A-Plus DisabilityCash

A-Plus DisabilityCash is a unit deducting rider which can be attached to your investment-linked insurance policy. The rider offers financial aid to you and your family in case you are unable to work due to disability.

Benefits of A-Plus DisabilityCash Insurance Rider

  • The rider offers an annual payment till you turn 75 provided you are affected by permanent or total disability before turning 70.
  • You can decide on the annual payment amount based on your expenses and lifestyle - the maximum being 10% of your basic sum assured.
  • The annual payment can commence from the first policy anniversary.
  • The minimum annual benefit offered by A-Plus DisabilityCash is RM1,200.

Eligibility Criteria

You need to be within 14 days to 65 years of age bracket to be deemed eligible for A-Plus DisabilityCash insurance rider.

A-Plus DisabilityCash Insurance Rider for Foreigners

A-Plus DisabilityCash allows you to purchase the policy even if you are from a foreign country. AIA provides special customer service for overseas customers.

A-Plus DisabilityCash Insurance Rider Calculator

You can get an estimate of the cover you are eligible for using the calculator provided on the official website of AIA. You have to enter the fields such as age, gender, your smoking habits, annual income, annual expenses and details on any existing policies. The web page will assess your financial budget and provide a recommendation on the coverage suitable for you.

A-Plus DisabilityCash Insurance Rider Claims

You can submit your claims in two ways:

  • Offline Submission: You can fill your details on a physical claims form and submit it to your Life Planner or to the nearest AIA Insurance Customer Centre for further processing.
  • Online Submission: You have to browse the official website of AIA and log into your account under the ‘My AIA’ option on the menu list. Following that, select ‘My Claims’ under ‘My AIA’ and then click on the ‘Employee Claim’ option to view the Claims Form. Once you are done entering the details, such as date of visit, type of claim and the other necessary details, you can submit the Claims Form online. You can view the status of your claim later by clicking on ‘Claim Details’ under ‘Employee Claim’.

Contact Number

You can dial the customer service number, 1300 88 1899, to receive further details on the policy. Also, you can write your queries to [email protected].

If you are an overseas customer, then you can contact the customer service number, 603 2056 1111, and get your queries clarified.

How to Cancel A-Plus DisabilityCash Insurance Rider?

Generally, you can cancel the A-Plus DisabilityCash insurance rider without cash value by sending a mail to the Customer Servicing Department located at Kuala Lumpur. If your rider has cash value, then you can fill the Surrender Form obtained from any of the Customer Centres and send it across the same address.


Q. What does Cost of Insurance mean?

A. Cost of Insurance is the monthly charges the Insurance Company has to bear for mortality, administration, and other aspects. This is compared with the policy on the factors such as your age, the rating class and the amount at risk. The Cost of Insurance is usually deducted from the premium paid.

Q. Will the Cost of Insurance increase with time?

A. Yes. The Cost of Insurance increases along with your age.

Q. What happens when the basic investment-linked insurance policy is cancelled?

A. You may cancel the basic investment-linked insurance policy to which the A-Plus DisabilityCash rider is attached, within the free-look period of 15 days. In that case, the unallocated premiums of the basic policy, cash value of the units, insurance charge, and monthly service charge excluding the medical examination fees will be refunded.

Q. What is the expiry age for A-Plus DisabilityCash?

A. The expiry age for A-Plus DisabilityCash is 70 years.

Q. What is an insurance rider?

A. An insurance rider is an add-on to your existing insurance policy to give extra benefits along with your policy benefits. Riders that provide different kinds of benefits are available. You can choose among the available options based on your needs and the facilities that the insurance policy does not cover.

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