• AIA I-One Insurance Plan

    AIA i-One Plan is a short-term insurance plan based on Shariah principles. It is a family takaful plan that will cover your family in case of death and total or permanent disability. AIA i-One Plan is an affordable and simple insurance plan where you will get immediate coverage upon taking it up.

    Benefits of AIA i-One Plan:

    • The coverage period of AIA i-One Plan is 1 year.
    • Your family would receive financial assistance in a lump sum in case of death or total and permanent disability.
    • You can choose a flexible coverage amount as per your need and budget.
    • The minimum coverage amount is RM50,000.
    • The maximum coverage amount is RM500,000.
    • You may get a surplus if there is an excess in the yearly takaful risk fund.
    • You will be covered under AIA i-One Plan immediately after your contribution payment is confirmed.
    • You can easily pay for this insurance plan with your credit card or through online banking facility.
    • You can get more than one AIA i-One Plan if required.
    • You have to pay the annual contribution just once to take up this insurance plan.

    Eligibility Criteria

    You have to be between 16 years and 55 years of age to be deemed eligible for the policy.

    AIA i-One Plan Calculator

    You can find the online calculator for AIA i-One Plan on AIA website. You need to fill in details such as your DOB, gender, occupation and your planned coverage amount. The online calculator will calculate the approximate contribution required for you to take up AIA i-One Plan.

    Claim Process for AIA i-One Plan

    You can find an online claim form on AIA website. You need to download it, and complete it with relevant details. You can find a list of required documents for every type of claim on AIA website. Carry the completed claim form and mandatory documents to the nearest AIA customer centre and submit them.

    Once you make a claim, you can check the status of your claim online. You need to register at My AIA customer portal. You can use your claim number to check the progress of your claim.

    Contact Number

    • Dial 1300 88 8922 for all insurance related queries.
    • The address for AIA i-One Plan is:
    • P.O. Box 10140,
    • 50704 Kuala Lumpur.
    • You can fill and submit the contact form that is available on AIA website. An AIA representative will contact you to assist with your query.

    How to cancel AIA i-One Plan?

    You can cancel your AIA i-One Plan by submitting a written and signed request to AIA Public Bhd.


    Q. Can I renew my AIA i-One Plan automatically after 1 year?

    A. No. Renewal for AIA i-One Plan is by invitation only. AIA would send you a renewal invitation two months in advance through email. If you receive the invitation, then you can renew your AIA i-One Plan after one year.

    Q. What are the additional fees and charges to take up an AIA i-One Plan?

    A. There are no additional fees and charges for AIA i-One Plan. You only need to make your contribution payment.

    Q. How does the coverage for death and disability work?

    A. Your family will receive 100% of coverage amount upon death. You would receive 100% of coverage amount upon total and permanent disability. Your disability should conform to total and permanent disability characterisation.

    Q. How much surplus will I get with AIA i-One Plan?

    A. Surplus will be decided by your takaful operator, once in a year. If there is a surplus in PRF, then your Takaful operator may decide to share it with you if you are eligible for it. The surplus amount would be proportioned according to your Tabarru allocation.

    Q. How to nominate someone for my AIA i-One Plan?

    A. You can nominate an individual for your AIA i-One Plan. You cannot nominate an organisation. You can appoint your nominee as an executor, or as a beneficiary under conditional hibah (gift).

    Q. Is a nominee compulsory to take up AIA i-One Plan?

    A. No. A nominee is not compulsory. However, it is recommended to nominate someone to speed up any claims process.

    Q. Are there any additional documents required for death overseas?

    A. Yes. The certified true copy of death certificate issued by the country where the death occurred is required. A letter from National Department of Malaysia confirming the death is also required.

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