed to be in force for the initial 3 policy years and you must have paid all the premiums of these 3 years in full.

Q. What is the maximum premium payment period for A-LifeSecure and A-Life TimeSecure?

A. The maximum premium payment period for A-LifeSecure and A-Life TimeSecure is until you reach an age of 100 years.

Q. How to get login credentials to submit my claim online? Does it include any fees and charges?

A. You can register yourself on the official website of AIA (free of charge) in order to log into your account.

Q. What does maturity mean?

A. Maturity is the end date of your insurance policy coverage period.

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